W&N Artistís Water Color14ml BURNT SIENNA #074

W&N Burnt Sienna earth tone watercolor, a foundation color for your palette!
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Product Description:

Winsor and Newton  is one of the premier brands of watercolor in the world. W&N colors are part of almost every watercolor artist's palette.  W&N Burnt Sienna is particularly beautiful among major manufacturers' offerings because it is quite transparent; many other manufacturers' Burnt Sienna are opaque and granulating. Whether a paint is transparent or opaque and granulating or non-granulating gives a painting  entirely different effects.  As a glaze, W&N Burnt Sienna modifies and tones down strong colors such as the quinacridones, pthalocyanines and cadmiums.  It also blends very well; however, with each loading on the brush, it's necessary to stir and blend around the colors a little because iron oxides tend to sink toward the bottom of the blend. 

Burnt Sienna makes a good foundation tint for flesh tones. Other transparent, staining colors are easier to lift and modify with a Burnt Sienna base. You'll be very happy with this beautiful earth tone on your palette.

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