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 #32820 The Silver Age
 #33900 Beijing Opera Masks: The Face of Chinese Tradition(+$10.00)
 #33901 Chinese Paper-Cutting: The Art of Good Fortune(+$10.00)
 #33902 The Obi: Epitome of Japanese Elegance and Refinement(+$10.00)
 #33903 Sushi: A Bite of Culture, Aesthetics, and Nature(+$10.00)
 #33905 Mehndi: An Ancient Indian Body Art(+$10.00)
 #2553 The First War in Vietnam(+$20.00)
 #2555 Sun Yat-sen and the Three Principles of the Revolution(+$20.00)
 #2556 The Three Stages of the Chinese Revolution(+$20.00)
 #2557 The Rocky Road to Chinese Revolution(+$20.00)
 #8144 Images of India: A Social Studies Primer(+$20.00)
 #33378 Pakistan: Ally or Enemy?(+$20.00)
 #33908 Eight Million Gods: The Japanese Matsuri Festival(+$20.00)
 #14599 Vietnam: A World Beneath the War(+$30.00)
 #149 Discovering the Art of Korea(+$40.00)
 #792 It's Right to Rebel(+$40.00)
 #1484 Prelude to Vietnam(+$40.00)
 #2152 The Coming of the Barbarians (1540-1650)(+$40.00)
 #2153 The Age of the Shoguns (1600-1868)(+$40.00)
 #2154 The Meiji Period (1868-1912)(+$40.00)
 #2155 The Essence of Being Japanese(+$40.00)
 #2276 Cambodia: Year Ten(+$40.00)
 #2467 The Battle of Tsushima: 1905(+$40.00)
 #2551 The Road to Indian Independence(+$40.00)
 #2552 Ho Chi Minh(+$40.00)
 #2584 The Vietnam War: From Start to Finish(+$40.00)
 #2585 The Korean War(+$40.00)
 #2596 The Chinese Revolution(+$40.00)
 #2601 The Birth of Pakistan(+$40.00)
 #2602 India After Independence(+$40.00)
 #2618 Mao Tse-tung: The Architect of Modern China(+$40.00)
 #2786 The Oriental Collections of the British Museum(+$40.00)
 #4295 In Search of Genghis Khan(+$40.00)
 #4373 Benny and the Dreamers(+$40.00)
 #4374 Satellite Dreaming(+$40.00)
 #4375 Stories of the Dreamtime(+$40.00)
 #4639 Birth of an Empire(+$40.00)
 #4640 World Conquerors(+$40.00)
 #4641 Tartar Crusaders(+$40.00)
 #4642 The Last Khan of Khans(+$40.00)
 #4873 Australia: Landscape and Environment(+$40.00)
 #4874 Indigenous People(+$40.00)
 #4875 Australia Today(+$40.00)
 #5227 The Dalai Lama: A Portrait in the First Person(+$40.00)
 #8825 The Mekong in Tibet and China(+$40.00)
 #8826 The Mekong in Laos and Thailand(+$40.00)
 #8827 The Mekong in Cambodia(+$40.00)
 #8828 The Mekong in Vietnam(+$40.00)
 #10986 Theater in Japan: Yesterday and Today(+$40.00)
 #11173 The Legacy of Vietnam: Learning the Lessons of War(+$40.00)
 #29393 U.S.-Afghanistan Relations: Gaining Perspective(+$40.00)
 #31535 North Korea: Secret Nation(+$40.00)
 #33927 Japanese Education in Crisis(+$40.00)
 #34171 Tokyo: The Neon City(+$40.00)
 #34475 Spirits of the State: Japan's Yasukuni Shrine(+$40.00)
 #36935 Stolen Generations: Genocide and the Aborigines(+$40.00)
 #3802 Portrait of an Onnagata(+$50.00)
 #7439 Chinese Capitalism: Moving the Mountain(+$80.00)
 #7440 Human Rights in China(+$80.00)
 #7441 The Path of Chinese Privatization(+$80.00)
 #8438 Kashmir: Valley of Despair(+$80.00)
 #9044 Poverty, Politics, and Religion: The Plight of India's Poor(+$80.00)
 #10543 The Tiananmen Hostage: Fang Lizhi(+$80.00)
 #12113 Behind the Veil: Afghan Women under Fundamentalism(+$80.00)
 #30316 Spring: Season of Cherry Blossoms(+$80.00)
 #30317 Summer: Season of Cedar and Cypress(+$80.00)
 #30318 Autumn: Season of Flame(+$80.00)
 #30319 Winter: Season of Snow and Bamboo(+$80.00)
 #33100 Nomads' Land: The Life That Ladakhi Shepherds Dream Of(+$80.00)
 #34271 Life and Death on the River Ganges(+$80.00)
 #34955 Taiwan: Dire Strait(+$80.00)
 #35063 Multilingual Hong Kong: A Sociolinguistic Case Study of Code-Switching(+$80.00)
 #35320 Chinese Buddhist Temples(+$80.00)
 #35790 Kawabata Yasunari: The Master of Funerals(+$80.00)
 #36143 Hell of a Nation: Pulling Afghani Democracy from the Fire(+$80.00)
 #36315 Benazir Bhutto: Battling Dictatorship in Pakistan(+$80.00)
 #2453 India: From Moghuls to Independence(+$100.00)
 #2513 Korea: Ancient Treasure, Modern Wonder(+$100.00)
 #2923 Unit 731: Did Emperor Hirohito Know?(+$100.00)
 #3343 Choice for a Chinese Woman: Enlightenment in a Buddhist Convent(+$100.00)
 #4346 The Education of a Singer at the Beijing Opera(+$100.00)
 #4526 Chinese Prison Labor: Inside China's Gulag(+$100.00)
 #4527 Budo Sai: The Spirit of the Samurai(+$100.00)
 #5067 Classical Indian Dance(+$100.00)
 #5807 Bhopal: The Second Tragedy(+$100.00)
 #5808 Cambodia: Chariots of Wire(+$100.00)
 #5867 Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy(+$100.00)
 #7693 The Immortal Emperor: Shihuangdi(+$100.00)
 #7855 Women of the Earth: Australian Aborigines(+$100.00)
 #8808 Democracy in China: A Billion Small Voices(+$100.00)
 #8823 Mindfields: Coping with Life in Cambodia(+$100.00)
 #8840 Yangtze: New China and the Old River(+$100.00)
 #9178 India: The Struggle for Independence(+$100.00)
 #10110 Iran: Departure into the Unknown(+$100.00)
 #10111 Pakistan: Between the Chitralis and Pathans(+$100.00)
 #10112 India: The River of Life(+$100.00)
 #10113 Burma: In the Garden of the Crying Buddha(+$100.00)
 #10114 Thailand: King, Combat, and Ad Karabao(+$100.00)
 #10115 Laos: In the Shadow of the Giants(+$100.00)
 #10116 China: The Dance Around the Golden Calf(+$100.00)
 #10146 Mahatma Gandhi: The Great Soul Lives(+$100.00)
 #11949 The Diplomat: Jose Ramos Horta and East Timor's Fight for Independence(+$100.00)
 #29432 Shanghai: The New Chinese Way(+$100.00)
 #29976 Classical Feng Shui: Harnessing Nature's Subtle Forces(+$100.00)
 #30081 Bunraku: Masters of Japanese Puppet Theater(+$100.00)
 #30226 Tsugaru Shamisen: The World of Michihiro Sato(+$100.00)
 #30227 Shozan Tanabe: The Sound of Silence(+$100.00)
 #30230 Mythical Tunes of Biwa: Yoshiko Sakata(+$100.00)
 #31490 Hong Kong, Five Years Later: Reversal of Fortune(+$100.00)
 #32970 The Sultanate of Jogjakarta(+$100.00)
 #32971 Hutong: Alleyways of Change in Contemporary Beijing(+$100.00)
 #33086 No Rest for the Weary: The Cultural Revolution and Its Origins(+$100.00)
 #33087 The Unfortunate Generation: The Cultural Revolution and Beyond(+$100.00)
 #33170 The Real Dr. Evil(+$100.00)
 #33299 Isfahan Is Half the World
 #33469 Part One: East and West(+$100.00)
 #33470 Part Two: The Exile Years(+$100.00)
 #33524 India and Pakistan: The Expanding Nuclear Threat(+$100.00)
 #33525 The Killing of Kashmir(+$100.00)
 #33907 Larger Than Life: India's Bollywood Film Culture(+$100.00)
 #35267 India of the Gandhis(+$100.00)
 #35370 1893-1945: Against the Tide-Mao's Early Years(+$100.00)
 #35371 1945-1959: The Sorcerer's Apprentice-Founding the Republic(+$100.00)
 #35372 1958-1969: Not A Dinner Party-The Cultural Revolution(+$100.00)
 #35373 1970 and Beyond: Mao Is Not Dead(+$100.00)
 #36415 The First Red Multinational(+$100.00)
 #37146 Geisha: The Twilight of the Flowers(+$100.00)
 #37628 The People's Court: Introducing the Rule of Law in China(+$100.00)
 #39142 Manga World(+$100.00)
 #39368 The Lost World of Tibet: A Different View(+$100.00)
 #4061 The Tale of Genji(+$110.00)
 #35882 China on the Rise: Paul Solman Reports(+$110.00)
 #1649 The Tokyo Trial(+$150.00)
 #4372 Australia's Aborigines Remember: Dreamtime(+$219.90)
 #5128 Australia Down Under(+$219.90)
 #33085 The Cultural Revolution: Mao's Last Battle(+$249.95)
 #33468 Mme. Chiang Kai-shek: A Legendary Life(+$249.95)
 #4638 Mongols: Storm from the East(+$309.85)
 #8824 The Mekong: A Turbulent River(+$309.85)
 #7438 The Giant Awakes(+$339.90)
 #2160 Japan Past and Present(+$399.80)
 #37125 Untouchable: Life as an Outcaste(+$399.80)
 #30315 Four Seasons in Kyoto: Festivals and Symbols(+$469.85)
 #32967 Capitals of Tradition, Cities of Change(+$549.85)
 #35369 China: Through Mao's Eyes(+$549.85)
 Choose Item number and Title
 #10933 Ashes in the River: Four Religions of India(+$599.80)
 #33298 Capitals of Tradition, Cities of Change(+$849.75)
 #10109 Asia in Transition: Culture, Politics, and Economics(+$999.70)

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Product Description:
Choose a title above from the following Asia Pacific Australia DVD programs:

#32820 The Silver Age (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $49.95

Traditionally, a Japanese household contained an extended family, several generations under one roof. Now, cultural sensibilities and sweeping demographic changes have meant that young and old choose to live apart. This program examines how these factors have affected care of the elderly in a country with the longest-lived population in the world. Seniors discuss the challenge of living alone in a transformed society. Creative new arrangements are seen in a visit to an experimental home that allows friends or family to live for a time with their elderly relatives. A United Nations Production. (16 minutes)

#33900 Beijing Opera Masks: The Face of Chinese Tradition (Run Time 17 min.) DVD $59.95

This program enters the world of Beijing opera through the traditional art of mask-making-and through the eyes of 76-year-old Xiang Qi Shang, a celebrated mask maker who has devoted his life to preserving a custom that may yet be lost in China's rush to modernization. Master Xiang demonstrates his remarkable brushwork as he comments on a range of topics, including the use of facial expression to illuminate a character's personality and the application of symbolic colors to aid in audience recognition. Facial painting in Beijing opera is also discussed. (17 minutes)

#33901 Chinese Paper-Cutting: The Art of Good Fortune (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $59.95

Perennially popular in China, paper-cutting is treasured for its ability to transform ordinary paper into intricately patterned, brilliantly colored works of art. This program, filmed in Hubei Province, charts the evolution of Chinese paper-cutting from traditional cutouts representing luck and health to modern visual art as it illustrates the designing, cutting, and coloring processes. Tsuwoo Wi, whose father was the only apprentice of the great Master Wang Lao Shang, is featured, along with Tsuwoo Tsuing, of Central Art College, Beijing. (15 minutes)

#33902 The Obi: Epitome of Japanese Elegance and Refinement (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $59.95

More than 80 years of unstinting devotion to his craft have made 98-year-old Yatsujiro Yamaguchi one of the best textile artists in Japan-and perhaps the world. Filmed at the Nishijin Textile Center and other locations, this program showcases the obi, the key component of traditional female garb and the epitome of Japanese elegance and refinement, as woven by Mr. Yatsujiro. Noh costumes are also spotlighted as the video addresses topics such as the fine-fabric weaving process, textile patterns and design, and the cultural significance of the kimono. Footage of the esteemed weaver in his workshop is featured. (15 minutes)

#33903 Sushi: A Bite of Culture, Aesthetics, and Nature (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $59.95

There is an old Japanese adage that "the best food is that which is least prepared." This program looks at Kyoto-style sushi both as a delicacy and as a symbol of Japanese cultural aesthetics. Footage of Kitamura Norio and Kitakura Hiroyuki-two of Japan's foremost sushi chefs-illustrates their specialized approaches to oshi sushi and nigiri sushi while capturing the care they put into every step of the sushi-making process, from rice cooking and fish selection to placing the final garnish. In addition, the video provides information on Kyoto history. (19 minutes)

#33905 Mehndi: An Ancient Indian Body Art (Run Time 13 min.) DVD $59.95

"Mehndi is traditional painting of intricate patterns drawn on hands and feet with natural dye extracted from henna leaves," says mehndi artist Smarahjit Jana. In addition to numerous demonstrations of mehndi being applied, this program shows the gathering and preparation of henna leaves, discusses types of mehndi patterns and their significance, and describes different purposes of mehndi. More than mere adornment, this venerable form of body art is an important part of Indian culture. (13 minutes)

#2553 The First War in Vietnam (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $69.95

After the Second World War, Great Britain let go her empire in Asia with relatively good grace; France was in less of a hurry to abandon Indochina, particularly with the specter (or bogey) of a Communist Vietnamese regime in the wings. This program covers the negotiations toward peace and the beginnings of war, the events leading to the Battle of Dien Bien Phu and the defeat of the French, and the Geneva Convention of 1954 and the division of Indochina into North and South, which effectively recognized North Vietnam as an independent country. Because the Geneva Convention was signed by the Chinese and the U.S. did not recognize Mao's China, the U.S. would not sign the Convention; that, and the division of Vietnam, set the stage for the second Vietnam War. (15 minutes, b&w/color)

#2555 Sun Yat-sen and the Three Principles of the Revolution (Run Time 17 min.) DVD $69.95

This program shows the stark life of China's peasants as they lived in 1949, which is how they had lived for centuries, perhaps for millennia; the Boxer Rebellion; the revolts of 1911 and 1919, and the appearance of Sun Yat-sen on the scene; the founding of the Kuomintang, the role of the warlords, and the events following the death of Sun, up to the Long March. The program thus sets against the backdrop which explains their goals, the three principles of the Chinese revolution: improve the life of the people; drive out the foreigners; modernize China. (17 minutes, b&w)

#2556 The Three Stages of the Chinese Revolution (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $69.95

Mao set out to erase the vast differences between workers and intellectuals, between men and women, managers and those they manage, between rural and city dwellers, between rich and poor parts of the country. This program shows Mao's efforts to follow the teachings of Lenin as he directed China on the path to Socialism. China would have to learn to walk on two feet; with the post-Stalin Soviet Union no longer a reliable ally and the rest of the world turned against them, all Chinese would have to become soldiers in the war for socialism and join in the great march forward; and finally, as success appeared to be slipping through his fingers, Mao instituted the Cultural Revolution to reeducate the entire Chinese society and destroy all whom he deemed uneducable. (15 minutes, b&w/color)

#2557 The Rocky Road to Chinese Revolution (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $69.95

Revolutions are never simple, and the Chinese Revolution was more complicated than most, involving civil war, world war, the territorial ambitions of Russia and Japan, and the expanding force, and fear of, international Communism. This program begins with the Manchurian Incident of 1931, when Japan took advantage of civil war in China to invade and establish a Japanese puppet regime. Chiang decided to fight Mao first, and worry about the Japanese later. The Soviets engineered a rapprochement between the two warring Chinese sides, which in turn led the Japanese to attempt the conquest of China. The program examines the various motives of other countries in helping China against Japan and one or the other side within China. It ends with Mao triumphant and Chiang Kai-shek safe in Taiwan. (16 minutes, b&w/color)

#8144 Images of India: A Social Studies Primer (Run Time 35 min.) DVD $69.95

Designed specifically with students and classrooms in mind, this video explores major themes in the history, geography, and culture of India. Emphasizing the diversity of this vast and ancient land, Images of India provides an overview of the country, with sections on Land, Culture, Religion, History, and Life Today, including current economic and social conditions. Spectacular footage helps viewers appreciate the varied population and topography of India. Maps and graphics are used to illustrate geographical features. Viewers follow the history of India from the 13th-century Islamic dynasties through British rule and the struggle for independence, to its current status as the world's largest democracy and an emerging economic superpower. Through it all, India has absorbed many influences and incorporated them into its own unique and diverse culture. Other key topics include: spiritual life, the caste system, agriculture and monsoon rains, the leadership of Gandhi and Nehru, the formation of Pakistan, industrial development, and the problems of poverty. Images of India is a memorable introduction to one of the world's most important nations. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 35-minute video.

#33378 Pakistan: Ally or Enemy? (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $69.95

Like Saddam-era Iraq, Pakistan is a militarily threatening country. Like North Korea, Pakistan has nuclear weapons. Like Iran, Pakistan is a haven for terrorists. But instead of being blacklisted as a member of the Axis of Evil, Pakistan was instead dubbed a key regional ally of the United States in its war on terror. In an effort to make sense of this apparent contradiction, this ABC News program tours America's dubious associate in western Asia. A country rife with violence, corruption, and religious extremism, some call it the most dangerous place on Earth. (23 minutes)

#33908 Eight Million Gods: The Japanese Matsuri Festival (Run Time 21 min.) DVD $69.95

This program examines the Japanese matsuri or "summer festival," perhaps the best elucidation of that country's ancient polytheism. Ceremony footage from Tokyo and surrounding areas illustrates various festival activities and explores the Japanese cultural emphasis on community, cooperation, and folk worship. Commentary by Japanese cultural scholar Yoshi Morikatsu, interviews with festival participants, and astonishing crowd scenes of matsuri processions make clear that Japan derives a strong sense of unity from these communal celebratory rituals. (Portions in Japanese with English subtitles, 21 minutes)

#14599 Vietnam: A World Beneath the War (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $79.95

Rare archival footage, much of which has never been seen in the West, reveals miles of catacombs where as many as 2,000 people took shelter in the tunnels. We follow an artist who takes his son back to Vinh Moc village and explains how families re-created markets, theaters, hospitals, and schools. Personal stories of life in the tunnels are told by a woman militia commander, a physician, a fisherman, and an American pilot who was shot down and held as a P.O.W. The program also contains dramatic footage giving a capsule history of the war in Vietnam, using maps and diagrams to provide a frame of reference. Transcending politics and ideology, it is a story that portrays the survival of the human spirit under the most trying of conditions. Narrated by veteran television correspondent Marlene Sanders; produced by The Gardner Group. One 53-minute video and guide.

#149 Discovering the Art of Korea (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95

A definitive survey of Korean art and culture, this program spans the ages from 3000 B.C. to the 20th century. Views of burial mounds, temples, ancient cities, and other historical sites are interwoven with footage of recovered art treasures such as gold crowns and jewelry, celadon pottery, landscape and genre paintings, and Buddhist relics including the gilt bronze Maitreya (Buddha of the Future). The program also shows art objects from the National Museum of Korea exhibition "5000 years of Korean Art." (58 minutes)

#792 It's Right to Rebel (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95

The Chinese political earthquake known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution began in 1966. This program explains the meaning and results of Mao's slogan, "It's right to rebel": Mao's unleashing of yet another movement (the last had been the "Great Leap Forward"), this one to root out "bourgeois reactionaries" and crypto-capitalists and destroy the "four olds"-old thoughts, old culture, old customs, old habits; the rise of the Red Guards; the Cultural Revolution as a bolster of Mao's political authority; Mao's famous 9-mile swim in the Yangtze River; the personality cult of Mao; the challenge to the Soviet Union. (20 minutes, b&w)

#1484 Prelude to Vietnam (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

A documentary showing the rise and fall of the French in Indochina, and the political outcome of the loss of Dien Bien Phu. (52 minutes, b&w)

#2151 Buddha in the Land of the Kami (7th-12th Centuries) (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $89.95

The history of Japan past and present is the story of the kami, the supernatural, not quite godlike spirits who underlie the Japanese-ness of Japan-who created the Japanese islands at the beginning of time and remain today the ones responsible for health and luck, for success in childbirth and business, for the proper functioning of silicon chips and the uniqueness and unity of the Japanese. This program begins with the creation myth of Japan and explains the origin and scope of the kami concept; explains the arrival of Buddhism and how Buddhism and the kami were assimilated; discusses the role of Chinese culture, style, and writing in Japanese culture; and demonstrates how the Japanese garden epitomizes the Japanese view of the relationship between humankind and nature, space, time, and reality. (53 minutes)

#2152 The Coming of the Barbarians (1540-1650) (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

In 1540, Portugese navigators and Jesuit priests landed in a Japan of shoguns and samurai, where the arts of warfare had been refined to hitherto unknown heights of cruelty. Although Westernisms quickly became the rage in Japan, the Japanese soon recognized the long arm of colonialism. Christian priests and converts were persecuted and martyred and, in 1650, Japan shut tight its doors to the outside. (52 minutes)

#2153 The Age of the Shoguns (1600-1868) (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $89.95

This was the age of the Tokugawa family, the era of Edo, a period of over two-and-a-half centuries during which Japan was hermetically sealed off from the rest of the world and only a few Dutch and Chinese-constantly watched and treated like pariahs-were allowed to live on Japanese soil and to trade with the Japanese. This program treats the history of Japan during this period: the established classes of daimyo, samurai, farmer, and merchant; the political organization of the shogunate; the growth of the merchant class and the development of Kabuki; the delineation of Japanese sensibilities and the meaning of seppuku. (51 minutes)

#2154 The Meiji Period (1868-1912) (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

The arrival of Commodore Perry in 1854 marked the stage for Japan's dramatic leap from the Middle Ages into modernity. The ports of Japan were forced open; the English, French, Russians, and Dutch promptly demanded-and got-the same privileges. In 1868, the last shogun gave way to a 15-year-old emperor, who dressed in Western-style clothes. Edo became Tokyo, education became a national passion, and the dichotomy between ancient shared values and new imported styles and forms deepened as the Japanese learned colonialism as well, spreading their influence and their sovereignty in Formosa and Korea. (52 minutes)

#2155 The Essence of Being Japanese (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $89.95

Japan in the modern age: a people existing between the protection of the kami and the geological dangers of earthquake. This program covers the cataclysmic events of the 20th century-the devastating earthquake of 1923, the rise of militarism, the accession of Emperor Hirohito, the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, the Pacific War, Hiroshima, and the American occupation of Japan-but its primary focus is on what makes Japan Japanese: the Shinto rituals which are part of modern mercantile life; such societal traits as conformism and determination, attitudes toward violence and brutality, business ethics and the life of the salary man, the attitude toward ethics, and the role of the kami in modern Japan. (48 minutes)

#2276 Cambodia: Year Ten (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $89.95

Even in a century that witnessed poison gas, saturation bombing, the Gulags, Hiroshima, and Auschwitz, the name Pol Pot and the events he and his followers initiated in Cambodia seem incomprehensible. This program shows the effects of Khmer Rouge economic and political policies as resulting in mass murder, starvation, and disease for the Cambodian people. The unlikely role of Communist Vietnam as invader and savior of Cambodia is examined. Predictions-eventually to become historical reality-regarding the Vietnamese Army's departure, and the subsequent re-emergence of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, lend an eerie fatalistic quality to this powerful documentary. (58 minutes)

#2467 The Battle of Tsushima: 1905 (Run Time 41 min.) DVD $89.95

Japan Enters the World SceneThe West was stupefied when faraway Japan attacked and beat the fleet of the Tsar. This program traces the opening of Japan after 250 years of isolation; the modernist attitudes of the Meiji Emperor; Japan's declaration of war on China in 1894; the Treaty of Shimonosaki, which granted Japan huge reparations, the island of Formosa, Port Arthur in Manchuria, and a kind of protectorate in Korea; and the resulting alliance between Russia and China, which set the stage for the confrontation between Russia and Japan. The program sets the stage in St. Petersburg and on the seas, as the tempests that would batter the 20th century were set in motion. (41 minutes)

#2551 The Road to Indian Independence (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $89.95

This program begins with the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, whose failure became both the basis for the deeper entrenchment of Britain and the textbook for subsequent Indian struggles for independence from Britain. The program follows the bloody trail of Indian insurrection and Gandhi's efforts to counter violence with nonviolence; India winning independence from Britain in 1947; and shows how, despite the best efforts of Gandhi and Nehru, the nationalist Indian movement was overcome by the religious Hindu movement, and the subcontinent was divided into two countries: the Hindu country of India, and Moslem Pakistan. (16 minutes, b&w)

#2552 Ho Chi Minh (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $89.95

The decisive Battle of Hue, which marked the French conquest of Indochina, took place in 1882-the year in which Ho Chi Minh was born. Ho grew up with the destruction caused by the war and the subjugation of his countrymen, and learned from the Russian Revolution about the struggle of oppressed people. This program shows Ho Chi Minh's development as a leader and a Communist against the backdrop of events in Indochina; the role of the emperor Bao Dai; the founding of the Vietminh, whose goal was to fight against Japanese fascism and French colonialism; and Ho's declaration of independence for Vietnam. (15 minutes, b&w/color)

#2584 The Vietnam War: From Start to Finish (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

On April 30, 1975, advancing North Vietnamese Army tanks rolled into Saigon, paving the way for the South Vietnamese surrender and the end of the Vietnam War-a war which claimed nearly four million lives in the name of freedom, communism, or democracy. It depends who is telling the story. This program documents the story from the beginning, in 1941, when the only harassment of occupying Japanese forces was by Ho Chi Minh's guerrillas, backed by the U.S. When the French returned after the end of World War II, Ho had proclaimed an independent republic with himself as president; efforts to negotiate independence within the French Union broke down and fighting began between the French and Ho's National Liberation Movement, the Vietminh. The program covers the eight-year-long war with the French; the division of Indochina into Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos; the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu; the partitioning of Vietnam; the Geneva Conference; the unraveling of the South Vietnamese government and the arrival of increasing numbers of American advisers; the assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem and Ngo Dinh Nhu; the death of Ho Chi Minh; and the role of Prince Sihanouk and Cambodia. The program follows the escalation of war, from the presence of American naval vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin, the battles from the air and in the jungles, the Tet offensive, the evacuation of American forces, and the North's immediate and intense efforts to remove all traces of the vanquished South Vietnamese regime. (28 minutes, b&w/color)

#2585 The Korean War (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $89.95

This program provides a brief overview of the partitioning of Korea; the battles for Seoul, Inchon, and Pusan; the entry of Chinese troops into the war as United States marines approached the Manchurian border; General MacArthur's famous speech to Congress; and the armistice at Panmunjom and the establishment of the demilitarized buffer zone. The program also shows the war's aftermath in the North: the rebuilding of Pyongyang; the institution of Kim Il Sung's personality cult, and his exhortation to achieve communism by undergoing cultural and technical revolutions and collectivizing labor; and North Korea today. In portraying South Korea, the program follows the parade of riots and assassinations as the country teetered between repression and promises of democracy. South Korea's economy appears strong but precarious. And the buffer zone still stands-one of the last remaining monuments of the East-West confrontation. (30 minutes, b&w/color)

#2596 The Chinese Revolution (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

On October 1, 1949, the People's Reublic of China came into being following the victory of Mao Tse-tung's forces over the Kuomintang, which fled to the island of Taiwan. Thus the Communists completed a revolution begun by the idealistic Sun Yat-sen in the early 1920s. This program documents how Sun's idealism came under Bolshevik guidance; the roles of the young Chiang Kai-shek and Mao; the Long March and the conflict between Chiang and Mao; the Japanese invasion of China; and Mao's victory and installation as Chairman of the People's Republic. The program shows how Mao's administration began to organize 700 million people into one united China within the framework of communism; China's intervention in the Korean War; the growing warmth and subsequent ideological split between Beijing and Moscow; the military incidents on the Sino-Soviet border; the occupation of Tibet; China's development and testing of nuclear bombs; and Richard Nixon's visit to China. The program covers the beginning and end of the Cultural Revolution, Mao's death, the economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping, and ends with Gorbachev's visit to Beijing and the Tiananmen massacre. (25 minutes, b&w/color)

#2601 The Birth of Pakistan (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $89.95

On August 15, 1947, Pakistan was born. As the former Indian provinces debated whether to be part of India or Pakistan, religious differences flared into full-scale rioting, which led to large-scale migration; millions moved from India to Pakistan, and vice versa. This program documents the birth of the new country; the death of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, leader of the Moslem League; the economic and political problems of the new country; the Indus Water Treaty; the war in Kashmir; the independence of Bangladesh and the resulting war with India; the rise and fall of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto; Zia's assumption of power and adoption of strict Islamic rules; the impact of the war in Afghanistan; the death of Zia and the election of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's daughter, Benazir. (20 minutes, b&w/color)

#2602 India After Independence (Run Time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

This program covers the anxious years since India became independent in 1947: the rioting and bloodshed of the first few weeks of independence, when tens of thousands died and millions became refugees as Moslems tried to get to the newly created Pakistan and Hindus and Sikhs to India; Gandhi's assassination and its aftermath; India's invasion of Portuguese Goa and clash with Chinese forces along the northeast border; Nehru's death; the war in Kashmir; the accession of Indira Gandhi; war and the creation of Bangladesh; violence by and against Sikhs; the events at the Golden Temple in Amritsar; the assassination of Indira Gandhi; and more. (21 minutes, b&w/color)

#2618 Mao Tse-tung: The Architect of Modern China (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program looks at the life, the achievements, and the legacy of Mao Tse-tung: birth, education, enlistment in the revolutionary army revolting against the Manchu dynasty; founding the Communist Party and the first Chinese Soviet; break with the Kuomintang and the Long March; formulation of the rectification campaign adapting Marxism to Chinese culture; victory over the Nationalists in 1949; the Great Proletarian Revolution; the Cultural Revolution; swimming the Yangtze; opening to the West and the meeting with Nixon; the death of Chou En-lai; the death of Mao; the fall of the Gang of Four; the opening of a Pepsi factory and tourists on the Great Wall; the Tiananmen massacre. (19 minutes, b&w/color)

#2786 The Oriental Collections of the British Museum (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

The British Museum houses one of the finest collections of Oriental art on display in the Western world. This program takes us through works from China: bronze ritual vessels, exquisite ceramics, as well as other works from many periods. It shows Japanese lacquers, watercolors, woodcuts; Indian artworks from the third millennium BC, through Hindu and Buddhist art of many ages; from the paintings of the Ajanta caves to Moghul miniatures; Buddhist art of Nepal, Ceylon, Burma, and Cambodia (including Angkor Wat); Islamic art of the Middle East, in some of its most superbly executed shapes and decorations; and contemporary "primitive" art of Indonesia. (26 minutes)

#4295 In Search of Genghis Khan (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $89.95

This program looks at the legend and the traces of Genghis Khan as well as the people and culture of his descendants, whose lives are barely changed since the Mongol horde burst out of Central Asia in the 13th century to ride as far as the gates of Vienna and permanently change the face of most of Asia and Europe. (54 minutes)

#4373 Benny and the Dreamers (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $89.95

An elderly traditional Aboriginal and his kinfolk recall the impact of their tribe's first contact with white people in the 1930s. Using extensive archival footage, this program traces the reactions of a people whose culture had survived for 40,000 years to the dramatic and irreversible changes brought by the early white settlers. (48 minutes)

#4374 Satellite Dreaming (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $89.95

Australia's Aboriginal population tuned in, like everyone else in the country, to national Australian television, which was targeted at a predominantly white Western audience and either ignored the Aborigines or showed them a patently false image of their own culture. In response, Aboriginal people began producing their own programming. This program moves between the polish of the contemporary urban show and the raw energy of a desert "inma" to show how Aboriginal people use television to promote and preserve their culture. (48 minutes)

#4375 Stories of the Dreamtime (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $89.95

Nganampa Anwernekenhe is a cultural series made by Aboriginal people for both Aboriginal and mainstream television audiences. It tells three stories from the Central Australian region: "Bushtucker" shows the traditional way of cooking the Perentie, the giant monitor lizard; "Uluru Story" (Ayres Rock) illustrates the cooperation between Park and Wildlife Rangers and the traditional owners of the Rock in caring for the environment; and "Traditional Story" is the story of Emus, told in the traditional Aboriginal way. (48 minutes)

#4639 Birth of an Empire (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $89.95

In the People's Republic of Mongolia, the reputation of Genghis Khan has undergone a dramatic transformation-from despised enemy of the revolution to a virtual deity. This program examines how he emerged from obscurity, united the Mongol tribes under his banner, and transformed an obscure nomadic people into a most formidable fighting machine. It traces his spectacular campaigns through northern China, central Asia, Afghanistan, Georgia, and Russia, which set down the foundations of a powerful empire. (50 minutes)

#4640 World Conquerors (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $89.95

This program explores the power and influence of the Mongol Empire, under the rule of Khan and his son, Ogodei. More than 1,000 miles from the sea, the Mongol capital of Karakorum was constructed-a kind of Brasilia of the steppes. A communications system and thousands of miles of highways were built to connect Karakorum with the far frontiers of the empire, enabling Khan to consolidate his power. Within a few years, northern China was conquered, the Russian principalities were forced to submit, Poland and Hungary were overrun, and a united European army of knights, templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic knights was completely devastated. (50 minutes)

#4641 Tartar Crusaders (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $89.95

This program explores Europe's initial response to the Mongol onslaught, which was to presume it some form of divine retribution sent to punish a sinful world. In 1243, Pope Innocent IV sent forth a series of emissaries to glean the will of the Mongol lords and persuade them to consider Christianity. Unexpectedly, the papal envoy discovered a government of ambassadors and emissaries that actively encouraged religious tolerance, resulting in the widespread flourish of Christianity. (50 minutes)

#4642 The Last Khan of Khans (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $89.95

This program traces the life of the fifth Great Khan, Kublai Khan, who preferred to make his home in China, where he ruled as the first emperor of the Yuan dynasty. Upon his succession to power, he set out to unite the entire nation. It took 14 years of war and a lifetime devoted to winning the hearts and minds of the Chinese, which he largely accomplished by being a great patron of the arts and sciences. Kublai lacked, however, his grandfather's military acumen and sent ill-fated military expeditions to Java, Southeast Asia, and Japan that produced disastrous results. Though his achievements had world significance, he died a disappointed man with the empire showing signs of decay. (50 minutes)

#4873 Australia: Landscape and Environment (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $89.95

Australia was once the continent of large tracts of wilderness-its landscape isolated and rugged-but that landscape has changed over time. The urban sprawl of modern cities, pollution, soil degradation, and the emission of greenhouse gases are just some of the major environmental issues facing Australia. There is a hopeful side: through scientific research, hard work, and the involvement of the whole community, Australians are making great strides in redressing the mistakes of the past. (48 minutes)

#4874 Indigenous People (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $89.95

The indigenous people of Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, are the present-day descendants of a culture that lived in harmony with the harsh and inhospitable terrain of the land downunder for over 40,000 years. It took just 200 years of white settlement to change that heritage forever. Nevertheless, the resilience of the indigenous culture is evident in its contemporary expression through the unique arts, music, and dance of Australia's original inhabitants. (48 minutes)

#4875 Australia Today (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $89.95

Until World War II, Australians were mostly of British and Irish descent, but that has changed dramatically since the war. First, there was a large influx of immigrants from Europe, mainly Greeks, Italians, Yugoslavs, Lebanese, and Turks. More recently, there has been a wave of Asian immigrants, particularly Vietnamese after the Vietnam war. Together, they have built a relatively affluent, industrialized nation, with much of its wealth derived from agriculture and mining. However, with changes in the world economy, a lot of effort has been expended in developing high-technology industries geared towards the export market and reducing the country's dependence on the more volatile primary products. (48 minutes)

#8825 The Mekong in Tibet and China (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

This program explores the ways of life of the people who live near the Mekong's banks in Tibet and southwestern China. Tibetan shepherds; Chinese fishermen, farmers, and traders; the Bai people, of the ancient kingdom of Dali; and the Dai people, called "The Free," go about their business as they discuss their concerns about the overcutting of timber, water pollution, and the impact of 14 proposed dams. Local economies, which range from tea growing and rubber harvesting to tourism and shipping, are also explored, along with topics of history, such as the Silk Road; customs, including the binding of feet; and religion. (52 minutes)

#8826 The Mekong in Laos and Thailand (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $89.95

Impoverished Laos and prosperous Thailand are a study in contrasts, yet they have one vital thing in common: the Mekong. In this program, Laotians and Thais discuss life along its banks. Common concerns include the challenges of navigating the river, environmental conservation, economic reforms, and prostitution. In addition, local economies based on agriculture, opium, logging, and hydroelectric energy are investigated. An examination of the earliest human drawings, the Empire of the Thousand Elephants, and the impact of the Cold War provide historic insights, and Buddhist monasteries, the blessing of houses, and traditional medicine provide glimpses of daily life. (53 minutes)

#8827 The Mekong in Cambodia (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $89.95

This program documents city and village life on the Mekong's banks and in its tidewater basin, the Tonle Sap. This is a country trampled by violence, where anxiety over lack of jobs and poor harvests is combined with fears of bandits and undetonated land mines. However, free elections, a renewed veneration of Buddhist monks, and a resurgence of traditional celebrations are helping to gradually stabilize Cambodia. A river pilot, a city surveyor, artisans, rice farmers, and fishermen describe their work in and around this river that swells to 23 times its normal size during the monsoon months. (53 minutes)

#8828 The Mekong in Vietnam (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $89.95

The Mekong Delta, with its islands, canals, and mangrove swamps, has become a region of economic opportunity. In this program, village entrepreneurs working in the fishery, rice, entertainment, and passenger boat businesses recount their difficulties in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and their successes since the shift to a market economy. Although the signs of war in the rice-growing portions of the Delta have virtually disappeared, the use of pesticides is threatening the water quality. In addition, the deforestation of the mangrove swamps is endangering the Delta's entire ecosystem. (53 minutes)

#10986 Theater in Japan: Yesterday and Today (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $89.95

Theater has a long history in Japan, ranging from traditional Kabuki to today's avant-garde performing arts. This program explores the cultural debate within Japan regarding traditional forms of theater and more contemporary variations, including the adaptation of Western texts such as Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard and street theater. Interviews with many of Japan's leading playwrights such as Tadeshi Suzuki and some of the country's most talented performers present an encompassing-and engrossing-overview of the modern Japanese theater scene. (53 minutes)

#11173 The Legacy of Vietnam: Learning the Lessons of War (Run Time 42 min.) DVD $89.95

This multi-part NewsHour program provides a powerful retrospective on the Vietnam War and its ongoing influence, from both the American and Vietnamese points of view. Special attention is given to the war's long-term impact on the U.S. military, the news media, American protest movements, and the inhabitants of Vietnam. Long-time journalists Morley Safer and Haynes Johnson; Representative Bobby Rush; the Reverend James Wallis; former Viet Cong commander Vuong Tuan Kiet; civilian and military protesters; American and Vietnamese war veterans; and others speak with eloquence and passion on an event that divided the U.S. and united Vietnam. (42 minutes)

#29393 U.S.-Afghanistan Relations: Gaining Perspective (Run Time 42 min.) DVD $89.95

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." In this program, ABC News correspondent Chris Bury shows how that Arab adage sums up America's relation to Afghanistan since the Cold War. Given the calamity, U.S. support to the mujahideen and the subsequent abandonment of Afghanistan upon the Soviet Union's defeat are discussed by Frank Anderson, head of the CIA's Afghan task force in the 1980s; Charles Wilson, former U.S. Congressman and proponent of Afghan support; Ben Rooney, a reporter with The Telegraph who covered the Afghan/Soviet war; Tom Carew, a former British SAS soldier who helped train the Afghan army; and two veterans from both sides of the Afghan/Soviet war. (44 minutes)

#29474 The Mills of the Gods: Vietnam (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $89.95

Made in 1964 by Canadian filmmaker Beryl Fox, this poignant, award-winning documentary shows firsthand the futility, sorrow, and inhumanity of the Vietnam War. The program creates a sense of tension and foreboding in viewers by contrasting scenes of everyday Vietnamese life with napalm strikes, civilian casualties, and torture of POWs. Haunting sounds and visual images accentuate a theme of conflict between people and ideologies. As a primary source of coverage, the film's frontline interviews with troops, pilots, and touring politicians allow viewers today to understand the rhetoric that justified a disaster for all involved. (56 minutes, b&w)

#31535 North Korea: Secret Nation (Run Time 18 min.) DVD $89.95

This undercover report documents the stark poverty and extreme repression in North Korea that exist alongside spectacular cultural events and age-old customs unfettered by political ideology. Posing as a tourist, broadcast journalist Janet Choi risked arrest to get an inside look at one of the planet's most secretive-and brutally totalitarian-countries while under surveillance by a police "tour guide." Archival footage, an interview with a defector, and commentary by Dr. Daniel Pinkston and Timothy McCarthy, both of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, provide additional insights into the country's history, culture, military posture, and living conditions. (18 minutes)

#33927 Japanese Education in Crisis (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $89.95

This documentary explores sobering developments linked to Japan's emphasis on intense academic pressure and conformity: 2,000 teen suicides per year, a 60 percent increase in crime since 1994, and the phenomenon of hikikomori children-those who have collapsed emotionally and withdrawn from society. Gritty footage shot in chaotic classrooms and dysfunctional homes, combined with commentary from counselors, parents, and dispirited young people, depicts a nation unprepared for radical social change and, in spite of recent educational reforms, lacking a consensus on whether to crack down or loosen up. (Portions in Japanese with English subtitles, 20 minutes)

#34171 Tokyo: The Neon City (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

Tokyo is one of the most technologically advanced cities on the planet, but Japan's low birth rate and the diversifying interests of its young people are causing Tokyo to rely increasingly on skilled immigrant labor. This program examines the implications of that change, gathering insightful commentary from a wide range of Japanese society about multiculturalism, racism, and interracial marriage. While the program cites one statistic saying 80 percent of Japanese citizens oppose foreign immigration, its anecdotal approach suggests more tolerance and sophistication. As the French CEO of the Nissan Corporation declares, Japan's involvement in globalization is here to stay. (26 minutes)

#34475 Spirits of the State: Japan's Yasukuni Shrine (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Tokyo's Yasukuni shrine honors and venerates the spirits of Japanese soldiers and officers-including convicted and executed war criminals. This program explores the history of the Shinto shrine, the complexity of its functions, and the controversies generated when political leaders appear there. Interviews with visitors, an inside look at the shrine's adjacent museum of war memorabilia, and a discussion of what has become known as "state Shinto" create a context in which reverence for the enshrined may be understood. A rare view of Japanese nationalism and the political use of religious traditions, Spirits of the State offers valuable insight into the continuing and contested legacies of World War II. Available in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand only. (28 minutes)

#36935 Stolen Generations: Genocide and the Aborigines (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95

Starting in the 1930s, thousands of children across Australia were forcibly taken from their families simply because they were Aboriginal. In this award-winning program, the tragic story is told of a state-sanctioned attempt to assimilate and, thereby, eradicate a race by segregating its full-blooded members and marrying its "half-castes" into the white population for "biological absorption." Fueled by eugenics theories, the Australian government transported "half-caste" children to far-flung missions for eventual adoption, leaving those behind to die out. Personal accounts, along with newsreel footage, provide a history of one of the 20th century's most shameful legacies. (53 minutes)

#37130 Hindu vs. Hindu: Caste Violence in India (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Every year, thousands die in India through caste-related violence, as untouchables and upper-castes alike stoop as low as they need to go to gain their aims. Seen through the lens of a veteran photojournalist, this program looks at both sides of the struggle between the upper-caste Ranvir militia and Dalit supporters of the Marxist-Leninists in Bihar. Professor Kanchia Eliah, of the University of Hyderabad, provides background on the state of caste tensions while interviews with fighters on both sides express their views. A possible solution? Adequate food, shelter, and education for all Dalits-and until then, weapons at the ready. Some content may be objectionable. (30 minutes)

#39040 Hinduism (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

In this program, Dennis Wholey has a conversation about Hinduism with Sadhvi Vrnda Chaitanya of Arsha Vijnana Mandiram. Topics of discussion include the history of Hinduism; the Vedas, which are typically committed to memory; the meaning of the words karma, samsara, and moksha and their relationship to one other; the concept that everything is God and that secular and sacred therefore are one; and the individual rather than congregational nature of Hindu prayer. In addition, Siva Subramanian tours viewers through Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in Lanham, Maryland. (27 minutes)

#3802 Portrait of an Onnagata (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $99.95

Men playing the stage roles of women is as old as the history of theater; in the tradition of Kabuki, the portrayal of female characters has become a tradition of its own. This program looks at the history of Kabuki and the role of women, and looks particularly at the dynastic development of the onnagata-the female impersonator-and the intricate techniques and details by which a thoroughly masculine male transforms himself into a man's dream of the womanly woman: more feminine and more perfect than any real woman, young lover, geisha, or princess. (30 minutes)

#7439 Chinese Capitalism: Moving the Mountain (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $129.95

From fledgling cottage industries to the Shanghai stock market, China represents a unique blend of communism and capitalism. This program studies that phenomenon by examining how the Chinese themselves are adapting to the quasi-free market system. Chinese economic modernization is studied at a shoe factory, where communist worker ideals and capitalist goals coexist. In the largest migration in history, 90 million rural Chinese have moved to cities in search of jobs, a better life, and a larger slice of the capitalist pie, only to find the gap between rich and poor widening each day. Corruption, say many, is rampant. The issue of how these trends will eventually affect China's stability is examined. A BBC Production. (50 minutes)

#7440 Human Rights in China (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $129.95

China is booming economically. U.S. companies, including Motorola and Boeing, are employing thousands in new factories. However, Western economic investment has not translated into a Chinese acceptance of Western ideas concerning human rights-as evident in the Tiananmen Square massacre. This program discusses the progress that is being made. We meet a radio talk-show host who invites callers to grill government officials, and newspaper editors who sometimes run pieces critical of the government's human rights record. And while China may have a ways to go in this respect, one Chinese official predicts, "Full bellies and controlled political evolution will keep China on course [toward expanding human rights]." Original BBC broadcast title: Shaking the World. (49 minutes)

#7441 The Path of Chinese Privatization (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $129.95

Two Communist Party officials cruise the dusty streets of Ma Bei village in a new Cadillac. Welcome to China at the end of the 20th century. Fueled by profits from private businesses, the town is booming, while at a plant up the road thousands of workers, formerly protected under the communist system, may lose their jobs under privatization. Similar situations are developing all over China, and officials are worried that workers may revolt. So they've come up with a uniquely Chinese solution: industries will gradually phase in privatization, letting fear of worker unrest dictate the pace. Original BBC broadcast title: A Very Chinese Solution. (49 minutes)

#8438 Kashmir: Valley of Despair (Run Time 44 min.) DVD $129.95

The valley of Kashmir is occupied by both India and Pakistan and acts as a buffer zone between these two nuclear powers. The Kashmiri people want an independent, autonomous state, which India refuses to grant. India fears that if Kashmir gains sovereignty, other ethnic minorities may also demand independence. The Kashmiri rebels, backed by Pakistan, and Indian government forces are waging a war of attrition that nobody appears to be winning and which could result in nuclear conflict. This program provides a history and a thorough analysis of the political, religious, and ethnic causes of the Kashmir conflict. (44 minutes)

#9044 Poverty, Politics, and Religion: The Plight of India's Poor (Run Time 31 min.) DVD $129.95

Charges against Christian missionaries for unlawful conversions and desecration of Hindu shrines are fodder for militant Hindu revivalists who seek to claim converts for themselves-and justification for their acts of violence against India's Christian minority. This gripping program investigates the political agendas behind the violence, as the tribal poor-many of whom have benefited socioeconomically from embracing Christianity-are coercively reclaimed by a Hinduism of which they were never a part. (32 minutes)

#10543 The Tiananmen Hostage: Fang Lizhi (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $129.95

In early 1989, U.S.-China relations were at an all-time high-until the tragic Tiananmen Square demonstration, fomented, some say, by astrophysicist Fang Lizhi and his wife, Professor Li Shuxian. This program provides a play-by-play account of the events surrounding the massacre and Fang and Li's escape from China, in the words of former emissaries Brent Scowcroft and Larry Eagleburger-an account confirmed by then-Vice Foreign Minister Zhu Qizhen. Additional interviews with James Baker and numerous others who were on the scene shed light on the dubious triumph of diplomacy over democracy. (52 minutes)

#12113 Behind the Veil: Afghan Women under Fundamentalism (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $129.95

For women living in Afghanistan under repressive Taliban rule, beatings, rape, and enslavement were commonplace occurrences. This gripping program, filmed during the Taliban's regime, describes the massive human rights abuses that escalated after the withdrawal of Soviet forces, as seen through the eyes of women who survived years of rampant gender and religious intolerance. Resistance activities carried out by women's groups inside the country are also documented, as they fought for freedom and democracy. Some content may be objectionable. (26 minutes)

#30316 Spring: Season of Cherry Blossoms (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

This program captures the essence of spring in Kyoto. First, the program presents the region's gorgeous displays of cherry blossoms and other flowers at Heian Jingu Shrine, built to commemorate Kyoto's 1,100 years as capital of Japan; in Maruyama Park; by Togetsu Bridge; and at a number of famous temples. Next, traditional seasonal events are profiled, including the Miyako-odori and Kamogawa-odori dances, a Mibu Kyogen performance, a Kyokusui-no-Utage poetry reading, and the Shinko-sai, Aoi, and Mifune festivals. And finally, a sampling of seasonal cuisine-sushi, bean curd, and many other foods, served informally and in Kaiseki style-is highlighted. (47 minutes)

#30317 Summer: Season of Cedar and Cypress (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

This program explores the glories of summer in Kyoto. The video starts with a tour of the Kurama-dera Temple, spotlighting its history as a shrine to the Sonten trinity, its fire festival and bamboo-cutting ceremony, and the locale's natural beauty. It continues with visits to the gardens of the Tendai Buddhist Manshu-in Temple and Zen Buddhist Ryoanji Temple, as well as to the Gion festival, which dates back to the year 869, and some of the celebrations and ceremonies associated with the Bon festival. And it concludes with a number of eel-based dishes-a staple of summer cooking-and an introduction to Kawadoko cuisine at the renowned Hiroya restaurant. (47 minutes)

#30318 Autumn: Season of Flame (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

This program savors the peaceful splendor of autumn in Kyoto. First, visits to Kozan-ji Temple, an example of early Kamakura architecture and repository of a painting by Toba Sojo; Sanzen-in Temple, immortalized by 18th-century poet Ueda Akinari; and many other temples offer views of the region's beautiful red-colored maples. Then, the video covers the autumn festival in Arashiyama, the Jidai Matsuri procession, the fire festival of Kurama, and the Kanikakuni festival, in honor of revered writer Isamu Yoshii. And last, a variety of persimmon-based delicacies are described, along with an introduction to Cha Kaiseki cuisine at the famous Shimogamo Saryo restaurant. (47 minutes)

#30319 Winter: Season of Snow and Bamboo (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

This program reveals the pristine vistas of winter in Kyoto. Set against a backdrop of snow, New Year's festivities-the Okera-mairi ritual at Yasaka Shrine, the tolling of the bell at Kiyomizu Temple, pilgrimages to the temples of the seven gods of fortune, the calligraphy festival at Kitano Temmangu Shrine, the naked dance at Hokaiji Temple, and other events-as well as the Devil Dance festival and ceremonial performances of Kyogen theater at the Mibudera Temple are featured. A smorgasbord of seasonal specialties served at the popular Matsuba, Kitamura, and Okutan restaurants are also included. (47 minutes)

#33100 Nomads' Land: The Life That Ladakhi Shepherds Dream Of (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $129.95

In the Himalayas of northern India, the Ladakhi and their exiled Tibetan cousins follow a nomadic lifestyle that is on the verge of disappearing, their sole livelihood shepherding and the making of cashmere wool. This program combines location footage and interviews to present an intimate portrait of the daily life of the Ladakhi people, as well as their rituals, customs, and history. (52 minutes)

#34271 Life and Death on the River Ganges (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $129.95

Traveling from Gaumukh, the source of the holy Ganges, to Gangasagar, where the river enters the sea, this program acquaints viewers with some of India's venerable cultural traditions-and reflects on environmental factors that are steadily destroying this sacred Indian waterway. The Durga Puja Festival at Gangnani, a wedding procession in Haridwar, ritual bathing at Allahabad, and ritual cremation and evening puja at Varanasi are featured, and the dual impacts of global warming and severe water pollution are addressed. Commentary is provided by academics, yoga master Swami Vivekananda, an Aghori baba, and others. Some content may be objectionable. (50 minutes)

#34955 Taiwan: Dire Strait (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $129.95

A timely, unprecedented look at Taiwan's struggle for direction, this program focuses on President Chen Shui-Bian and his sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant push for independence. The video follows Chen's elaborate attempts to bolster alliances in the region and maintain a favorable image at home-both of which are major challenges as many countries increase ties with Beijing and Chen's domestic opponents gain political strength. A summary of China-Taiwan relations, interviews with opposition leader Su Qi, and commentary from Taiwanese citizens complete this unsettling portrait of a nation that could, through a wrong turn, spark a global military conflict. (25 minutes)

#35063 Multilingual Hong Kong: A Sociolinguistic Case Study of Code-Switching (Run Time 32 min.) DVD $129.95

Using multilingual Hong Kong as a case in point, this program makes the hot-button phenomenon known as language-mixing easily accessible to any viewer through interviews with dozens of Hong Kong residents. Their explanations of why and when they mix Cantonese and English reveal much about cultural identity in cosmopolitan populations and the effects of globalization. Scholarly analysis is provided by specialists from The University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Portions are in Chinese with English subtitles. (32 minutes) The DVD version has on-demand English and Chinese subtitles. The VHS version has burned-in English subtitles.

#35320 Chinese Buddhist Temples (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $129.95

Although they may not look exactly like their counterparts in China, North America's Chinese Buddhist temples are closely linked to them through symbolism and traditions that go back more than 1,500 years. This video looks at structural symmetry, north/south building orientation, and interior layout; architectural elements like pagodas, columns, and courtyards; the lotus flower as a design element; and the statues of Buddha and the temple guardians. Buddhism's origin in India, the Siddhartha/Buddha story, and aspects of Buddhist worship are introduced as well. (25 minutes)

#35790 Kawabata Yasunari: The Master of Funerals (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $129.95

Winner of the 1968 Nobel Prize for Literature, Kawabata Yasunari wrote novels that expressed the transitory nature of love and beauty. This program traces Kawabata's life and career, focusing on his importance in Japan's Neosensualist movement and the development of his finely tuned, elegiac sensibility. Personal and historical events that shaped the author's creative journey-including the loss of his family in childhood, Japan's militarism and defeat in World War II, and Kawabata's friendship with Mishima Yukio-provide a framework for discussions of The Izu Dancer, Snow Country, The Sound of the Mountain, Kyoto, and other novels. Kawabata's untimely death and the role of suicide in Japanese culture are also explored. (50 minutes)

#36126 Journeys into Islamic India (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $129.95

Muslims arrived in India the same year they entered Spain-and by the end of the 13th century ruled nearly all of the country. This program travels across India by way of Iran, Pakistan, and Maldives to examine the rich Islamic heritage of the region. The program also observes the Muslim way of life on the subcontinent as it exists today. Sites of note include the Taj Mahal, the Golkonda Fort ruins, and the Charminar monument. (50 minutes)

#36128 Journeys into Islamic Southeast Asia (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

This program follows in the footsteps of the traders who introduced Islam into Southeast Asia. From the Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese mainland to the islands of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the program acquaints viewers with Islamic culture, representative architecture, historical monuments, and the Muslim way of life in the region. (47 minutes)

#36137 A State of Mind: Pageantry and Propaganda in North Korea (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95

In 2003, as the United States confronted North Korea over its resumption of nuclear weapons production, North Koreans prepared to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their supposed "victory" over the South in the Korean War. This Wide Angle documentary tells the story of two teenage girls preparing to participate in the Mass Games, one of the last surviving Communist showcase pageants and a celebration of North Korea's statehood and revolutionary zeal. Capturing a mixture of excitement and contradiction at the heart of the state-produced spectacle, this program yields valuable insights into family life and daily activity in the little-known world of the "hermit kingdom." In addition, Professor Charles Armstrong discusses North Korea with anchor Jamie Rubin. (57 minutes)

#36143 Hell of a Nation: Pulling Afghani Democracy from the Fire (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95

In December 2003, Afghanistan convened a loya jirga in order to adopt a constitution. This Wide Angle documentary details the experiences of two aspiring Afghan delegates at the gathering, showing them literally risking their lives to participate in the future of their country. The program also examines the frantic preparations of an international and Afghani logistics team scrambling to register potential delegates, distribute drafts of the constitution, and hold elections for delegates. This is a rare look at the difficulties of defining the role of religion in a new democracy and of nation-building in a war-torn country with no mass media and very little infrastructure. In addition, Ahmed Rashid discusses nation-building in Afghanistan with anchor Mishal Husain. (57 minutes)

#36315 Benazir Bhutto: Battling Dictatorship in Pakistan (Run Time 42 min.) DVD $129.95

As prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto was the first woman-and also the youngest person-to head the government of a Muslim-majority state in modern times. In this program, Bhutto answers questions about the personal risks she faced as a woman pursuing a career in Pakistani politics, the influence of Western democracy on her as a politician, and the empowering effect of her role in public life on Pakistani women. She also explains why her government recognized the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and addresses charges of corruption against her. Background on her upbringing and education and her "arranged" marriage is included as well. (41 minutes)

#36336 The Rock Star and the Mullahs: Cultural Tensions within Pakistan (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95

Salman Ahmad, charismatic lead guitarist for the Pakistani rock group Junoon, has publicly advocated peace with India. Ahmad is also UNAIDS Special Representative. But a coalition of fundamentalist Islamic parties has made unexpected gains in Pakistani elections-evoking contrasts between liberals like Ahmad and hardliner mullahs who want to ban music. This Wide Angle report follows the artist as he journeys to the tolerant, ancient city of Lahore and the fundamentalist stronghold of Peshawar, revealing religious and political conflicts within the nuclear-armed Islamic republic. From this trip emerges a rich portrait of modern-day Pakistan, a pivotal nation in the war against terror. In addition, anchor Mishal Husain interviews Christina Rocca, Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia. (57 minutes)

#2453 India: From Moghuls to Independence (Run Time 42 min.) DVD $149.95

This program covers the history of India from the time of Genghis Khan's first extension of his domain beyond China. It explains the roles of Tamerlane and his descendant Babur and shows the crucial Battle of Panipat between Babur and the forces of Ibrahim Lodi, the Afghan Sultan of Delhi. There would be many more battles (including a second battle of Panipat) before the Afghans were beaten, but Babur had established Mongol hegemony over a vast territory. The program traces the subsequent history of India: the exploits of his son Humayun and his grandson, Akbar; the arrival of Europeans; the flowering of Moghul culture epitomized by the Taj Mahal, and the decline; its submission to the British Empire and its reawakening at independence. (42 minutes)

#2513 Korea: Ancient Treasure, Modern Wonder (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $149.95

Updated in 1997In the shadow of continuing turmoil in North Korea, the South continues to prosper under its current president, Kim Young Sam. This program looks at the combination of centuries-old tradition and modern technology that has turned a small, war-torn agrarian country into a major industrial power. It shows the effects of modernization on traditional values, covers the roles of education and religion, and relates Korean history, language, and culture to those of China and Japan. A special segment discusses the dynastic-like leadership in the North brought about by the death of Kim Il Sung and the transfer of power to his son, Kim Jong Il. (29 minutes)

#2923 Unit 731: Did Emperor Hirohito Know? (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

Among the worst of the many atrocities committed during World War II were the germ warfare experiments by Japanese doctors with British and American prisoners of war as the guinea pigs. The germ warfare unit, code-named Unit 731, was set up in Manchuria and allegedly had secret Imperial approval. This shocking and powerful program examines a story kept secret for half a century, documenting the events and the people and tracking the deals made and the dirty secrets that finally emerged. (52 minutes)

#3343 Choice for a Chinese Woman: Enlightenment in a Buddhist Convent (Run Time 36 min.) DVD $149.95

Here is an extraordinary portrait of a Chinese teenager from a poor rural family whose future appeared pre-ordained: to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Permitted to visit an aunt in the city, she saw for the first time the fast pace of modern urban life. On the spur of the moment, she ran away to a Buddhist convent. This program looks at life inside the convent, at the religious conventions and convictions of a people trained since the Maoist revolution to disdain religion, and at the transformation of a young girl who has found peace in the search for enlightenment. (36 minutes)

#4346 The Education of a Singer at the Beijing Opera (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $149.95

It took seven years for Wang Runqing to get his diploma from the Conservatory of the Beijing National Opera. Descended from a family of actors, he had no illusions about the hardships that awaited him. This program follows his rigorous training in a variety of the arts besides singing and acting. His story is all the more interesting because it took place while traditional opera-which had been banned and replaced by politically correct works during the Cultural Revolution-was being restored to its ancient role in the cultural life of China. (54 minutes)

#4526 Chinese Prison Labor: Inside China's Gulag (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

Despite the fact that U.S. laws strictly forbid trade in prison labor products, this program shows how China tricks the West into buying hundreds of millions of dollars of goods produced in its system of 2,000 labor camps, the Laogai. Harry Wu, a Chinese dissident who was released after 19 years in the Laogai, returns to China with a video camera; through prison interviews and undercover footage of factories in the camps, Wu discloses the imprisonment, brainwashing, and torture that half a million Chinese political prisoners still suffer by a government intent on "reforming their thoughts." (52 minutes)

#4527 Budo Sai: The Spirit of the Samurai (Run Time 70 min.) DVD $149.95

Martial arts, which originated in the East as styles of armed and unarmed combat, is enjoying newfound popularity in the West, primarily as sport. This program brings together twelve of the world's most accomplished martial arts masters who demonstrate the physical skills of strength and flexibility-as well as the mental discipline-required to perform their artform. Filmed live at the Budo Sai Festival, it features two of Japan's most senior Kendo experts as well Morio Higaonna and Masafumi Shiomitsu, who are among the world's leading Karate masters. A wide variety of martial arts forms is explored, including Aikido and Yui Shin Kai-a system of fighting developed by farmers and fishermen that converted tools of their trade into weapons. The program concludes with a dazzling display of Capoeira, a form of Brazilian street-fighting which, with its music and spectacular movements, is being heralded by some as the martial arts of the 21st century. (70 minutes)

#5067 Classical Indian Dance (Run Time 60 min.) DVD $149.95

This collection demonstrates the range of classical Indian dance in all its intricacy and grace, with its stunning combination of mime, gesture, facial expression-particularly the use of the eyes-as well as body movement, all executed within a traditional framework rich in allegory, yet each an individual example of a great art. (60 minutes)

#5807 Bhopal: The Second Tragedy (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

In 1984, the city of Bhopal in India was the site of one of the world's most devastating chemical disasters. Over the ten years since the gas leak from the Union Carbide factory, the death toll stands at 20,000 and more than 600,000 personal injury suits have been filed. Although the signs of the poisoning are still clearly visible on the streets and people are still dying in scores, the victims have received little compensation for their suffering. This program returns to the scene of the accident and uncovers a story of secrecy, corruption, mismanagement, and misinformation on the part of both Union Carbide and the Indian government. This thoughtful and moving program shows how much of the suffering in Bhopal could have been avoided. (52 minutes)

#5808 Cambodia: Chariots of Wire (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

This program travels to the middle of the Cambodian minefields to tell the story of a remarkable program that provides wheelchairs to meet the desperate needs of the disabled. As a result of the conflict waged by the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia has an estimated one land mine per person for everyone in the country, and the results are taking a devastating toll-300 amputees per month! This program examines this horrendous situation and tells the story of three young men who have created a charity that produces inexpensive wheelchairs using local labor and materials. Without the aid and inspiration of these men and their organization, the victims of Cambodia's civil war would be left to decay or die in a culture that has minimal resources and little understanding of wheelchair disabilities. (51 minutes)

#5867 Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy (Run Time 76 min.) DVD $149.95

East Timor, a tiny country off the northern tip of Australia, is ruled by bloodshed and fear. More than 200,000 people have been killed since neighboring Indonesia invaded, with whole families and communities destroyed. Emmy award-winning filmmakers David Munro and John Pilger, who were among the first to alert the world to Cambodia's holocaust, risked their lives to make this program, which exposes the suffering of the Timorese and reveals with chilling testimony their fate at the hands of a ruthless government. (76 minutes)

#7693 The Immortal Emperor: Shihuangdi (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

It's 221 BC, and the veil of history is lifted to reveal life in the Qin Dynasty, under China's first emperor, Shihuangdi. Noted historians, archaeologists, and other experts extrapolate from discoveries made in the ruler's tomb, as they examine the political, intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and religious structure of Chinese society of the first dynasty. Sophisticated computer animation re-creates both the outer and inner structure of Shihuangdi's tomb, complete with rivers rippling with mercury; decorative period artifacts; food larders; mummified concubines awaiting their master's pleasure; and the now-famous 8,000-man terra-cotta army of statues standing guard to protect the dead emperor from his enemies in the afterlife. A BBC Production. (50 minutes)

#7855 Women of the Earth: Australian Aborigines (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $149.95

This documentary portrays Australia's aborigines through the eyes of aboriginal women. Archival footage, excellent narration, and storytelling by the women themselves reveal the tribes' struggle for land rights, and the even greater struggle to retain traditional lifestyles and customs in a world that is fast disappearing. As the stories are told, ancient myths and legends including that of the Dreamtime (creation) are illuminated, and their importance in aboriginal culture as a source of identity is stressed. Customs kept alive through rituals and art forms are illustrated and explained in this fascinating portrait of life among Australia's original people. (56 minutes)

#8808 Democracy in China: A Billion Small Voices (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $149.95

In China, where approximately 80 percent of the population is rural, the impact of democratic village elections could reshape the future of the nation. Although some Chinese are skeptical, many believe that establishing democracy at the local level will pave the way for a democratic national government. This program focuses on the efforts of The Carter Center to support China's initiative by inviting Chinese delegates to observe U.S. primaries and by sending emissaries to China to assist in the mechanics of gathering and tabulating votes. In its post-Mao effort to catch up economically with other nations, China is opening the door to Western ways and attempting to take its place in the growing Global Village. (29 minutes)

#8823 Mindfields: Coping with Life in Cambodia (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Although the Khmer Rouge is no longer officially in power and the government of Cambodia is democratically elected, the wounds from one of the worst reigns of terror in the 20th century are slow to heal. This program presents the stories of noncombatants who experienced the terrors of civil war, which ranged from displacement to genocide; survived invasion; and endured forced labor, highlighting the psychological aftereffects of a population still in shock. (51 minutes)

#8840 Yangtze: New China and the Old River (Run Time 84 min.) DVD $149.95

When the Chinese government completes the 1.2-mile Three Gorges Dam, its 370-mile reservoir is expected to partially or completely blot out 2 cities, 11 counties, 140 towns, 326 townships, and 1,351 villages. This program, filmed during the initial phase of the project, documents the lives of the people who will be uprooted-and some of the finest scenery in China, which will be lost-when the dam is completed. Supporters say the benefits of the project far outweigh the costs, but the 1.1 million people who face resettlement disagree. An RTVE Production. (84 minutes)

#9178 India: The Struggle for Independence (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $149.95

From the rise of the Moghul empire under Babur in 1526 to the setting of the sun on the British Raj in 1948, this program surveys four centuries of history during which India slowly but decisively shook off foreign rule. Expert commentary on the pivotal politico-military struggles between the Moghuls, the Afghans, Great Britain, and the Indians by Dr. David Hardiman, of Oxford University; Dr. David Washbrook, of Warwick University; and historian Rakesh Dayaz puts India's centuries-long fight for independence into perspective. (30 minutes)

#10110 Iran: Departure into the Unknown (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $149.95

In Iran, even laughter is considered sinful by the nation's strict Shiite regime. Yet after revolution and war, Iranians cherish hopes of a freer future. This program describes the impact of life in a modern fundamentalist society on Iran's diverse population, which includes Muslims, Christians, and Jews. It also spotlights the joyful celebration of Sizdah Bedar, which welcomes the spring; the incomparable Iranian crown jewels; monuments such as the magnificent palace of Shah Abas the First, the huge Imam Mosque, the ruins of Persepolis, and the wind towers of Nain; and the lifestyles of artisans, craftspeople, laborers, and students. (49 minutes)

#10111 Pakistan: Between the Chitralis and Pathans (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Situated in western Asia, Pakistan occupies a region of political and economic tension. This program looks at Pakistan's complex relations with Iran, India, and the United States and the contributions of its multicultural population. The influences of Punjabi and Pathan, Sindhi and Baluchi, and Ismaili and Buddhist are all captured, set against the background of life both in cities and in rural communities. The region's heritage as the seat of the Indus Valley civilization is also explored. (51 minutes)

#10112 India: The River of Life (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

Containing nearly a sixth of the world's population, India is home to almost a billion people, more than half of whom live in rural villages. This program provides an overview of topics such as the caste system as it exists in the holy Hindu town of Varanasi and the massive pilgrimages to Allahabad, where millions of Hindus come to ritually bathe at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers. Also discussed are arranged marriages; local trades in Agra, site of the matchless Taj Mahal; Sikhism in the city of Amritsar; the Indian/Pakistani tug-of-war for Kashmir; and the plight of small farmers, driven from their holdings by powerful landowners. (50 minutes)

#10113 Burma: In the Garden of the Crying Buddha (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $149.95

Renamed Myanmar by its ruling junta, Burma is one of the world's poorest nations due to decades of iron-fisted military control and despite its valuable natural resources and priceless national treasures. This program presents an intriguing glimpse of Burmese life, ranging from washing the sacred Buddha at the Maha Muni Pagoda and the initiation of young Buddhist novices amid the ruins of Bagan to farming the amazing floating gardens of Lake Inle. Issues including Burma's 40-year civil war, the vital role of the railway and the cinema, and rampant smuggling are addressed as well. (49 minutes)

#10114 Thailand: King, Combat, and Ad Karabao (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $149.95

Unlike its neighbors, Thailand has never been colonized or annexed-but keeping it that way has been a stern challenge. This program examines Thailand's political independence, which is based on democratic and generally peaceful rule by a culturally supported monarchy. However, growing dissatisfaction has caused grass-roots dissent, as demonstrated by the lyrics of pop music idol d Karabao, who protests against imported consumer goods, and the agitation of "Ubon Without a Border," a group lobbying for open access with Laos and Cambodia. The powerful yet incongruous influences of Thai boxing and Buddhism are also assessed. (48 minutes)

#10115 Laos: In the Shadow of the Giants (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $149.95

Impoverished, sparsely populated, and still recovering from the Vietnam War, Laos exists on the edge of the abyss. This program considers the cultural and economic impact on Laotians and Hmong alike of initiatives designed to improve the country, such as the new highway being built by Swedish engineers. Although the regime's "reeducation camps" show no signs of being closed and antigovernment rebels continue to make travel dangerous, foreign tourism is being courted for the currency it can bring, while the country's rich spiritual life-expressed through the practices of Buddhism and animism-serenely continues. (47 minutes)

#10116 China: The Dance Around the Golden Calf (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

As China continues to experiment with Western-style economics, many city dwellers already enjoy the prerogatives of a market economy. But how will China feed itself as more and more farmers flee their land for the allure of urban living? This program seeks to understand the effects of economic reform on Chinese society, from the villages to the cities. Will cultural values and the traditional arts and sciences retain their importance as China makes its bid for first-world status, or will they and the rest of the old China be swept away by Western attitudes, a burgeoning middle-class, and the country's new identity as a nascent economic powerhouse? (50 minutes)

#10146 Mahatma Gandhi: The Great Soul Lives (Run Time 59 min.) DVD $149.95

This compelling program traces the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi from London, where he first studied law; to South Africa, where he established his first ashram; to India, where he worked tirelessly for independence. More than a biography, this documentary seeks to understand the essence of Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy, which guided India in its struggle for independence and continues to inspire others in their efforts to achieve freedom. Daughter-in-law Nirmala Ramdas Gandhi and others who knew the Great Soul share their memories. (60 minutes)

#11949 The Diplomat: Jose Ramos Horta and East Timor's Fight for Independence (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $149.95

For 24 years, Jose Ramos Horta, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, campaigned to secure independence for East Timor, a Portuguese colony invaded by Indonesia in 1975. This program takes up Ramos Horta's story in the final dramatic stages of his journey, including the fall of President Suharto, the referendum to determine East Timor's future, the overwhelming vote for independence, the carnage that ensued, the intervention of UN peacekeepers, and Ramos Horta's triumphant return to his beloved homeland. An in-depth interview with Ramos Horta, a detailed examination of the independence movement, and extensive war footage enhance this comprehensive retrospective. (58 minutes)

#29432 Shanghai: The New Chinese Way (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

A beneficiary of post-Maoist economic reform, Shanghai has been modernizing at a remarkable rate as foreign investment pours into that venerable city. This program tracks the progress of Shanghai's makeover through the diverse voices of its citizens-children of modernity, swept up in the economic revolution, and elders who have witnessed the evolution of Chinese communism over the course of the 20th century. Will Shanghai succeed in its bid to become the new financial and cultural capital of Asia? (51 minutes)

#29976 Classical Feng Shui: Harnessing Nature's Subtle Forces (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $149.95

This program focuses on the Land Formations and Flying Stars Schools of classical feng shui, demonstrating the ancient Chinese geomantic practice of living harmoniously with the environment as it is applied in Hong Kong and elsewhere. World-renowned teacher Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai and several feng shui consultants provide a detailed overview of Taoism, chi, yin and yang, the five symbolic elements and animals, the bagua and its eight trigrams, and the lo pan compass. The feng shui of a number of buildings-Norman Foster's Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank and I. M. Pei's Bank of China, among others-as well as several ancestral grave sites is assessed. The feng shui of a variety of locales in Europe is also analyzed. (56 minutes)

#30081 Bunraku: Masters of Japanese Puppet Theater (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

Born in Osaka some 300 years ago, Japanese puppet theater-Bunraku-is a stunning yet refined spectacle. This program presents the story of Bunraku through two of its greatest masters, puppeteer Tamao Yoshida and chanter Sumitayu Takemoto. Brought together for the last performance of the 20th century, these two "Living National Treasures" transform ancient tales of old Japan into vibrant human drama. Cameras go backstage to capture the immense preparations and grueling, rarely seen rehearsals for their exquisite rendition of the masterpiece Shinju Ten no Amijima. (53 minutes, color)

#30226 Tsugaru Shamisen: The World of Michihiro Sato (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $149.95

Michihiro Sato is considered the finest player of the Tsugaru shamisen, a traditional three-stringed instrument of the Tsugaru province integral to Japanese folk music. This program combines live performances by Sato at the Otsu Traditional Performing Arts Center with the musician's commentary on the history and role of the shamisen player, a door-to-door minstrel of a bygone era. Sato also discusses the future of Tsugaru shamisen, such as his work with jazz and avant-garde musicians in America and Europe. (48 minutes)

#30227 Shozan Tanabe: The Sound of Silence (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $149.95

The shakuhachi, a kind of wooden flute, was introduced to Japan sometime between the 8th and 12th centuries and was used in court music as well as in Buddhist monasteries as a vehicle for enlightenment. This program features performances and discussion by Shozan Tanabe, one of Japan's most recognized players of the shakuhachi. Along with recordings of his music, Tanabe talks about the history of this instrument so often associated with the "sound of Japan." (48 minutes)

#30230 Mythical Tunes of Biwa: Yoshiko Sakata (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $149.95

The biwa, a pear-shaped, wooden lute, is played using a triangular plectrum. With no structured tuning, the instrument is adjusted to complement the player's voice, allowing for a highly personalized music. This program showcases the sounds of one of Japan's oldest stringed instruments through performances by Yoshiko Sakata, a noted biwa player and composer who plays both traditional songs and original compositions. (48 minutes)

#31490 Hong Kong, Five Years Later: Reversal of Fortune (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $149.95

On July 1, 1997, as China's flag was raised over Hong Kong, the world wondered: would the former British crown colony be swallowed up by Beijing, or would it be business as usual in Asia's financial crown jewel? This program, filmed five years after the handover, takes a close look at Hong Kong's declining fortunes, due in part to sociopolitical changes and to the bursting of the Asian economic bubble. Issues deeply impacting immigration, human rights, employment, health and welfare, and freedom of the press are addressed through the opinions of influential figures and the stories of ordinary people struggling to cope with life in Chinese Hong Kong. (54 minutes)

#32970 The Sultanate of Jogjakarta (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

The Sultan of Jogjakarta, regarded by his people as the divine representative and intermediary between themselves and the supreme being, rules one of the last remaining kingdoms in Asia. This program explores the emotional bond between the sultan and the people as well as the cultural and religious traditions in Java through history. (53 minutes)

#32971 Hutong: Alleyways of Change in Contemporary Beijing (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

As Beijing prepares for the 2008 Olympics, most of the hutong-the city's small traditional dwellings and the network of lanes and alleys formed by them-are being demolished to make room for skyscrapers. This program explores social and cultural changes in historical Beijing, as seen in the life of a few ordinary citizens who still live in the hutong. The program includes computer models of the designing of ancient Beijing City. (53 minutes)

#33086 No Rest for the Weary: The Cultural Revolution and Its Origins (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

From World War II until Mao's death in 1976, the Chinese faced recurring hardships, the Cultural Revolution perhaps the most damaging to their traditional society. This program carefully traces the origins and implementation of Mao's agenda of social upheaval, bringing together documentary footage and firsthand accounts from those who experienced it. Among those interviewed is Song Yongyi, a history professor at Dickinson College who left China in order to write an account of the movement. (53 minutes)

#33087 The Unfortunate Generation: The Cultural Revolution and Beyond (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

Within two years of the Cultural Revolution, armed factions battled each other in Mao's name. To avoid civil war, Mao essentially banished his zealots to the countryside. This program chronicles the Cultural Revolution, its disastrous aftermath, and the role of Mao's wife, Jiang Qing. Scholars, diplomats, and survivors discuss the forced labor camps known as "Schools of May 7th"; the attacks on foreign consulates in Hong Kong and Beijing; China's support of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge; and the trial of the "Gang of Four." The program concludes with Deng Xiaoping opening China to the West. (53 minutes)

#33170 The Real Dr. Evil (Run Time 46 min.) DVD $149.95

North Koreans call him "dear leader." President Bush calls him part of an "axis of evil." Kidnapper, terrorist, and likely nuclear tyrant also apply. This program uses extensive newsreel footage, archival materials, and exclusive interviews to create a biographical and psychological profile of Kim Jong Il in order to understand what motivates his sometimes bizarre and often tragic deeds. Interviews include former bodyguards, a former central committee member, a former North Korean spy, CIA profilers, Pentagon advisers, former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Donald Gregg, and Selig Harrison, author of Korean Endgame. A BBCW Production. (46 minutes)

#33299 Isfahan Is Half the World"" (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

During the 17th century, Abbas the Great renewed the city of Isfahan, turning the former Seljuk capital into a vast garden city of flowing water and lush vegetation. Although the shah is long deceased, his city is still an oasis in the desert, and the Imam Mosque has been a reassuring presence from his time until now. This program uses the restoration of the mosque's dome as a point of entry into the life of the city: the practice of Islam, the work of men who craft tiles and women who weave carpets, and the peoples who have made Isfahan a cosmopolitan center since the time of the Silk Road. (53 minutes)

#33469 Part One: East and West (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $149.95

Born into a prominent family in China, Soong Mei-ling was nonetheless thoroughly Western in thought and philosophy, having studied in America-one of the first Chinese women to do so. After marrying Chiang Kai-shek, the couple led a China embroiled in years of war and political intrigue. During World War II, she became the first Chinese national ever to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress and was counted as the fourth luminary of the Cairo Conference, alongside Roosevelt, Churchill, and her husband. This program tells the compelling story of Mme. Chiang up to the ousting of the Chinese Nationalist government. (49 minutes)

#33470 Part Two: The Exile Years (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

After the Chinese Nationalist Government fled to Taiwan, Soong Mei-ling remained in the public eye as the distant and mysterious "Madame Chiang." She continued the role she had played during her years in mainland China, remaining prominent in foreign affairs and devoted to her work with women and charitable causes. This program examines the second half of Madame Chiang's life: her often-fractious relations with her stepson, President Chiang Ching-kuo; her efforts to safeguard the legacy of the Republic of China; and her relocation to the U.S., where she lived in seclusion until her death at the age of 106. (53 minutes)

#33524 India and Pakistan: The Expanding Nuclear Threat (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $149.95

India and Pakistan have been battling over ownership of Kashmir for more than half a century. In 1998, however, both countries shocked the world by joining the exclusive nuclear club. When violence erupted the following year in Kargil-the central region of Kashmir-an anxious U.S. report declared that this conflict "had the potential to escalate into a nuclear war between the two countries." This program explores how close each country came to nuclear weapons use at the time of the Kargil conflict based on firsthand accounts of citizens, armies, and government officials. Considerable attention is given to 9/11's influence on the ordeal. (57 minutes)

#33525 The Killing of Kashmir (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

This program offers provocative perspectives on the fate of Kashmir and investigates the accusations of international human rights groups that Indian troops and police systematically kidnap, torture, and kill innocent civilians. Through firsthand accounts of the Indian troops and police as well as Pakistani militants immersed in the conflict, the documentary argues that the inhabitants of Kashmir are hapless victims of both sides. (50 minutes)

#33907 Larger Than Life: India's Bollywood Film Culture (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $149.95

This program travels extensively through the colorful landscape of Indian cinema, providing insightful contrasts and comparisons to the film industry most Westerners know. Interviews with Shah Rukh Khan, India's rugged action hero, and Manisha Koirala, a top female star, examine the unusual pressures of Indian film acting. Sensuality without sex, the brevity of female stardom, and the premium placed on fantasy and escape are some of the issues discussed. For an exploration of "the other Hollywood"-vastly different from, yet surprisingly similar to, America's-Larger Than Life promises an unequalled itinerary. (Portions in Hindi with English subtitles, 57 minutes)

#35267 India of the Gandhis (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

Immerse your students in India's current political landscape and the influence of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Focusing on the accomplishments of Mohandas Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Nehru's descendants-including the improbable rise of Sonia Gandhi in 2004-this program uses archival images, dramatic press footage, and interviews from a broad cross-section of Indian society to vividly depict the social, economic, and ideological legacy of the Mahatma and his inner circle. While viewers will encounter information on Congress Party detractors, the program clearly demonstrates that the Gandhis remain a powerful political force. (52 minutes)

#35370 1893-1945: Against the Tide-Mao's Early Years (Run Time 61 min.) DVD $149.95

Part one of the series China: Through Mao's Eyes describes Mao Zedong's youth, his formative adulthood, and his consolidation of power. Archival photographs from Mao's childhood and education, film clips from his campaigns against foreign invaders and Chinese nationalists, and lavish, government-produced reconstructions of the Long March detail the drama of those decades. Film excerpts featuring Jiang Qing, the actress who became Mao's fifth wife and a feared political force, highlight the Chairman's unpredictable life choices. Based on Philip Short's definitive biography Mao: A Life. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (61 minutes)

#35371 1945-1959: The Sorcerer's Apprentice-Founding the Republic (Run Time 60 min.) DVD $149.95

Part two of the series China: Through Mao's Eyes explores the formation of the People's Republic of China, its complicated relationship with the Soviet Union, and events that prefaced the Cultural Revolution. Footage documenting the turmoil of the Anti-Rightist movement, China's role in the Korean War, and the misnamed Great Leap Forward reveals Mao's uneven leadership as the young nation struggled to define itself. Interviews with close associates illuminate the Chairman's personal side, including his unusual eating habits, attire, and leisure activities. Based on Philip Short's definitive biography Mao: A Life. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (60 minutes)

#35372 1958-1969: Not A Dinner Party-The Cultural Revolution (Run Time 61 min.) DVD $149.95

Part three of the series China: Through Mao's Eyes examines the origins of the Cultural Revolution, Mao's orchestration of it, the political and economic shockwaves it created, and its human cost. Rarely seen archival footage of young Red Guard operatives raiding and ransacking a home-combined with present-day interviews featuring former Red Guards and their victims-create an in-depth portrayal of the tumultuous period. One commentator links the Cultural Revolution with the entrepreneurial freedom that China's government now fosters. Based on Philip Short's definitive biography Mao: A Life. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (61 minutes)

#35373 1970 and Beyond: Mao Is Not Dead (Run Time 59 min.) DVD $149.95

Part four of the series China: Through Mao's Eyes details the watershed Nixon-Mao diplomacy, Mao's death and its aftermath, and the legacy of his rule and philosophy. Scenes showing an aged and infirm Mao meeting with foreign emissaries and CPC assemblies reveal his determination to shape policy and preserve his imposing image as long as possible. Today's citizens who look back nostalgically on Mao's reign are contrasted with a young, materialistic, sexually uninhibited generation-although the program makes clear that the Chairman still inspires awe and reverence throughout Chinese society. Based on Philip Short's definitive biography Mao: A Life. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (59 minutes)

#36415 The First Red Multinational (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

As China transitions from a planned economy to a market economy, its rapidly growing companies must learn to compete on a global scale. This program presents a case study of TCL-China's first multinational corporation and the parent company of Thomson Color TV and other major manufacturers-giving viewers an unprecedented look inside Chinese business practices. The film illustrates TCL's evolution from a state-owned enterprise to an industrial giant that observes only the most superficial of socialist principles. It also profiles Li Dongsheng, a former engineer now serving as chairman and president of TCL, whose personal history parallels the rise of Chinese capitalism. (Portions in Chinese with English subtitles, 50 minutes)

#37146 Geisha: The Twilight of the Flowers (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $149.95

Even today, the geisha epitomize the beauty of Japan's past. But theirs is a dying profession as the glare of Tokyo neon competes with the more mellow glow of Kyoto. Drawing on interviews with the world-renowned Mineko Iwasaki and other geisha and those who idolize them, this program places the geisha squarely in the context of contemporary Japan. In addition to background on the geisha mystique-the clothing, the makeup, the exhaustive training in the arts-the program dispels the distorted image of geisha as courtesans and illustrates their efforts to retain their significance while adapting themselves to a world of commercialism and technology. (54 minutes)

#37628 The People's Court: Introducing the Rule of Law in China (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $149.95

Facing mounting domestic and international pressure for a fair and transparent framework of laws, China is racing to reshape the rules of its Communist society. Hundreds of thousands of judges and lawyers have been trained in the past 25 years, but with senior judges under direct control of the state and citizens taking to the streets in record numbers, this transformation has been anything but easy. This unprecedented Wide Angle report takes viewers inside courtrooms and law schools in China as it follows itinerant judges, law students, a human rights lawyer, and ordinary Chinese citizens seeking justice. In addition, Alice Young, a corporate lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in Asia and a partner at Kaye Scholer LLP, discusses China's emerging legal system with Daljit Dhaliwal. (57 minutes)

#39142 Manga World (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

Filmed in Japan, this program pushes beyond the stereotypes to objectively examine the history of manga, how manga are drawn, and manga's influence on Japanese life as illustrated by cosplay bars, where people dress up as their favorite characters; manga kissa, 24/7 manga cafes; and Comicket, the twice-annual comics market that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors. The program also introduces viewers to a cross-section of mangaka icons: Vagabond creator Takehiko Inoue; Naoki Urasawa, author of The Pushman and Other Stories; Jiro Taniguchi; Yoshihiro Tatsumi; and Kan Takahama. (Portions in Japanese with English subtitles, 52 minutes)

#39368 The Lost World of Tibet: A Different View (Run Time 61 min.) DVD $149.95

Through vintage amateur movies as well as archival Communist propaganda documentaries, this program turns back the clock to see what Tibet was like from the 1930s to 1950. Every ounce of information is wrung from these exclusive film segments as historic primary source footage of Tibetans, British and Chinese officers, and the young Dalai Lama himself recalls a world lost to memory since the Chinese Communist invasion and occupation. Camerawork by Sir Basil Gould, a British intelligence officer of the Raj; James Guthrie, a Scottish doctor who treated the Dalai Lama's regent and Tibetan nomads; Mr. Shen, a Chinese official; and China's ETV vividly captures a previously seldom seen era of Tibetan history. A BBCW Production. (60 minutes)

#4061 The Tale of Genji (Run Time 60 min.) DVD $159.95

Elegant and lyrical, The Tale of Genji-written by Murasaki Shikibu, considered by many to be the world's first novelist-predates the seminal Don Quixote by an incredible 600 years. This extraordinarily beautiful program traces the plot, which centers on the romantic relationships of the noble hero Genji, through the panels of a series of illustrated hand scrolls dating from the early 12th century. The program explains both Genji's adventures and the visual effects created by the paintings, decorated paper, and calligraphy of the scrolls, making accessible to Western audiences a formative work of Japanese culture and one of the milestones of world literature. (60 minutes)

#35882 China on the Rise: Paul Solman Reports (Run Time 77 min.) DVD $159.95

Will the 21st century be the Chinese century? Economics correspondent Paul Solman examines the rise of China as a global economic power-and the challenges that lie before it-in this timely collection of NewsHour reports. The episodes are... • China's Growing Economy: This segment spotlights the freewheeling Chinese economy-and its growing pains • The Chinese Consumer: This segment seeks to understand Chinese consumers and how both Wal-Mart and high-end boutiques are catering to them • The Cult of Mao Zedong: This segment illustrates how the idealism and enthusiasm of the early Mao years is influencing China's emerging free market economy • Misinvestment in China: This segment sheds light on the Chinese government's notably opaque investment practices and the failing Shanghai Stock Exchange • Interview with Cheng Siwei: In this segment, China's "father of venture capital" speaks on economic relations with the U.S., foreign investment, textile exports, and the revaluation of the yuan • Piracy Explored: This segment investigates piracy of foreign intellectual property rights in China, using Viagra as a case in point • Bumps in the Road?: This segment seriously questions whether China's economy can continue to grow at its incredible pace without major political reform (77 minutes)

#1649 The Tokyo Trial (Run Time 279 min.) DVD $199.95

This program presents a clear, concise, and complete history of events in the Far East from the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 through 1952. The International Military Tribunal for the Far East provides the framework for this monumental archive. The program uses the charges themselves and the evidence presented to illustrate the events: the Manchurian, Sian, China, and Nanking Incidents; the occupation of Northern Indochina; the Japanese-American negotiations in late 1941; the attack on Pearl Harbor; the Bataan Death March; the turning tide and the end of the war. The program ends with the execution of the convicted Japanese war criminals. (4 hours 39 minutes, b&w)

#4372 Australia's Aborigines Remember: Dreamtime (Run Time min.) DVD $269.85

Their ancestors having nearly erased Aboriginal culture (and the Aboriginal population as well), contemporary Australians have awakened to the treasure at the outer reaches of their Westernized midst-at the most venal level, a sure-fire tourist attraction, and at best, a window into the past. This series shows native Australians as they live today, remembers the coming of the white man, and harks back to the stories of long ago. 3-part series, 48 minutes each.

#5128 Australia Down Under (Run Time min.) DVD $269.85

From the outback wilderness and ancient aboriginal culture to the complexities of a modern industrialized, multicultural democracy, this series looks at both the old and the new Australia. 3-part series, 48 minutes each.

#10331 Birth of a God: The Dalai Lama (Run Time min.) DVD $299.90

For centuries Tibet was a land of mystery-geographically isolated from the world around it, yet an influential force in the shaping of Mongolian and Chinese culture. Using expert commentary, reenactments, maps, artwork, and scenes of monastic and rural life in modern Tibet, this captivating two-part series documents the intricate antecedents and history of the Dalai Lama, from the year 700 to today, within the context of Tibetan, Mongolian, and Chinese history. 2-part series, 45 minutes each.

#33085 The Cultural Revolution: Mao's Last Battle (Run Time min.) DVD $299.90

Whether Mao Zedong launched a campaign of ideological purification in 1966 to keep China from becoming capitalist or to solidify his power remains a subject for debate. Only the disastrous consequences are certain. This series presents the definitive history of the Cultural Revolution, its background, and aftermath, blending an incredible array of documentary footage with discussion by Chinese contemporaries, diplomats, and scholars, including Roxanne Witke, the only Westerner to interview Mao's wife, Jiang Qing. 2-part series, 53 minutes each.

#33468 Mme. Chiang Kai-shek: A Legendary Life (Run Time min.) DVD $299.90

As the most powerful first lady of China, Soong Mei-ling, better known as Madame Chiang Kai-shek, was considered by some as a charming and forceful lobbyist for China and by others as an arrogant propagandist for her husband's corrupt and incompetent government. In this insightful two-part series-the first and only documentary on Mme. Chiang's legendary life-Public Television Service, Taiwan, presents recently declassified historical documents and rare archival footage, as well as in-depth interviews with historians, journalists, former aides, nurses, and family members of Mme. Chiang. 2-part series, 49-53 minutes each.

#4638 Mongols: Storm from the East (Run Time min.) DVD $359.80

This series covers the life and accomplishments of Genghis Khan and examines the art, culture, science, and technology of Mongol civilization. Genghis Khan left not only a highly trained army, but the beginning of an imperial administrative framework, a system of taxation, a communications network-all of which were built upon and expanded by his successors. The series was filmed on location in Mongolia and also features battle re-enactments shot at historical locations throughout Europe and Asia. 4-part series, 50 minutes each.

#8824 The Mekong: A Turbulent River (Run Time min.) DVD $359.80

The Mekong flows for nearly 3,000 miles through Asia, beginning in the Himalayas and ending at the South China Sea. This four-part series combines interviews and spectacular photography to present the geography of one of the world's longest rivers and the industries, customs, and concerns of the people who call the Mekong states home. 4-part series, 53 minutes each.

#7438 The Giant Awakes (Run Time min.) DVD $389.85

This BBC documentary, in three parts, looks beyond the headlines to present a vivid picture of the world's most populous nation-China-as it undergoes economic and social transitions that are both promising and perilous. 3-part series, 50 minutes each.

#2160 Japan Past and Present (Run Time min.) DVD $449.75

Here is an exceptionally well-presented series that shows the origins of modern Japan and Japanese attitudes in the nation's 2,000-year history. Strikingly beautiful photography and well-researched and thoughtful commentary combine to provide an understanding of such disparate concepts as the Japanese invocation of supernatural spirits to bless business ventures, their disdain for and distrust of foreigners while they adapt foreign advancements, and Japanese concepts of nature, honor, loyalty, beauty, solidarity, and violence. In short, the programs manage to articulate the essence of Japan and of being Japanese. 5-part series, 48-53 minutes each.

#37125 Untouchable: Life as an Outcaste (Run Time min.) DVD $449.75

Although it is illegal to discriminate against untouchables, the members of this group continue to be looked down on in South Asian society and are still pressed into the most debasing roles. This five-part series examines the situations of individual Dalits who, despite routine violation of their humanity, are living their lives with all the dignity they can muster. The underlying issues that keep them in their dehumanizing trades-abject poverty, a lack of plausible alternatives, a patriarchal social order, the sheer stigma of being a Dalit-make the series a particularly valuable tool for stimulating powerful discussions on human rights. Some content may be objectionable. 5-part series, 30 minutes each.

#30315 Four Seasons in Kyoto: Festivals and Symbols (Run Time min.) DVD $519.80

Kyoto, Japan's center of government, learning, and the arts for much of its venerable history, is prized today as the center of traditional Japanese culture. Focusing on the emblematic flowers, foods, and festivals of each season, this beautifully filmed four-part series provides an elegant point of departure into Japanese history, religion, and cultural traditions. 4-part series, 47 minutes each.

#32967 Capitals of Tradition, Cities of Change (Run Time min.) DVD $599.80

While many of the ancient Asian capitals have faded into the pages of history books, a rare few have continued to grow and flourish. This beautiful series produced by NHK takes viewers to four such capitals-Beijing, Varanasi, Jogjakarta, and Kathmandu-and discovers one key aspect of the cultural, religious, and political life of the city and its people. Combining computer graphics and archival research, each of the programs serves as a unique window on the continuities and changes in an Asian society. 4-part series, 53 minutes each.

#35369 China: Through Mao's Eyes (Run Time min.) DVD $599.80

The video counterpart to Philip Short's monumental book Mao: A Life, this four-part series guides viewers through the dynamic, innovative, and brutal accomplishments of the revolutionary Chinese leader. Short-a BBC and Times of London foreign correspondent assigned to China immediately after Mao Zedong's death in 1976-serves as the series' writer and narrator, providing the same rigor and panoramic scope that enriches his biography. But these programs go where no book can: into a trove of film and video materials kept secret for decades by Chinese authorities, and-through interviews granted exclusively to the filmmakers-into face-to-face meetings with the last surviving members of Mao's inner circle. Viewers will encounter a spellbinding view of 20th-century Chinese history, as well as a glimpse of the country's future. Members of Mao's family, including his daughter-in-law and granddaughter, describe life in the Chairman's home, while Sidney Rittenberg, an American scholar who worked alongside Mao, reflects on his harrowing experiences. Mao's chief bodyguard, his doctor, and two former Politburo officials who took part in the Long March of 1934-35 share their wealth of knowledge and observations. Other staff members attached to Mao's private office illuminate the Chairman's cloistered but momentous twilight years. For students of Mao's era, this series may well represent the most powerful learning tool available. Its four-part structure is organized around major phases of the leader's life and career, with generous attention given to Mao's influence on today's China. Not available in French-speaking Canada. 4-part series, 60 minutes each.

#10933 Ashes in the River: Four Religions of India (Run Time min.) DVD $649.75

This remarkable five-part series sets Jainism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism firmly within the context of modern-day India while presenting the historical and cultural events that shaped them. 5-part series, 50-52 minutes each.

#33298 Capitals of Tradition, Cities of Change (Run Time min.) DVD $899.70

While many of the ancient Asian capitals have faded into the pages of history books, a rare few have continued to grow and flourish. This beautiful series produced by NHK takes viewers to six such capitals-Beijing, Kyoto, Varanasi, Jogjakarta, Isfahan, and Kathmandu-to discover key aspects of the cultural, religious, economic, and political life of the cities and their people. Combining computer graphics, personal stories, and scholarly research, each program serves as a unique window on the continuities and changes in an Asian society. 6-part series, 53 minutes each.

#10109 Asia in Transition: Culture, Politics, and Economics (Run Time min.) DVD $1049.65

Asia is a vast continent joining many unique peoples and cultures. This visually stunning series follows the Transasian Highway through seven countries, revealing the tensions between religious and other cultural traditions, political change, and dynamic development that are an integral part of everyday life there. 7-part series, 47-51 minutes each.

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