Albrecht Durer: Image of a Master Video (DVD/VHS)

Albrecht Durer: Image of a Master Video (DVD/VHS)

Albrecht Durer blended an introspective and humane style ishis art. This is displayed with brilliance in this compact and decisive Albrecht Durer: Image of a Master video documentary. Durer has a massive historical context embedded in his work. The video outlines his influence on art in Germany from his progressive Italian gothic art style.

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Albrecht Durer is highlighted in expansive detail in this Image of a Master video documentary. The video employs certain major elements of Albrecht Durer's career, notably including:

  • a close examination of his most respected works
  • his early beginnings alongside his goldsmith father, and renowned publisher Anthony Koberger
  • his influential and practical work in printmaking

Albrecht expanded the limits of German artistic expression with his Italian-based ideas. This has allowed him to be considered a creative genius as well as an artistic innovator in printing and publishing. He is sometimes considered the father of the Italian Renaissance, and this extraordinary video argues why.

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