AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers

AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers
Enjoy healthier living and working environments with the heavy-duty AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers.
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 Allerair I-6500 B - Standard - $3,499.98
 Allerair I-6500 A - Standard - $4,999.98
 Allerair I-6500 A - w/160 lbs carbon etc.- $5,500.98
 Allerair I-6500 A Hospital - medical grade air purifiers - $3,999.98

Product Description:
AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers are the perfect solution for industrial and commercial filtration. These powerful purifiers are flexible and unique. They can be customized with a mixture of different MAC-B activated carbon blends and 12" deep true HEPA filter. Together this combination can trap 99.97% of airborne contaminants and neutralize up to 4000 different toxic chemicals.

The AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers have a 3-stage filtration system that properly removes dust particles and absorbs dangerous chemicals. The pre-filter helps to extend the life of the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is crucial in industries where dust and odors are problematic. It neutralizes unhealthy particles and cleans the air.

The AllerAir purifiers have solid bodies made of coated painted steel, which makes it exceptionally durable. The polished finish allows it to adapt to any room's decor. The purifiers can easily be moved with the attached rolling casters that can quickly lock into place.

AllerAir purifiers are unique, having activated carbons that are granulated, not crushed, to achieve optimal absorption of odors, toxins, and gases. This superior carbon filtration method is used by the Mayo Clinic, Boeing Aircraft, John Hopkins University, the UCLA Medical Center, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Army.

Personalize your needs by choosing the filtration system that is right for you. The activated carbon filter sizes can range from 80 to 160 lbs. and the HEPA filters have a width as deep as 12.5". The 1000 CFM blowers can be used for light industry, such as classrooms and retail stores.

AllerAir Models (DOP certification is available for all models):
  • I-6500 A comes with a standard 80 lb. carbon gas filter, which absorbs noxious gases, a large HEPA filter and a 1500 CFM motor are also included. The carbon gas filter can be upgraded to 160 lbs.
  • I-6500 B contains a large HEPA filter, 1000 CFM motor and anti-microbial pre-filters or an 80 lb. carbon gas filter.
  • I-6500 A Hospital is a medical grade air purifier that catches most airborne pollutants.
Where can you use the AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers?
  • Hospitals, medical and forensic labs. AllerAir I-6500 A Hospital has a large medically graded HEPA filter that captures virtually all airborne contaminants.
  • Museums, offices, and schools. These filters are useful for anywhere that dust can settle. They can also remove pet dander, pollen, and other common allergens.
  • Auto body shops, art classrooms, and nail salons. The air purifiers can clean air that has been contaminated with dangerous chemicals.
AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers can be used for many different industries including, commercial, medical, and educational.

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