Canadian History & Culture DVDs

Canadian History & Culture DVDs
Gain a detailed understanding of the Battle of Quebec and the key differences between Canada and the U.S. with these DVDs
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 #2458 The Battle of Quebec: 1759
 #4951 Canada and the U.S.: Understanding Our Differences
 #8532 The Battle of Quebec

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#2458 Canadian History & Culture - The Battle of Quebec: 1759 (Run time 32 min.) DVD

This program begins with the story of the founding of Quebec in 1608. It tells how the area was populated to a strength of roughly 60,000 residents living along the St. Lawrence River. Used as a base for French trappers and explorers, the area saw large territories claimed for the King of France, including from the far north down to the Gulf of Mexico. Fearing the rapid growth in the number of English settlers (estimated to be 20:1 over the French), France oversaw the building of numerous forts and fortified areas that included Ft. Niagara and Ft. Duquesne. The Battle of Quebec in 1759 proved to have momentous consequences for the British and French, and, ultimately, the United States. Reviewed in the program are the causes of the French and Indian War, the strategies and tactics involved in the Battle of Quebec, and the struggle on the Plains of Abraham that claimed the lives of Wolfe and Montcalm. After its victory on the Plains, the British took Quebec three days later and removed the city as a province of France forever. (32 minutes) English

#4951 Canadian History & Culture - Canada and the U.S.: Understanding Our Differences (Run time 30 min.) DVD

While the border between the U.S. and Canada has long been one of the world’s friendliest, it does mark a divide of the minds, as noted by Northrop Frye. He notes that while there are now barbed-wire fences, walls, or lookout towers, there is a great deal the neighboring North Americans do not know about each other. Frye takes time to discuss the cultural differences between the two countries that persist despite the free travel and commerce that has existed for two centuries. He also discusses the ongoing effort by Canada and Canadians to ensure it projects and protects a separate identify from its giant southern neighbor. (30 minutes)

#8532 Canadian History & Culture - The Battle of Quebec (Run time 31 min.) DVD

As the longtime rivals of France and England continued their struggle on the North American continent, the rise of New France and New England ensured friction and violence. This program looks at the context of the French and Indian War and the climactic role of the Battle of Quebec in 1759. More than 150 years of French colonial rule, exploration and commerce ended abruptly after a brilliant night-time maneuver by the British onto the Plains of Abraham. A mere 15 minutes of brutal combat claimed two legendary leaders and saw the British gain a clear road to Quebec and the end of the war that changed the history of North America and the United States. (31 minutes)

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