Over the last forty years, Butterfly North America, (a Martin Kilpatrick Company,) has established a reputation of providing the best in table tennis equipment!

Butterfly has effectively taken on the mantle of caretaker of the sport by sponsoring the premier national and international Ping Pong Tournaments!

Call it "Table Tennis" or "Ping Pong," these are the tables for you!

ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) Approved.

Trying to select the right table can be an intimidating task. Therefore, we have put together the following list to try and help you make a more educated and informed decision.
  • Top – Simply put, the thicker the top, the better the bounce. Butterfly Table Tennis tops are made out of either compressed particle board
    or ‘medium density fiberboard’(MDF). A top that is at least ½” thick is suitable for home or recreational play. Many tournament quality tables are ?” to ¾” thick. Almost all international
    quality tables are a minimum of ?” to 1” thick. The tops of Butterfly outdoor tables are comprised of a synthetic laminate made of melamine. Although this model is made for outdoor use, we recommend never leaving your table outside. Note: Outdoor models will not perform comparably to an indoor top made of wood. Outdoor models can be left outside, but protecting them with a table cover, as with all tables, will prolong their life.

  • Sealed Back – All of our tables come with a sealed back to prevent warping. Note: It is recommended to never use your wooden-top table outside.
  • Rail/Apron – A heavy gauge steel rail will reinforce the structure of the table and provide additional support. It also serves a cosmetic purpose, adding to the beauty of your table.
  • Net– All of our tables come with a net set. Our home/recreational and outdoor tables offer an adjustable nylon net with a pull string. The institutional, tournament and international level models will feature a quality cloth net with a pull chain that clamps directly to the table. Heavy duty padded brackets will protect the surfaces of the table. These nets have a dual precision height adjuster.
  • Integrated Hassle Free Net – Some models feature a net set that doesn’t require removal when folding to the storage position. This will reduce the wear and tear on your net.
  • Legs – Heavy gauge steel legs provide a solid foundation for your table.
  • Wheels – All of our tables have wheels that caster so your table will roll effortlessly from either side of the table. Most tournament and international level tables offer a rubber ball bearing castered wheel system, providing for the smoothest rolling possible.
  • Adjustable Feet – Many of our tournament and international level tables have adjustable feet. This will ensure that your table is level, even if your floor is not.
  • Chassis – The chassis of your table will act as the backbone. A heavy-duty chassis will allow your table to withstand years of play.
  • Playback Position – Most models allow you to fold up one half of the table and use it as a backboard to hit against. This will quicken your reflexes and sharpen your hand-eye coordination. A great feature for the kids.
  • Storage Position – It is a good idea to measure your intended playing area before ordering your table. This includes all doorways, hallways and stairwells that your table may encounter. The playing surface in the play position measure 9’ long by 5’ wide. The net bracket will add approximately 12” to the width of the table. The shipping dimensions of each table will vary. Check our specification chart for the exact dimensions of your desired table.
  • Accessory Holder – Some models feature a convenient accessory holder that is integrated into the side of the table. It will accommodate multiple rackets and balls.
  • Safety Mechanism – Most all of out tables feature a safety mechanism. You can rest easy knowing your table is securely stored.
  • Assembly – Most tables require assembly while some come pre-assembled.
  • Craftsmanship – Butterfly is a recognized world leader in Ping Pong table manufacturing.
  • Approval – Some of our tables have been paid the highest compliment a table tennis table can receive, the stamp of approval from the ITTF. Butterfly tables have been used at some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, including: 1997 World Championships, 1999 European championships, 1997-2002 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals, 2001-2004 U.S. Open Championships, and the 2001-2004 U.S. National Championships.
  • Warranty – All models include a one year warranty against manufacturer defect.

  • Butterfly PingPong & TableTennis Equipment

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