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Addiction & Substance Abuse DVDs
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 #10046 The Global Addiction: Dispatches from the War on Drugs(+$60.00)
 #10379 The War Against the War on Drugs(+$60.00)
 #10382 Coming Down: The Aftermath of Doing Drugs(+$20.00)
 #10383 Fetal Abuse: The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol(+$10.00)
 #10384 Inhalants: A Deadly High(+$10.00)
 #10952 Drinking Apart: Families Under the Influence(+$70.00)
 #11013 Drinking: Are You in Control?(+$20.00)
 #11181 The War on Drugs: Winners and Losers(+$60.00)
 #11405 Substance Abuse: Risks and Responsibilities(+$449.85)
 #11406 Using Pharmaceutical Drugs Safely(+$60.00)
 #11407 Drinking Responsibly(+$60.00)
 #11408 Understanding the Risks of Tobacco and Caffeine(+$60.00)
 #11409 Preventing Drug Abuse(+$60.00)
 #12044 Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle(+$169.90)
 #12045 Drugs(+$10.00)
 #12046 Alcohol(+$10.00)
 #12047 Tobacco(+$10.00)
 #12084 Women and Cigarettes: A Fatal Attraction(+$20.00)
 #1363 The Addicted Brain(+$20.00)
 #1364 Cocaine and Heart Attacks(+$20.00)
 #1366 Female Alcoholism(+$20.00)
 #1370 Kick the Habit(+$20.00)
 #1372 Steroids and Sports(+$20.00)
 #1976 The Power of Addiction(+$20.00)
 #2139 Crystal(+$20.00)
 #2383 Alcohol and the Family: Breaking the Chain(+$20.00)
 #2445 Cocaine: The End of the Line(+$20.00)
 #25232 Drinking and Driving: A Crash Course(+$20.00)
 #2629 Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Family Secret(+$20.00)
 #26665 Todd's Story(+$28.00)
 #2887 Nine to Five High: Substance Abuse in the Workplace(+$20.00)
 #2890 Walking Through the Fear: Women and Substance Abuse(+$20.00)
 #29357 Pathological Gambling: A Costly Addiction(+$80.00)
 #29967 Smoking Cessation(+$60.00)
 #30382 Cake Night: A Journey Towards Recovery(+$80.00)
 #30393 Heroines: A Walk on the Wild Side Through the Lens of Lincoln Clarkes(+$60.00)
 #31345 Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box(+$580.00)
 #31357 Small Town Ecstasy: Getting High with Dad(+$80.00)
 #31406 Cracking Up: Addiction to Crack Cocaine(+$60.00)
 #31449 Scene Smoking: Cigarettes, Cinema, and the Myth of Cool(+$60.00)
 #3179 Addiction Caused by Mixing Medicines(+$20.00)
 #3203 Substance Abuse Among Latinos(+$20.00)
 #32483 Crank: Made in America(+$60.00)
 #32591 Teaching Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome(+$20.00)
 #3290 Alcohol: Breaking the Habit(+$289.85)
 #3291 The Drug We Drink(+$20.00)
 #3292 Thirsty Work(+$20.00)
 #3293 A Place to Live(+$20.00)
 #3294 For the Rest of Their Lives(+$20.00)
 #33734 One Life: Detox or Die?(+$80.00)
 #33913 Speed Trap: Fighting a Deadly Drug(+$20.00)
 #33914 Colombia: Cocaine's Battleground(+$80.00)
 #34685 Rehab(+$80.00)
 #34954 Messing with Heads: Marijuana and Mental Illness(+$80.00)
 #35069 Peter Jennings Reporting-Ecstasy Rising(+$80.00)
 #35487 The Doctor and the Reverend(+$20.00)
 #35839 Quit to Live: Fighting Lung Cancer(+$60.00)
 #36094 Cozy Killer: The History of Cigarettes(+$60.00)
 #36134 Coca and the Congressman: Drugs, Farming, and Socialism in Bolivia(+$60.00)
 #36164 Bitter Harvest: The War on Drugs Meets the War on Terror(+$60.00)
 #36238 Pharm Country
 #36248 Teen Danger Zone: Teens at Risk(+$20.00)
 #36283 Young Addicts: Drugs, Alcohol, and America's Future(+$119.90)
 #36364 Drugs and the Brain(+$679.80)
 #36365 Stimulants: The Mechanics of Pleasure(+$80.00)
 #36366 Painkillers: Numbing the Mind(+$80.00)
 #36367 Legal Drugs: Still Addictive, Still Deadly(+$80.00)
 #36369 Designer Drugs: Uncertain Borders(+$80.00)
 #36460 We Love Cigarettes: Resisting the Romance of Smoking(+$80.00)
 #37320 Science in Everyday Life: Health and Wellness Video Clips, Part 1(+$60.00)
 #37379 Health News and Interviews: Substance Abuse and Addiction Video Clips(+$20.00)
 #37603 HairKutt: Breaking the Heroin Death Grip(+$80.00)
 #3874 Cigarettes: Who Profits, Who Dies?(+$80.00)
 #39417 The Addictive Personality(+$20.00)
 #39540 A Wave of Compassion: Spirituality and the Recovering Addict(+$80.00)
 #4137 Smokers Are Hazardous to Your Health(+$80.00)
 #4236 Just Say Know: Kids Tell Kids How to Avoid Drugs(+$20.00)
 #4659 Substance Misuse(+$80.00)
 #5145 Smoking: Time to Quit(+$20.00)
 #5152 Drug-Taking and the Arts(+$90.00)
 #5388 Addiction: The Family in Crisis(+$20.00)
 #5726 DUI: Unlicensed to Kill(+$80.00)
 #5863 Altered States: A History of Drug Use in America(+$80.00)
 #6010 The Substance in Question(+$30.00)
 #6056 Last Call: Alcoholism and Co-dependency(+$20.00)
 #6058 Inhalant Abuse: Breathing Easy(+$20.00)
 #6554 David with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome(+$60.00)
 #6749 Circle of Recovery: Healing the Wounds of Drugs and Alcohol(+$80.00)
 #6933 Behind the Smoke Screen: Facts about Tobacco Use(+$60.00)
 #7110 Tobacco Wars(+$60.00)
 #7140 Gambling: Does It Benefit Society?(+$20.00)
 #7155 Gambling: The Chance of a Lifetime(+$20.00)
 #7270 Unborn Addicts(+$80.00)
 #7598 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Life Sentence(+$60.00)
 #7660 Heroin: The New High School High(+$80.00)
 #7679 Close to Home: Moyers on Addiction(+$279.80)
 #7680 Portrait of Addiction
 #7681 The Hijacked Brain
 #7682 Changing Lives
 #7683 The Next Generation
 #7684 The Politics of Addiction
 #7877 Close to Home: Moyers on Addiction - In Spanish(+$279.80)
 #7878 Retrato de la Adiccion
 #7879 El Cerebro Secuestrado
 #7880 Cambiando Vidas
 #7881 La Politica de la Adiccion
 #7882 La Proxima Generacion
 #8035 Missing Persons: The Drunk Driving Holocaust
 #8158 Drinking . . . This Buzz is Not for You!(+$20.00)
 #8182 Alcohol and tobacco: The Truth(+$89.95)
 #8183 The Truth about Alcohol(+$10.00)
 #8184 The Truth about Tobacco(+$10.00)
 #8202 Tobacco Road: A Dead End(+$10.00)
 #8574 Place Your Bets(+$20.00)
 #8934 Drugs: Profiles of Addiction and Recovery(+$199.90)
 #8935 Making Choices(+$20.00)
 #8936 Supporting Kids(+$20.00)
 #8937 Getting Help(+$20.00)
 #9222 Eat, Drink, and Be Wary: Women and the Dangers of Alcohol(+$20.00)
 #9241 Binge Drinking: The Right to Party?(+$20.00)
 #9264 Getting Straight: New Hopes for Drug Treatment(+$20.00)
 #9278 Smokeless Tobacco: A Wad of Trouble(+$20.00)
 #9279 The Battle over How to Fight the War on Drugs(+$20.00)
 #9286 Drugs: Uses and Abuses(+$489.65)
 #9287 Sedatives
 #9288 Narcotics
 #9289 Stimulants
 #9290 Psychedelics and Hallucinogens
 #9291 Inhalants
 #9292 THC
 #9293 PCP and Ketamine
 #9294 Steroids

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Product Description:
Choose a title above from the following Addiction & Substance Abuse DVDs Programs:

#10046 The Global Addiction: Dispatches from the War on Drugs (Run Time 41 min.) DVD $129.95
Can the exploding drug trade be stemmed in the face of a rising demand in the U.S. and Europe and political accommodations and economic realities in producer countries? This program studies the drug industry in Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Burma, where UN crop substitution programs are thwarted by governments unwilling or unable to crack down on drug production and by drug lords who use incentives and coercion to increase drug crop yields. The issue is made more complex by fundamentalist Islamic nations that have reconciled their strict religious beliefs with economic necessity and by the harsh programs China and Japan are using to rehabilitate the growing number of addicts. (41 minutes)

#10379 The War Against the War on Drugs (Run Time 45 min.) DVD $129.95
Is the war on drugs a fight that can be won? In this program, allies in the movement against drug prohibition thoughtfully speak their minds, including philanthropist George Soros, former Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke, Republican conservative Dirk Chase Eldredge, the Lindesmith Center's Ethan Nadelmann, and retired police chief Joe McNamara, of the Hoover Institution. They and others address why outlawing drugs has failed; the virtues and pitfalls of harm-reduction programs; the detrimental effects of the drug war on the law enforcement profession and on civil rights, which are often violated in searches for evidence; and the potential merits and possible drawbacks of legalization and government regulation of drugs. (45 minutes)

#10382 Coming Down: The Aftermath of Doing Drugs (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $89.95
Whether they know it or not, drug addicts must eventually face a choice: detox, dysfunction, or death. What is life really like for young abusers trying to leave their drug habits behind? In this program, teenagers speak out about the devastating and long-lasting emotional effects that substance abuse has had on their lives. Dramatizations combined with the harsh facts of addiction underscore the dangers of drug abuse. A Meridian Production. (20 minutes)

#10383 Fetal Abuse: The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol (Run Time 18 min.) DVD $79.95
Children born to mothers with substance abuse problems frequently suffer severe physical, cognitive, and behavioral abnormalities. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) occurs when pregnant women drink during pregnancy and may result in babies who have problems with the central nervous system, facial irregularities, joint and limb abnormalities, heart defects, mental retardation, and behavioral problems. Mothers who use drugs during pregnancy have babies who are addicted at birth, have increased risk of learning disabilities, and delayed motor, speech, and language development. The vital importance of being drug- and alcohol-free before and during pregnancy is stressed. A Meridian Production. (18 minutes)

#10384 Inhalants: A Deadly High (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $79.95
"Cheap, accessible, powerful, and tragically misunderstood" is a description that neatly sums up the class of drugs known as inhalants. This program offers the straight dope on how the vapors of easily obtained substances such as hair spray, paint thinner, and gasoline are abused, including the mechanics of metabolization and the debilitating short- and long-term side effects. The program is an excellent tool for informing viewers of the dangers associated with potentially deadly chemicals too often thought of as harmless. A Meridian Production. (16 minutes)

#10952 Drinking Apart: Families Under the Influence (Run Time 71 min.) DVD $139.95
Every day at the renowned Ackerman Institute for the Family, teams of counselors are helping people with drug and alcohol addictions to save their relationships, their futures, and their very lives. Praised by the American Psychiatric Association, this award-winning program tracks the progress of a husband and wife, a mother and teenage daughter, and a young couple over a three-year period as they fight their way toward recovery. Candidly filmed at Ackerman and other facilities as well as in the subjects' homes, this gripping documentary provides valuable insights into the devastating effects of substance abuse and the methods being used to assist in breaking addictions. "[Reality television] pales in comparison with the reality offered up by documentarian Ken Rosenberg in this new HBO special," says the Los Angeles Times; extensive footage of family counseling sessions is only one of the reasons why. An HBO Production. (71 minutes)

#11013 Drinking: Are You in Control? (Run Time 44 min.) DVD $89.95
Most Americans readily accept that alcoholism is a disease and that the only treatment is abstinence. But in an eye-opening report, ABC News medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman questions the established beliefs and conventional theories about drinking, opening the door to a heated and even hostile debate within the medical and treatment communities. Metabolic, genetic, and neurochemical models of alcoholism are challenged, and alternatives to twelve-step programs are considered-although helpful to many, Alcoholics Anonymous and similar organizations suffer a drop-out rate of 90 percent. (44 minutes)

#11181 The War on Drugs: Winners and Losers (Run Time 93 min.) DVD $129.95
Is the war on drugs in the U.S. causing greater societal harm than the problem of drug abuse itself? This provocative program features interviews with Bruce Benson and David Rasmussen, co-authors of Illicit Drugs and Crime; Eric Sterling, former Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee; Joanne Page, director of the Fortune Society; and others. Together they indict flawed initiatives that have made criminal forfeitures into a cash cow, private corrections into a highly profitable industry, social workers and doctors into informants, and children of convicted mothers into wards of the state. Powerful statistics and case studies support their claims. (93 minutes)

#11405 Substance Abuse: Risks and Responsibilities (Run Time min.) DVD $519.80
"I can't get hooked on drugs if I only try them once." "Alcohol doesn't really affect me." "Over-the-counter medications are totally safe." This authoritative four-part series dispels these and other dangerous myths as it clearly presents the facts about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. 4-part series, 29 minutes each.

#11406 Using Pharmaceutical Drugs Safely (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
Over-the-counter medications provide a ready supply of potentially harmful substances to uninformed consumers and possible abusers alike. After opening with a general discussion of addiction and the personality type that commonly falls prey to addiction, this program examines non-prescription pharmaceutical drugs and their capacity for misuse and abuse. The inherent risks of drug abuse are spelled out, and information for responsible consumers on drug interactions and side-effects is included. (29 minutes)

#11407 Drinking Responsibly (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
Alcohol, the most widely used psychoactive drug in the United States, contributes to approximately 100,000 deaths annually-fatalities that could very likely be prevented through education and treatment. This program is designed to promote a deeper understanding of the drinking problem in America, particularly among students on college campuses. The immediate and long-term behavioral and physiological effects of alcohol consumption are discussed as well, including blood alcohol concentration and alcohol absorption rates. (29 minutes)

#11408 Understanding the Risks of Tobacco and Caffeine (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
Even today, many teenagers and adults do not understand that nicotine and caffeine are highly addictive substances. This program addresses the major health risks associated with smoking tobacco and drinking caffeinated beverages, with a special emphasis on lung cancer and other smoking-related conditions. The attractiveness of tobacco and caffeine in American culture is also explored, highlighting the roles of advertising and peer pressure in promoting cigarettes and coffee. (29 minutes)

#11409 Preventing Drug Abuse (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
Recent statistics from the DEA indicate that approximately one in ten children of ages 12 through 17 is currently using illicit drugs. This program investigates the ever-growing demand in the United States for illegal drugs, with a special focus on heroin, crack cocaine, and other substances currently in vogue. The reasons abusers give for turning to drugs are considered, as well as the relative effectiveness of current prevention and intervention efforts. (29 minutes)

#12044 Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle (Run Time 64 min.) DVD $239.85
If hindsight is 20:20, this three-part series offers some very clear-eyed advice by young adults who have wrestled with addiction and won. Combined with the comments of addiction specialists, these straight-talking testimonials make a strong anti-substance abuse statement that will resonate with kids and teens alike. A Cambridge Educational Production. 3-part series, 20-22 minutes each.

#12045 Drugs (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $79.95
"I guess the lowest I ever felt was when I got out of jail and none of my friends were there for me. That's when I opened my eyes," says Logan. In this program, she and her peers Howard and Zeb openly talk about what it was like to become addicted to drugs...and what it took to get straight and stay clean. In addition, Ben Jones, of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, and experienced addiction counselors provide insights into why kids turn to drugs in the first place, how drugs take control of their lives, and the short- and long-term health risks associated with drugs. Onscreen lists that give the lowdown on more than a dozen popular substances are also included, explaining what kids call them, ways that they are taken, how they affect the body, and how they alter behavior. A Cambridge Educational Production. (22 minutes)

#12046 Alcohol (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $79.95
People who begin drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to develop alcoholism than those who begin at age 21. This program focuses on three teenagers-Trisha, ChiQuita, and Matt-as they candidly reflect on their first tastes of alcohol, how they got hooked on getting drunk, and how they finally summoned the strength to stop drinking, once and for all. Interviews with experienced addiction counselors stress easy availability and societal acceptance of drinking as the main reasons alcohol abuse is so popular with middle school and high school students, while onscreen lists spell out the hard facts of alcohol abuse. The need to deal with feelings, not run from them, is emphasized as well. "I'm in recovery now and things are going real good for me, actually," says Matt. "When I have feelings now, I'm not afraid to feel them anymore." A Cambridge Educational Production. (20 minutes)

#12047 Tobacco (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $79.95
Whether smoked or chewed, tobacco is a delivery system for a very potent drug: nicotine. "It's actually the level of nicotine in the blood stream that the body is responding to... We see the same kind of thing with, for example, the addiction to heroin or the addiction to cocaine," says Ben Jones, of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. In this program, teens Nate, Kay, Joy, and Tony frankly describe their experiences with tobacco. A recurring theme of their individual stories is the feeling of coolness and social acceptance that comes with smoking and dipping-a perception that the program's experienced addiction counselors are quick to deflate, while tarring the media and a permissive society as the primary forces behind tobacco's attraction. A satiric onscreen "quiz" also helps strip the glamor from tobacco use. A Cambridge Educational Production. (22 minutes)

#12084 Women and Cigarettes: A Fatal Attraction (Run Time 44 min.) DVD $89.95
Regardless of everything known about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, a young generation of American women is picking up the habit. In this program, ABC News correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports on not only how the tobacco industry has targeted women since the 1920s but how research indicates that women face twice the risks from smoking that men do. Experts such as Dr. Diane Stover of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Medical Center discuss how smoking endangers a fetus and triples the risk of heart disease, the leading killer of women. Model and smoking opponent Christy Turlington talks about her experiences. At the end of the program, a group of teenage girls is interviewed who smoke despite the warnings and chilling facts presented. (44 minutes)

#1363 The Addicted Brain (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
This documentary takes viewers on a tour of the world's most prolific manufacturer and user of drugs-the human brain. The biochemistry of the brain is responsible for joggers' highs, for the compulsion of some people to seek thrills, for certain kinds of obsessive-compulsive behavior, even for the drive to achieve power and dominance. The program explores developments in the biochemistry of addiction and addictive behavior. (26 minutes)

#1364 Cocaine and Heart Attacks (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
Young men in their 20s are appearing in hospital emergency rooms complaining of chest pains and other symptoms typical of heart attacks. But they are not having typical heart attacks; they are the victims of cocaine-induced heart attacks, which result when cocaine-a powerful vaso-constrictor-deprives the heart of blood and oxygen. (19 minutes)

#1366 Female Alcoholism (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
This program examines the changing stereotype of the female alcoholic, and analyzes some case histories of alcoholic women. It explains the dangers of drinking during pregnancy, the effect of fetal alcohol syndrome on newborns, and the emotional effect on children of being raised by an alcoholic mother. The program also explains why women are reluctant to seek help-and suggests ways to overcome this reluctance. (19 minutes)

#1370 Kick the Habit (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
This program focuses on the effects of cigarette smoking on the body, and on the battle against smoking. It shows the efforts being made to educate people to the hazards of smoking, explains the conditioning process by which people become hooked on cigarettes, and presents evidence of the dangers of secondary smoke. (19 minutes)

#1372 Steroids and Sports (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
The increasing use of steroids to improve athletic performance has physicians, trainers, sports officials, and families of athletes worried. Those who use steroids have an unfair competitive advantage over those who don't; they also take the considerable risk of steroid-induced cancer, heart disease, and infertility. This program features a woman body-builder who discontinued the use of steroids after she stopped competing; a child who, for medical reasons alone, was given growth hormone to correct stunted growth; and an endocrinologist who offers guidelines on when and under what conditions the administration of hormones is medically indicated. (19 minutes)

#1976 The Power of Addiction (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
This program covers both chemical and behavioral addiction. It describes the signs of compulsive behavior, and analyzes such possible causes of addictive behavior as neurotransmitter imbalance and genetic and environmental factors. Examining the physiological and psychological mechanisms of chemical addiction, specifically to cocaine, the program profiles several recovered cocaine addicts, discusses several studies of addiction in laboratory rats, and discusses the factors involved in recovering from addiction. (19 minutes)

#2139 Crystal (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95
This 48 Hours documentary addresses the crystal meth scourge in the U.S. Cheap and easy to make with readily-available materials, "crystal" turns humans into zombies quickly and efficiently. The program shows how widespread are its use and manufacture; how law enforcement tracks producers; how treatment works; and the prognosis for permanent cure from addiction. (56 minutes)

#2383 Alcohol and the Family: Breaking the Chain (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95
Alcohol is pervasive in our society; its use is accepted and encouraged. Alcoholism, on the other hand, is a disease which must be recognized and treated. This program analyzes the signs of alcoholism and shows how a family member, coworker, or friend can help break the chain of alcoholism; demonstrates how one family dealt with the problem and discusses the impact of alcoholism on the children of alcoholics; and discusses the options and prognosis for alcoholism treatment. (25 minutes)

#2445 Cocaine: The End of the Line (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $89.95
The focus of this program is on understanding, preventing, and overcoming cocaine addiction. The program examines what cocaine is and how it affects the body, how treatments work, and how to recognize cocaine use in others. The program explains the origin of cocaine, how it works, and why cocaine use is dangerous; shows how cocaine kills and injures otherwise healthy young people; defines the typical coke user and shows how active members of the community are dragged down once they become involved with cocaine; explains why cocaine is so addictive and why addiction is so difficult to overcome; and provides a quiz on some of the myths about cocaine and some important points that need to be reinforced. (48 minutes)

#25232 Drinking and Driving: A Crash Course (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95
In the past decade, four times as many Americans died in drunk-driving crashes as were killed in the entire Vietnam War. By serving up a variety of sobering statistics like the one above, this video provides a "crash course" on the perils of drinking and driving. In addition, two separate dramatizations involving "Bob" and "Marcy" take the viewer along on their high road to handcuffs as they're arrested for Driving Under the Influence. The video also trashes some common myths about drinking alcohol, demonstrates a number of visual signs that people exhibit when DUI, closely examines WHY so many people take the drunk-driving risk, and uncorks some costly facts about driving while intoxicated. For those who, one day, might meet a potential drinking-and-driving situation head-on-and that means ALL of us-this video is definitely "one for the road!" A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

#2629 Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Family Secret (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $89.95
In this program, famous adult children of alcoholics speak out about childhood nightmares and adult behavior that continues to reflect the problem of a parent's alcoholism: some chose alcoholic partners, others developed drug, gambling, or other addictions. All speak of the difficulties of coping with the damage inflicted by an alcohol-centered childhood. (52 minutes)

#26665 Todd's Story (Run Time min.) DVD $97.95
Todd's Story is a moving portrait of a young man whose risk-taking behavior and activities lead to substance abuse and a tragic death in a motorcycle accident at age 21. Told by Todd's mother, it poses some very strong questions to teens about risk-taking behaviors, particularly substance abuse. The tragedy of a life lost so young is made even more painful by the loss of so many possibilities and talents wasted. Young people will be very receptive to its message because it is about a real person with whom they will be able to identify. (20 min.)

#2882 Pregnancy and Substance Abuse (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
This program from The Doctor Is In follows several couples through pregnancy and prenatal care. Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop talks about the risks of smoking, and the late Michael Dorris, author of The Broken Cord, discusses his life raising an adopted son with fetal alcohol syndrome. Viewers see a boy struggling in a grade two years below his age level. A media campaign in Vermont is shown reaching out to the poor and uninsured to persuade them to get the necessary prenatal care to prevent these problems. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (28 minutes)

#2887 Nine to Five High: Substance Abuse in the Workplace (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
The vast majority of drug abusers in America have full-time jobs. Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace often leads to serious accidents, property loss, decreased productivity, and other deleterious effects on the employer, yet most companies have yet to accept the dangers posed by their failure to deal with substance abuse problems. This program details the legal, financial, and psychological costs of ignoring this growing problem. (28 minutes)

#2890 Walking Through the Fear: Women and Substance Abuse (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
Increasing numbers of women are addicted to alcohol and drugs, yet only one in five people in treatment centers is a woman. Why aren't women seeking or getting the help they need to overcome their addictions? This program investigates the problems women face when they seek such help, and four women tell what life was like before they sought help and how their lives changed after recovery. (28 minutes)

#29357 Pathological Gambling: A Costly Addiction (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95
Every year in North America, chronic compulsive gambling shatters the lives of millions. In this program, psychologists Claude Boutin and Robert Ladouceur talk with recovering gamblers who share their stories of exhilaration and despair as they rode the roller coaster to ruin-what it felt like to win and lose, to spend every dollar they had, to lie and steal in order to finance their addiction, to contemplate suicide, and, fortunately, to enter group therapy. The program also describes the emotional attraction of games of chance and explains the biochemical roles of serotonin and dopamine in gambling addiction. (53 minutes)

#29967 Smoking Cessation (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
Millions of smokers try to quit each year but only about 5 percent succeed. The good news is that with the medical and psychological help now available, there has never been a better time to stop smoking. This program from The Doctor Is In surveys the various medications, support groups, and counseling that can help smokers successfully quit. Among the experts who discuss these options are Dr. Michael Fiore, director of the Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, and Matthew Myers, president of the National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (28 minutes)

#30382 Cake Night: A Journey Towards Recovery (Run Time 46 min.) DVD $149.95
Set in the Canadian addiction treatment center of Edgewood, this program explores the private world of substance abuse rehabilitation through the eyes of six addicts and their families. Despite varied backgrounds, the goal of these patients is to turn their backs on substance dependence by facing their addiction and to arrive clean and sober to Cake Night, the monthly celebration of recovery. The impact of addiction on the family, the concept of dependency as a disease, and the debate surrounding this popular model of treatment are also explored. (46 minutes)

#30393 Heroines: A Walk on the Wild Side Through the Lens of Lincoln Clarkes (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $129.95
This disturbing and controversial documentary presents a raw glimpse into the world of female heroin addicts. Filmed in Vancouver and told through the images of renowned photographer Lincoln Clarkes, the poetry of award-winning writer Susan Musgrave, and the experiences of six "heroines," the program creates a harsh collage of personal stories that share common themes of abuse, rape, and addiction. Like all of Clarkes' powerful photos, Heroines humanizes a world most people ignore-along with the women who inhabit it, struggling to survive at the fringes of society. Some language and content may be objectionable. (49 minutes)

#31345 Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box (Run Time min.) DVD $649.95
Standards-based MediA Resource for Teachers Developed by CURRICULUM MEDIA GROUP The Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box provides teachers and students with an outstanding blend of multimedia materials designed to support substance awareness and addiction prevention programs. Correlated to the American School Health Association educational standards, the S.M.A.R.T. Box combines core content, creative activities to test comprehension, a Teacher's Guide with suggested lesson plans, and a Teacher's Resource Pack to deliver an enriching and engaging learning experience. The hard facts on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, ranging from the signs and risks of using these dangerous substances to fighting addiction to them, are authoritatively presented. The Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box will energize your classroom with a comprehensive, research-based multimedia approach to drug awareness and abuse prevention that provides a balanced mix of videos, CD-ROMs, and posters to support your Health curriculum. One multimedia set. The Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box contains: 7 VIDEOS • Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle-Alcohol • Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle-Tobacco • Drugs: Uses and Abuses-Stimulants • Drugs: Uses and Abuses-Inhalants • Drugs: Uses and Abuses-THC • Drugs: Uses and Abuses-Steroids • Teen Danger Zone: Teens at Risk 2 CD-ROMs • Facts on...Drugs • Facts on...Alcohol 8 POSTERS (LAMINATED) • Hallucinogens • Inhalants • Narcotics • Phencyclidine (PCP) • Sedatives • Steroids • Stimulants • Marijuana TEACHER'S GUIDE • A Teacher's Guide packed with information: a curriculum map, lesson plans, educational standards, fast facts, program overviews, learning objectives, vocabulary terms, discussion questions, Web site resources, student activities, and a reading list TEACHER'S RESOURCE PACK • A Teacher's Resource Pack of reproducible hand-outs that include student activities and reference material

#31357 Small Town Ecstasy: Getting High with Dad (Run Time 85 min.) DVD $149.95
This cautionary program pulls no punches as it tracks the downward spiral of a successful suburban husband and father who, at 40, becomes addicted to the drug ecstasy and ruins his family and his marriage. A powerfully unsettling firsthand account of middle-class drug abuse, the program documents Scott's dive into the rave scene, where he encourages his teenage children to do drugs with him; his acrimonious divorce and custody battle; his arrest on drug charges; and his children's fruitless attempt to help him get straight. The emotional devastation and brain damage resulting from drug abuse are emphasized. Viewer discretion is advised. An HBO Production. (85 minutes)

#31406 Cracking Up: Addiction to Crack Cocaine (Run Time 59 min.) DVD $129.95
Part dramatization, part documentary, this engrossing study of crack cocaine makes a powerful statement on the drug's highly addictive nature. The docudrama profiles "Daniel Preston," an upwardly mobile user of recreational drugs who gets high on crack as part of an experiment and finds he cannot shake his craving for it. Interspersed throughout this program, a drug counselor, a psychiatrist, and crack addicts talk about how it feels to get high on crack, behaviors and health problems related to crack addiction, why crack addiction is so hard to break, and crack's role as a gateway drug. In addition, onscreen text gives information on the history of coca use, the extraction and processing of cocaine, cocaine smuggling and distribution, and the manufacture of crack. (59 minutes, color)

#31449 Scene Smoking: Cigarettes, Cinema, and the Myth of Cool (Run Time 46 min.) DVD $129.95
Cigarettes have an undeniable cinematic allure. At the same time, smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., with thousands of young people getting hooked every day. Is there a connection? Using interviews with some of the biggest names in filmmaking, this provocative program addresses the impact of movies and TV on young viewers, debates questions of artistic license and social responsibility, and skewers the myth of smoking as a cool behavior-all while illustrating the decidedly unglamorous and deadly health consequences of tobacco addiction. The insights of Jason Patric, Sean Penn, Ted Danson, Rob Reiner, Michael Crichton, George Plimpton, and others are featured. A Discovery Channel Production. (46 minutes)

#3179 Addiction Caused by Mixing Medicines (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
Non-addictive prescription drugs can and often do lead to addiction, and one of the primary dangers of mixing prescription drugs-individually prescribed for specific purposes-is the addictive effect. In this program, an addictionologist and a clinical pharmacist explain how mixing medicines can lead to problems, which groupings of drugs are likely to cause problems, and how dangers can be minimized. (19 minutes)

#3203 Substance Abuse Among Latinos (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
In the face of high unemployment and underemployment, lack of adequate housing, a failing public school system, and a shift to nontraditional families, "just saying no" is not enough. This program looks at culturally-specific approaches being generated within the Latino community to combat drug and alcohol abuse, and examines such factors as language, religion, and family ties in reaching and teaching the Latino population at risk for AIDS and/or substance abuse. (28 minutes)

#32483 Crank: Made in America (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $129.95
The number one drug problem in rural America, methamphetamine, or "crank," is cheap, easy to make, and has the lowest recovery rate for addicts. By looking at a number of people in Iowa-even whole families-who are struggling with methamphetamine, this program lays bare the drug's tragic effects. Chilling computer graphics illustrate how the drug works on the brain. Dr. David Musto of Yale University discusses the history of "crank," and Asa Hutchinson, director of the Drug Enforcement Agency, explains its wildfire spread in rural areas. Contains offensive language. Some content may be objectionable. An HBO Production. (56 minutes)

#32591 Teaching Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Run Time 14 min.) DVD $89.95
Children with fetal alcohol syndrome present their own special challenges to teachers-challenges that one school has met with wonderful results. This program travels to Winnipeg's David Livingstone School, a public elementary school with two classrooms uniquely tailored for children with FAS. Teachers and occupational therapists demonstrate and discuss many of their innovative teaching techniques which help compensate for their students' heightened sensitivity to light and sound. (14 minutes)

#3290 Alcohol: Breaking the Habit (Run Time min.) DVD $359.80
We drink to celebrate, to socialize, to come down from the pressures of the day... The line beyond which a can of beer or a glass of wine will cause irreversible damage to the liver and other systems of the body is much closer than so-called "social" drinkers imagine. These programs explain how alcohol affects the body, how much alcohol can be safely consumed during what period of time, what alcoholism is, and how the habit can be broken.4-part series, 26 minutes each.

#3291 The Drug We Drink (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
This program explains why people drink, physiologically as well as sociologically; explains the physiology of alcoholism; illustrates very graphically how alcohol affects the liver; and suggests guidelines for maximum alcohol consumption. (26 minutes)

#3292 Thirsty Work (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
Alcoholism is a primary cause of days lost at work, of inefficiency, carelessness, and accidents. This program shows a model corporate program designed to teach employees the guidelines for safe drinking and to offer those in need of treatment a way to seek it without endangering their employment. (26 minutes)

#3293 A Place to Live (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
This program shows how a group of recovering alcoholics are coming to terms with those elements in their environment, their personalities, and their physiological makeup that caused them to become alcoholics, and the steps they are learning to take to rejoin society. (26 minutes)

#3294 For the Rest of Their Lives (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
Alcohol consumption is up, and the age at which youngsters begin to drink keeps falling. This program covers the problem of teaching young people to drink, if at all, in moderation and to make them understand where the limits are and how quickly a person loses control once that limit is exceeded. (26 minutes)

#33734 One Life: Detox or Die? (Run Time 45 min.) DVD $149.95
David Graham Scott has been addicted to drugs for nearly 20 years, or as he puts it, "four on heroin and the rest on methadone." Filmed by Scott himself over a five-year period, this emotionally charged documentary follows his double life as a heroin abuser and filmmaker, his pattern of deceit with his family, his battle to conquer methadone, and the fight to finally beat his addiction. His desperation to overcome drugs causes him to risk all on an unauthorized, controversial, and potentially lethal method that promises to limit withdrawal symptoms to one day-but sends the patient on a soul-searching, gut-wrenching 36-hour detox. Some content may be objectionable, and some language may be offensive. A BBCW Production. (45 minutes)

#33913 Speed Trap: Fighting a Deadly Drug (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $89.95
It's easy to make. It's cheap to buy. And it's shattering lives and tearing communities apart. This video spotlights two typical small towns to see how rampant methamphetamine abuse is harming them-and how concerned individuals and groups are joining forces to fight back. Law enforcement personnel, a mayor, an addiction counselor, recovering addicts, and others express their views on the meth epidemic and share their successes with in-school drug-awareness presentations, grassroots outreach programs, and stepped-up prevention and interdiction efforts. A valuable resource for teachers and students alike. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (16 minutes)

#33914 Colombia: Cocaine's Battleground (Run Time 60 min.) DVD $149.95
This documentary reveals just how divisive the 40-year Colombian civil war has become. It ventures behind government spin and FARC guerilla secrecy to interview army commanders, public officials, Colombian journalists, drug cartel paramilitaries, and ordinary citizens who are literally caught in a crossfire. Testimonials from impoverished farmers-who have essentially no other options than to grow coca-clearly show that in a country producing 80 percent of the world's cocaine, peace will come only after radical social change and a major reduction in global consumption of the drug. (60 minutes)

#34685 Rehab (Run Time 87 min.) DVD $149.95
"A year from now, two of you will be dead." So begins an orientation session at Camp Recovery, a Santa Cruz drug and alcohol treatment center. This documentary follows five young addicts through the camp's 30-day rehab program and tracks their progress, or lack thereof, in the months that follow. Featuring remarkably candid interviews with the participants, riveting one-on-one and family counseling sessions, and heartbreaking portrayals of post-camp life-which means relapses, more detox, and even jail time for some-the video clearly illustrates the challenges a recovering addict faces in order to avoid becoming the worst kind of statistic. Contains harsh language. An HBO Production. (87 minutes)

#34954 Messing with Heads: Marijuana and Mental Illness (Run Time 46 min.) DVD $149.95
For decades, heavy marijuana use has been linked to impaired judgment and mental ability. This program explores new research into another link-this time between marijuana and mental illnesses, specifically schizophrenia and paranoid psychosis. Citing a wealth of clinical evidence and observations by neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, the program delves into the frightening effects of THC on young brains: psychotic delusions and behavior that may not appear until years after drug abuse has ended. With pot addiction beginning at increasingly young ages around the world, this program is essential viewing in any anti-drug education campaign. (46 minutes)

#35069 Peter Jennings Reporting-Ecstasy Rising (Run Time 44 min.) DVD $149.95
How did an obscure chemical compound become an entire generation's drug of choice? Why has law enforcement gone into overdrive to fight it? In Ecstasy Rising, Peter Jennings leads a groundbreaking investigation into the faulty science behind the anti-Ecstasy campaign, highlighting the futility of government scare tactics and how they have damaged the overall credibility of anti-drug efforts. The program accurately assesses Ecstasy's risks, and incorporates interviews with major players in the Ecstasy saga-including the chemist who first experimented with it, the Dallas businessman who named it and made millions selling it, and the DEA officer who led the fight to criminalize it. (44 minutes)

#35487 The Doctor and the Reverend (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $89.95
Car thief, heroin addict, drug dealer-how can a person escape a life like that? This ABC News program examines the life-changing friendship between Merrill "The Doctor" Jackson and the Rev. Joann Muller-the first, a criminal from the streets of Philadelphia; the second, a Christian minister determined to change him. Using intimate interviews and footage of crime-infested neighborhoods, the video describes the process through which Jackson realized his future was up to him. Revelations from both interviewees, brought out by challenging questions from host Ted Koppel, guide viewers through the nightmare and rewards of drug recovery. (22 minutes)

#35839 Quit to Live: Fighting Lung Cancer (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $129.95
ABC News' World News Tonight has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Cancer Institute, and the North American Quitline Consortium to provide viewers with a comprehensive look at the leading cause of preventable death in America: lung cancer. This compilation of WNT segments reports on issues ranging from tobacco-related public health policy, to the latest medical advances in lung cancer treatment and prevention, to the efforts of smokers trying to kick the habit during National Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The 16 segments are The Power of Tobacco, What's in a Cigarette, Smokeless Tobacco, Marketing to Kids, Teen Smoking, Women at Risk, Lung Cancer, Detecting Lung Cancer, Addiction, The Quitting Drug, Smoking Bans, Settlement Spending, and Smokers' Video Diary, Parts 1 through 4. (56 minutes)

#36094 Cozy Killer: The History of Cigarettes (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $129.95
The health hazards of cigarettes were scientifically established by the 1930s. What kept those findings under wraps for so long? This program explores the history of medical research into smoking and the sustained efforts of tobacco companies to block public scrutiny of their deadly product. Renowned anti-smoking activists-including Dr. Stanton Glanz of the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Robert Proctor of Stanford University, and founder Gene Borio-discuss links between war and cigarette production, the creation of the duplicitous Council for Tobacco Research, the present-day health consequences of Big Tobacco tactics, and other issues. (30 minutes)

#36134 Coca and the Congressman: Drugs, Farming, and Socialism in Bolivia (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95
The rise of leftist leaders in South America has surprised the international community-and has resulted in some equally surprising alliances. This Wide Angle documentary focuses on populist leader Evo Morales, who has taken up the fight of coca farmers against the Bolivian establishment. Traveling to the stunning highlands of Bolivia, the program examines Morales' efforts to expand the amount of coca that can be legally grown and fend off the Bolivian military's drive to eliminate the crop. The program also profiles indigenous politicians working with Morales, a farming family dependent on coca for survival, and a coca-eradication commander on a slash-and-burn mission. In addition, Minister Jorge Castaneda discusses the power shift in Latin America with anchor Mishal Husain. (57 minutes)

#36164 Bitter Harvest: The War on Drugs Meets the War on Terror (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95
For many governments in the new political landscape of Central Asia, supporting America's war on terror translates into a dangerous internal juggling act. This Wide Angle documentary examines the uneasy relationship between forces aligned against the Taliban and the drug lords who control the cultivation of much of the world's heroin. With militias and tribal factions diluting centralized power, the current opium crop in Afghanistan is among the largest ever. How will the international community deal with this fact of central Asian life? Can agricultural reforms be implemented that will equal the profitability of the opium trade? And how will the United States resolve a dilemma that pits the war on terror against the war on drugs? In addition, UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch Brown talks with anchor Daljit Dhaliwal. (57 minutes)

#36238 Pharm Country (Run Time 21 min.) DVD $69.95
The snack bowl at a "pharm party" includes a mix of prescription drugs-from Adderall to Oxycontin to Xanax-and most of them come directly from the household medicine cabinet. This ABC News program examines a disturbing and rapidly growing trend in teenage drug abuse: getting high on legal drugs, often obtained through parents' prescriptions or from questionable sources over the Internet. Presenting studies showing a rapid spike in pharmaceutical abuse among students as young as eighth-graders, the program visits a Houston substance-abuse treatment center where recovering teenage addicts and their parents share their eye-opening experiences. (21 minutes)

#36248 Teen Danger Zone: Teens at Risk (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $89.95
Combining hard-hitting personal stories with cold facts, the first six segments of this chaptered program report on some of the most common drugs currently being abused by teens: OxyContin, PMA, Special K (ketamine), the methamphetamine Ice, inhalants, and, in the form of binge drinking, alcohol. The final segment focuses on hazing, a frequently outlawed form of initiation that, like substance abuse, speaks directly to the teenage desire to fit in with peers-sometimes at any cost. Recommended for high school. (46 minutes)

#36283 Young Addicts: Drugs, Alcohol, and America's Future (Run Time min.) DVD $189.85
Drug and alcohol addiction is stronger than ever among America's teens and young adults. This three-part series of ABC News programs investigates disturbing new trends: teenage methamphetamine abuse, binge drinking among college-age women, and the alarmingly open access that many underage Americans now have to prescription drugs. For vital information about the dangers facing an emerging generation, this is a must-see group of programs. 3-part series, 11-21 minutes each.

#36364 Drugs and the Brain (Run Time min.) DVD $749.75
"This is your brain on drugs," may be an effective sound bite, but the reality of drug use and abuse is more complicated. As this five-part series shows, the brain can be affected by drugs and alcohol in many different ways, depending on the substance consumed. The effects of stimulants, painkillers, tobacco and alcohol, cannabis, and hallucinogens are analyzed in detail, using the latest research and computer graphics. Each program demonstrates the elaborate and frequently dangerous ways in which various drugs alter brain chemistry. Scientific histories and case studies are clearly illustrated in each program. 5-part series, 51 minutes each.

#36365 Stimulants: The Mechanics of Pleasure (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
Like an avenue filled with neon signs, the brain's so-called pleasure pathway can light up or go dark, depending on what sort of stimulation it receives. This program explores the workings of the human nerve center under the influence of cocaine, amphetamines, and other stimulants, and shows how our understanding of brain disorders and drug addiction has increased by studying these drugs. Profiling the pioneering work of Bruno Giros, Gaetano Di Chiara, Nora Volkow, Wolfram Schultz, Barry Everitt, Trevor Robbins, and others, the program provides viewers with a detailed history of the discovery and development of euphoria-inducing substances. (52 minutes)

#36366 Painkillers: Numbing the Mind (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
The human body manufactures its own painkillers to ensure survival when injured. This program shows how opium and its derivatives, heroin and morphine, hijack that natural pain-numbing ability. Illustrating the brain's ability to alter its own chemistry when attacked by drugs, the program depicts the process by which brain receptors become desensitized and thus addicted. Tranquilizers-and the potentially lifelong physical dependency and psychological problems they can cause-are also studied. The findings of Brigitte Keiffer, Marc Valleur, Martine Cador, Emiliana Borelli, Alain Ehrenberg, and the Strasbourg Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics are featured. (51 minutes)

#36367 Legal Drugs: Still Addictive, Still Deadly (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
The vast majority of drug addicts are not criminals; tobacco and alcohol, both perfectly legal in most societies, are used and abused in staggering abundance. This program details the ways smoking and drinking chemically take hold of the brain. Explaining the many reasons-besides nicotine-for tobacco's stealthy effects, the program describes the existence of thousands of other addictive chemicals in the plant. It also studies properties in alcohol, which some scientists have nicknamed the "dirty drug," that short-circuit the brain and cause considerable damage. Research by Philip Gorwood, Alain Ehrenberg, Martine Cador, Philippe Batel, and Michel Hamon is documented. (51 minutes)

#36369 Designer Drugs: Uncertain Borders (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $149.95
Hallucinogenic plants may be the oldest drugs in the world, and were probably used in rituals during prehistoric times. In the 20th century, LSD and ecstasy became the hallucinogens of choice. This program recounts how science has gradually become aware of the properties of hallucinogens, both natural and synthetic. It also provides a detailed look at the effects of such substances on the brain. Peyote, mushrooms, ahuyasca vine, iboga and yohimbe bark, belladonna flower, and even animal-produced chemicals like bufotenin-secreted from toad skin-are explored in detail. The findings of Albert Hofmann, Alexander Schulgin, George Ricaurte, and others are conveyed. (51 minutes)

#36460 We Love Cigarettes: Resisting the Romance of Smoking (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $149.95
What causes smoking's deadly allure? Is there a surefire method for breaking free of it? This program examines humanity's love affair with cigarettes, traveling around the globe to interview doctors and counselors dedicated to fighting nicotine well as a few individuals who defiantly promote the habit. Artist and passionate smoker David Hockney, cold turkey guru Allen Carr, nicotine patch inventor Dr. Jed Rose, and Dr. Jeffrey Wigand-the tobacco whistleblower who inspired the movie The Insider-are some of the interviewees. The program also features commentary from Dr. Linda Ferry, who discovered that the antidepressant Zyban can reduce nicotine cravings. Original BBCW broadcast title: We Love Cigarettes. (50 minutes)

#37320 Science in Everyday Life: Health and Wellness Video Clips, Part 1 (Run Time 74 min.) DVD $129.95
This collection of 24 visually stunning video clips sheds light on pain, aging, and health threats. Special attention is given to the spine, a common source of discomfort; the effects of old age at both the macro and micro levels; and a variety of risks to physical well-being: malarial infection, food-related pathogens, alcohol overconsumption, naturally occurring bodily toxins, the common cold, and the indiscriminate elimination of epidermal bacteria through over-aggressive hygiene. Video clips include... Understanding Pain • Life with Pain: Chronic Pain • Life with Pain: Acute Pain • Back Misery: Spinal Imaging • Back Misery: Spinal Column Development • Back Misery: Back Pain and Sedentary Living Growing Old • How We Age: Aging in the Body • How We Age: Aging and the Digestive System • How We Age: Aging and the Senses • Cellular Death: Apoptosis • Cellular Death: Embryogenesis and Cell Die-Off • Differences Between the Sexes: Stress and Life Expectancy Health Threats • Alcohol, Drug of the People: The Path of Alcohol in the Body • Alcohol, Drug of the People: Alcohol and the Brain • Alcohol, Drug of the People: How Much Alcohol Is Healthy? • Alcohol, Drug of the People: Hangover Cures • Malaria: Kenya, Malaria Country • Malaria: Malarial Infections in Children • Malaria: The Course of Malarial Infections • Malaria: Mosquito, Malaria Vector • Malaria: Malaria Vaccines • Poisons: Daily Detox • Poisons: Liver Dialysis • The Body's Invisible World: Bacterial Skin Flora • The Body's Invisible World: Invasion of the Cold Virus (74 minutes)

#37379 Health News and Interviews: Substance Abuse and Addiction Video Clips (Run Time 34 min.) DVD $89.95
This collection of 18 video clips takes a close look at alcohol and tobacco and at addiction. A variety of topics is covered, such as the short- and long-term health risks of binge drinking, fetal damage due to alcohol, brain cell regrowth in recovering alcoholics, DNA damage from smoking, smoking-cessation failure, the DNA of addiction, and cocaine detox via a genetically modified virus. Video clips include... Alcohol • Fruit Flies and Alcohol • Booze-Free Brains • Buzzed Brain • Fetal Alcohol Damage • Alcohol and Advertising • Student Drinking • Teen Drinking Tobacco • Smoking Damage • Smoking Receptor • Smoking, Stress, and Gender • Smoking and Fertility • Smoking and Ethnicity Addiction • Riddle of Addiction • Why Coffee Works • Caffeine Withdrawal • Teens and Steroids • Meth and the Brain • Anti-cocaine Virus (27 minutes)

#37603 HairKutt: Breaking the Heroin Death Grip (Run Time 77 min.) DVD $149.95
In this program, three well-meaning friends take their buddy Bryant "HairKutt" Johnson to a remote cabin for a week of improvised detox in the hope of helping him break his 15-year addiction to heroin. But when withdrawal turns to internal bleeding and life-threatening dehydration, they have to rush him to a hospital, where life and death hang in the balance. HairKutt survives, but becomes re-addicted immediately after returning home. These four friends, as close as family, learn the hard way that only 1 in 5 cold-turkey detoxes succeed in the short term and that it's rare for a heroin addict to kick the habit on the first attempt. An intensely human drama that unfolds slowly but very powerfully. Tell your students to forget reality TV and watch this instead, because this is the real deal-filmed live and unscripted as the story unfolded. Some content may be objectionable, and some language may be offensive. (77 minutes)

#3874 Cigarettes: Who Profits, Who Dies? (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $149.95
This program features former cigarette models who are dying of cigarette-related cancer, who were once selected because of their wholesome young looks to persuade others to become addicted to cigarettes. It shows not only the devastating results, but the new international tactics devised by American tobacco companies in the face of falling demand for their products in this country. (49 minutes)

#39417 The Addictive Personality (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95
Does addiction have a genetic factor? Can any type of addiction be treated medically? What steps can family members take to help a loved one struggling with addiction? This program provides answers to several addiction-related questions, focusing on the complexities of the addictive personality. Viewers will benefit from a case study featuring a patient with a serious gambling addiction, and from a genetics-oriented discussion inspired by two sisters with addictive personalities. Expert commentary comes from Dr. Michael Fingerhood of Johns Hopkins University Hospital, who works with alcohol and drug abusers, and Terrence Shulman, founder of the Shulman Center for Shopping and Shoplifting Addiction Treatment. (30 minutes)

#39540 A Wave of Compassion: Spirituality and the Recovering Addict (Run Time min.) DVD $149.95
What does it mean to be a "functioning" alcoholic? How does it feel to struggle with substance abuse day after day? What keeps addicts from truly recovering? This program explores such questions from a range of unconventional viewpoints, creating an honest look at addiction that avoids judgmental or strictly clinical approaches. At the center of the film is Jimmy, a 41-year-old surfer who describes the drinking problem he has had since age 13. The challenges of recovery are also discussed by several experts: a physician, a psychologist, a nutritionist, and a social worker-while unique and insightful commentary is provided by a Native American shaman, a stand-up comedian, and other voices of reason and personal experience. (47 minutes)

#4137 Smokers Are Hazardous to Your Health (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $149.95
The risks of secondary smoke are becoming more and more apparent, as each new study documents growing disease and death tolls of smoking-related illnesses among nonsmokers. This BBC Horizon program documents the growing international battle among those who make money out of tobacco, those who demand the right to smoke, and the rest of the population. (50 minutes)

#4236 Just Say Know: Kids Tell Kids How to Avoid Drugs (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
This drug education program features students of the New York City public school system speaking candidly, as children do, about their feelings regarding the dangers of drugs to their lives and the importance of knowing how to cope with those dangers. Knowledge is what underlies the positive methods of preventing substance abuse by building self-esteem, avoiding the pitfalls of negative peer pressure, and helping both child and parent build the strong family values without which this battle is lost more often than not. (24 minutes)

#4659 Substance Misuse (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $149.95
"Seductive" and "intriguing" are two words that describe the effects of a wide range of dangerous substances. So are "addictive" and "lethal." This program examines some of the most commonly abused substances, explaining their effects and the problems they can cause. The substances covered include stimulants (MDMA, cocaine, amphetamines, nicotine, and caffeine), depressants (barbiturates, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and solvents); hallucinogens (LSD, cannabis, and "magic mushrooms"); and opiates (heroin and morphine). (30 minutes)

#5145 Smoking: Time to Quit (Run Time 18 min.) DVD $89.95
Smoking is harmful and addictive, but starting is easier than quitting; this program informs us that it often takes four or five serious attempts to quit before a smoker quits for good. The message is that the only way to fail is to quit trying. The program discusses various ways to stop smoking and the motivation to stop: quitting before or at the onset of pregnancy, when the motivation to protect the unborn child is very strong; a couple quitting together; stop-smoking support groups and their techniques for training ex-smokers to say "No" when a cigarette is offered; being willing to try to quit again after relapsing. (18 minutes)

#5152 Drug-Taking and the Arts (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $159.95
This program explores how drugs have influenced artistic production in the course of the last 200 years, focusing on major European and American literary figures and visual artists ranging from Thomas de Quincey, Edgar Allan Poe, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Picasso, Sartre, Aldous Huxley, and Jay McInerney. Actors portray some of the authors; others-including Paul Bowles and Allen Ginsberg-speak for themselves; and literary critics, psychiatrists, and substance abuse specialists analyze the effects of drugs on the artists. The program seeks to determine whether drugs help the artist produce better art, and if so, how; whether they give the artist insight or only the illusion of insight; whether different drugs produce different sorts of art; and how certain drugs create specific physiological effects in the brain. (112 minutes)

#5388 Addiction: The Family in Crisis (Run Time 18 min.) DVD $89.95
This concise explanation of alcoholism combines expert commentary with one family's experience. A sober alcoholic, his wife, and their daughter discuss the progression of his alcoholism and its devastating impact on their lives. Experts explain how family members often act as enablers, unintentionally making it easier for the alcoholic to keep drinking. Finally, the program addresses treatment options for alcoholics and sources of support for families. (18 minutes)

#5726 DUI: Unlicensed to Kill (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $149.95
This program shows why repeat drunk driving offenders are still on our roads, endangering our lives. On the street, a man caught driving drunk three times insists that he is being harassed and does not have a drinking problem. In a hospital, we visit a 16-year-old victim, run down by a repeat drunk driver, on a breathing machine, fighting for his life. In a courtroom, we see a four-time repeat DUI offender getting sentenced to 48 hours in jail. The program looks at a judicial system under fire for failing to enforce a strict habitual offender law; a jail-house interview with a repeat DUI offender facing second-degree murder charges; and a Victim Impact Panel where families who have lost loved ones in drunk driving accidents tell their stories to repeat DUI offenders. (49 minutes)

#5863 Altered States: A History of Drug Use in America (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $149.95
Whether it's caffeine, nicotine, or morphine, drugs of choice have defined our lives and history, with sometimes benevolent, sometimes tragic results. This program focuses on the history of America's drug use and abuse, from the days when the early European settlers became enamored of tobacco, through Prohibition, and up to today. The problems we see today existed in other forms and with other drugs throughout our history. The reasons for using drugs have also remained constant: to ease pain, alleviate boredom, or to expand our consciousness. The program traces the patterns of American drug use and abuse and documents the cultural, social, and political movements that impacted, or were impacted by, the use of drugs. (58 minutes)

#6010 The Substance in Question (Run Time 36 min.) DVD $99.95
This British program explains the major illegal drugs of misuse, examining the following four groups: stimulants (amphetamines, cocaine, and crack), hallucinogenics (LSD and Ecstasy), hypnosedatives (barbiturates and tranquilizers), and opiates (heroin). The program also examines cannabis. In the case of each drug, the program provides a factual introduction and a guide to short- and long-term effects. Drug users offer their candid insights into their attraction to specific substances, and a medical professional and substance abuse expert provides an explanation of the relative dangers of each individual drug. (36 minutes)

#6056 Last Call: Alcoholism and Co-dependency (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
Alcoholism affects not only the person suffering from the disease but the alcoholic's family as well. This program takes an in-depth look at the effects of alcoholism on both the individual and the family, contrasting an urban and a rural home linked by the common problem of alcoholism. From the alcoholic to his or her spouse and their children, everyone is affected. As other family members seek to cope and prevent the destruction of the family, unhealthy behavioral patterns often emerge: spouses face frustration, shame, and a feeling of helplessness, and children try to hide the problem, creating stresses they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. The program provides a broad insight into alcoholism and how it affects those on its periphery. (24 minutes)

#6058 Inhalant Abuse: Breathing Easy (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
Inhalant abuse is a particularly sinister form of substance abuse because these substances are relatively easy to access, the "high" is reached quickly, abusers can become addicted in a very short time-and unless caught very early, it almost certainly leads to permanent damage to the brain and other vital organs. This program focuses on the causes of and prevention of inhalant abuse, looking at the psychological and physiological aspects of addiction, the environmental factors that lead young people to inhalant abuse, and the terrible consequences of their actions. Interviewing a young former "sniffer" brings home the social and psychological factors that contributed to his addiction; his story tells of the despair and pain that made substance abuse seem like an option. The program also shows the coordinated effort of one community to overcome this problem among its youth. (24 minutes)

#6554 David with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Run Time 45 min.) DVD $129.95
David Vandenbrink seems like a normal, bright, articulate 21-year-old man. There is little to suggest, on the surface, that while in his mother's womb he suffered permanent brain damage. David suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS, a condition that went undiagnosed for the first eighteen years of his life, causing confusion, anger, and pain for him and his adoptive family. The damage from FAS can be subtle or severe, resulting in a wide range of symptoms from slowed growth or disfigurement to behavioral problems including impulsiveness and aggression, and the inability to grasp the consequences of one's actions. This program provides a unique personal look at what it's like to grow up and live with the effects of FAS, through the words and experiences of a victim and his family. (45 minutes)

#6749 Circle of Recovery: Healing the Wounds of Drugs and Alcohol (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $149.95
In this program, Bill Moyers provides a candid portrait of seven African-American men-all recovering from drug and alcohol addiction-and their efforts to heal through a voluntary recovery group they formed. Each week, members of the group meet and openly discuss issues involving family, love, sex, racism, and work, which are interwoven with their struggles and achievements as they strive to rebuild their broken lives. We see how the support each man draws from the other group members contributes to his recovery in the healing circle. "Recovery doesn't happen in isolation," Kenny says. "No one does it alone." It is an inspiring story of shattered lives healed by courage, resolve, and friendship. (57 minutes)

#6933 Behind the Smoke Screen: Facts about Tobacco Use (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $129.95
Sadly, tobacco use among young people is on the increase. This program, targeted at middle and high school students in both urban and rural areas, tries to persuade viewers not to smoke or chew tobacco, and coaches them on how to quit if they already do. The focus is on the toll which nicotine takes on the body. Graphic examples of people with emphysema, chronic bronchitis, cancer of the larynx, and cancerous mouth lesions drive home the point. The effects of smoking during pregnancy, cigar smoking, and secondary smoke are also addressed. Overall, tobacco use is portrayed as an overwhelmingly undesirable habit, likely to hinder social and job prospects, as well as shorten one's life. (30 minutes)

#7110 Tobacco Wars (Run Time 35 min.) DVD $129.95
From the time of its discovery in the New World, to the present day, tobacco has been a controversial substance. Its economic importance, social ramifications, and health effects all impact the debate over continued manufacture and use. This program places the political and legal controversy surrounding tobacco in historical perspective. We learn why and how tobacco gained prominence, explore present-day lawsuits against tobacco companies, and examine FDA attempts to regulate the industry. While many of the issues are as yet unresolved, viewers will gain an understanding of the economic and political foundations of the debate. (35 minutes)

#7140 Gambling: Does It Benefit Society? (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $89.95
Some states and Native American tribes rely on legalized gambling as an essential source of income. But has this income really benefited those it was supposed to help? This program explores the question by weighing the financial benefits derived by host communities against the casino's detrimental effects on local business. Are casinos investing in communities, as suggested by supporters, or diverting the money elsewhere? Living conditions among those in communities with casinos are compared with other similar communities. Experts include a casino manager, a professor of economics, and an anti-gambling activist. (29 minutes)

#7155 Gambling: The Chance of a Lifetime (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
The lure of gambling is the belief that a little money, well placed, will surely bring a significant return-although the belief rarely coincides with reality. This program examines gambling both as a harmless social activity and as an addiction. How some people allow gambling to consume their lives, and why they do it, is discussed by a treatment expert and a compulsive gambler. The effect of gambling on both individuals and their families is also examined. (28 minutes)

#7270 Unborn Addicts (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $149.95
Drug abuse is generally considered a victimless crime, but research shows that a disturbing number of babies are born each year addicted to drugs. This program presents case studies of two pregnant women, lifelong addicts, who have entered Methadone programs. We follow the women throughout their pregnancies and deliveries. Remarkably, Natricia delivers a baby who is drug-free, but 18 hours after birth, Kim's daughter must be given opium to relieve the intense symptoms of drug withdrawal. Health experts discuss the management of drug babies. Scenes depicting infant drug withdrawal may be disturbing to some viewers. (47 minutes)

#7598 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Life Sentence (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $129.95
Fetal alcohol syndrome is the result of permanent organic injury to the brain of the fetus, caused by maternal drinking during pregnancy. That injury leads to learning disabilities, poor judgment, antisocial behavior, and worse, if a recent study is correct. This program discusses FAS within the context of that study which suggests that 20 to 25 percent of all prison inmates may suffer from the condition. The program examines how early identification and treatment of children with FAS can help prevent extreme antisocial behavior in adulthood. (24 minutes)

#7660 Heroin: The New High School High (Run Time 42 min.) DVD $149.95
This ABC News Turning Point examines the increasing prevalence of heroin among today's teenagers and its devastating effects on users, their families, and their communities. Focusing on youths in Orlando, Florida, the program follows the lives of two teenage friends, both heroin addicts. One, an honor student, dies of a heroin overdose. Drug counselors discuss the difficulties in treating addicts because of the extreme euphoria produced by the drug. Families of addicts reveal how the drug destroys family life. Failure to stem the tide of heroin sale and use among teenagers is discussed by frustrated law enforcement officials. (42 minutes)

#7679 Close to Home: Moyers on Addiction (Run Time min.) DVD $349.75
In this critically acclaimed five-part series, Bill Moyers puts a human face on an American public health crisis: drug and alcohol addiction. Each program takes on a different facet of addiction and recovery-from studies of brain pathology and genetic risk, to various prevention and treatment approaches, to a look at our public policy. The intimate experience of addiction is shared by the addicts themselves, their parents, children, and those helping them toward recovery. The DVD version of this series also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. 5-part series, 57-81 minutes each.

#7680 Portrait of Addiction (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
In this program nine men and women-all recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction-tell their stories. The recovering addicts run the gamut: a former narcotics agent, now recovering from a cocaine habit; a mother of three who is a marketing specialist; a former addict and founder of Stand-Up Harlem, a community of HIV-positive addicts and recovering addicts; a journalist and former addict who actually served as the researcher for Moyers on the series. This candid testimony from people who have been there leaves no doubt that addiction can happen to anyone...and so can recovery. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (57 minutes)

#7681 The Hijacked Brain (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
Aided by powerful new diagnostic tools, scientists are making dramatic discoveries about how addiction affects the brain. In this program, Moyers goes into the laboratory to follow researchers engaged in charting an "image of desire" in the brain. We actually see images of a cocaine user's brain as the drug takes effect, and a doctor explains how these scans reveal addiction as a chronic relapsing brain disease. Moyers observes a genetic researcher as he monitors a variety of factors that may determine who is likely to develop alcoholism. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (57 minutes)

#7682 Changing Lives (Run Time 81 min.) DVD $69.95
While addiction may cause similar changes in the brains of different people, recovery is a very individual solution. Changing behavior is the aim of treatment, but no single treatment program will work for all addicts. This program visits the Ridgeview Institute near Atlanta to interview recovering addicts and sit in on a group therapy session. Mr. Moyers also visits Project SAFE, an innovative treatment program that reaches out to disadvantaged mothers who are addicts, and to their children who are at serious risk of becoming addicts. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (81 minutes)

#7683 The Next Generation (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
Experts are increasingly focusing on prevention efforts based on community and family. This documentary looks at two of those efforts. One works with parents addicted to heroin by teaching them how to repair the damage to family wrought by drug abuse, and in spite of it, how to raise strong, resilient children. In a second program, vigilant counselors in Dade County schools watch for kids at risk of becoming drug addicts, and offer immediate counseling for those who are already involved with drugs. Nicotine addiction is addressed by a program that provides classes designed to prevent students from smoking, and another that helps them stop if they've already begun to smoke. School officials, counselors, and students are interviewed. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (57 minutes)

#7684 The Politics of Addiction (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
The story of how our society meets the challenge of translating what scientists, doctors, counselors, and recovering addicts have learned into rational public policy is complex and sometimes contradictory. This program looks at Arizona's struggle to find an alternative to established drug-related policies. Proposition 200 proposed a reassessment of the status of nonviolent drug addicts now serving time, and emphasized treatment over incarceration. The movement was supported by an alliance from across the political spectrum. On the Washington scene, members of Congress, doctors, and policy activists joined in a movement with recovering people to push for a change in public policy. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (57 minutes)

#7877 Close to Home: Moyers on Addiction - In Spanish (Run Time min.) DVD $349.75
In this critically acclaimed five-part series, Bill Moyers puts a human face on an American public health crisis-drug and alcohol addiction. Each program takes on a different facet of addiction and recovery-from studies of brain pathology and genetic risk, to various prevention and treatment approaches, to a look at our public policy. The intimate experience of addiction is shared by the addicts themselves, their parents, children, and those helping them toward recovery. In Spanish. Series is also available in English (see item #7679). 5-part series.

#7878 Retrato de la Adiccion (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
En este programa, nueve hombres y mujeres-todos adictos rehabilitados-cuentan sus historias. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7680). (57 minutes)

#7879 El Cerebro Secuestrado (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
In este programa, Bill Moyers entra uno laboratorio para observar el trabajo que los investigadores realizan en la captacion de la "imagen del deseo" (por narcoticos) en el cerebro. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7681). (57 minutes)

#7880 Cambiando Vidas (Run Time 81 min.) DVD $69.95
En este programa, Bill Moyers visita el Instituto Ridgeview, cerca de Atlanta, donde entrevista a adictos recuperados durante una reunion anual. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7682). (81 minutes)

#7881 La Politica de la Adiccion (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
En este programa, Bill Moyers estudia como doctores, defensores de los programas de recuperacion y los adictos rehabilitados ahora estan apoyando opinion publica de adiccion como una enfermedad cronica. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7684). (57 minutes)

#7882 La Proxima Generacion (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
Este programa examina dos programas de prevencion-uno que trabaja con padres adictados para reparar dano dentro de las familias, y otro que aconseja los estudientes contra los narcoticos. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7683). (57 minutes)

#8035 Missing Persons: The Drunk Driving Holocaust (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $69.95
This program brings the real-life consequences of mixing alcohol with driving into the classroom. Hard-hitting footage helps young adults realize the consequences of drunk driving, for the victim and the driver. Bereaved parents and friends, permanently disabled victims, and young inmates convicted of vehicular homicide explore the relationship between alcohol, death, and prison. Members of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving), and CAR (Convicts After Recovery) discuss how the thoughtless act of driving drunk impacts people's lives. A Cambridge Educational Production. (26 minutes)

#8158 Drinking . . . This Buzz is Not for You! (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $89.95
This video focuses on one of the most pressing problems facing teenagers today-drinking. Part one illustrates the difficulties and problems encountered by those who use alcohol to excess. In the second part, the rationale for saying "NO!" to teenage drinking is discussed along with methods for avoiding peer pressure to drink.Commercialization, peer pressure, and attempts to escape personal problems by drinking are visually illustrated. Utilizing interviews with law enforcement officials, educators, and young adults, many of the educational, social, and medical problems associated with drinking are emphasized. The last segment of the program deals with specific techniques for teens to resist the pressures of underage drinking and still keep their friends. Effective techniques for how to say no to drinking are actively demonstrated.One 30-minute video. A Cambridge Educational Production.

#8182 Alcohol and tobacco: The Truth (Run Time min.) DVD $159.90
This two-part series takes all of the glamour out of drinking and smoking for today's teens by unmasking their harmful realities. A Cambridge Educational Production. 2-part series, 30 minutes each.

#8183 The Truth about Alcohol (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $79.95
Utilizing hard-hitting, dramatic footage with insightful interviews, this program graphically illustrates why alcohol is so widely used and abused by both adults and teens. From its role as an important commodity in our economic system, to its role as a deceptive escape from personal problems...from the enormous media campaigns promoting alcohol to its role as a major contributing factor in the deaths of thousands of drunk drivers...from the societal pressures to the shattered personal lives, The Truth About Alcohol exposes the contradictions of the drug while encouraging the viewer to think about the implications. Why do people drink? How much is too much? How can one deal with the peer pressure? When does "social drinking" stop and the self-deceptive web of alcoholism begin? What role do low self-esteem, self-doubt, and insecurity play in making decisions about drinking? These and many other questions are explored. A Cambridge Educational Production. (30 minutes)

#8184 The Truth about Tobacco (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $79.95
Everyone knows the statistics. Tobacco is the leading contributor to thousands of deaths and debilitating illnesses. So why do teens continue to smoke? The first part of this program explores not only why teens start, but also why it's so hard to stop, why our society allows tobacco companies to promote a lethal drug utilizing state-of-the-art media persuasion techniques, how tobacco is economically entrenched in our system, and why politicians avoid the issues. Startling interviews with people stricken with smoking-related illnesses are contrasted with teen interviews demonstrating attitudes of self-deception. The program illustrates the immediate negative consequences of smoking...bad breath; stained, ugly, yellow teeth; and stinking clothes, as well as the devastating illnesses caused by long-term smoking. Instead of another peer to adolescent lecture, this program presents enlightening facts to help today's youth make informed decisions. A Cambridge Educational Production. (30 minutes)

#8202 Tobacco Road: A Dead End (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $79.95
Hard-hitting, graphic footage and interviews with people stricken with tobacco-related illnesses-lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, and vascular disease-stand in stark contrast to teen testimony that reflects dangerously blase attitudes toward smoking. Explicit operating room scenes of portions of a lung being removed drive home the serious results of smoking and are bound to stir up emotions in teens who have so far refused to heed other warnings about the dangers of tobacco. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)

#8574 Place Your Bets (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
North America has more than 15 million compulsive gamblers, 4.2 million of whom have attempted suicide. But in a society where gambling is a legal form of entertainment and where there is no consensus on its addictive power, what hope do sufferers have for help before it is too late? This penetrating program explores the insidious appeal of the new generation of video gambling machines, the efforts of counselors and support groups to assist victims in rebuilding their lives, and the role of government as a silent partner in this debilitating industry. First-person accounts from recovering compulsive gamblers tell of obsession, lying, and stealing, and how they have learned to come to terms with their actions. (24 minutes)

#8934 Drugs: Profiles of Addiction and Recovery (Run Time min.) DVD $269.85
Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease-chronic, progressive, and fatal if left untreated. This informative three-part series, featuring true stories told by recovering addicts and insightful commentary by law enforcement professionals and counselors, describes the miseries of substance abuse and methods of overcoming addiction. 3-part series, 25 minutes each.

#8935 Making Choices (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95
In this program, 17-year-olds Shannon and Jay openly discuss the factors that sent them spiraling into drug addiction and their subsequent attempts to recover. Dramatizations of interviews with their parents, teachers, and friends, along with reenactments of upsetting family incidents, reveal financial and abuse issues at home and an unwillingness to confront the changes in the addicts' behaviors and personalities. What Shannon and Jay had in common was that eventually even the strongest drugs could no longer bring a feeling of relief from their problems. (25 minutes)

#8936 Supporting Kids (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95
In this program, Shannon and Jay, joined by 16-year-old Dave, talk about the support they received in fighting their addictions. In addition, parents, counselors, a police drug-awareness coordinator, and the directors of a detox facility and a drug and alcohol program discuss the physical and emotional signs of drug use, theories of why younger children are turning to drugs, the easy availability of drugs in small towns, the difficulties parents face in addressing drug use, codependency between addicts and their families, and the painful process of recovery and making amends. (25 minutes)

#8937 Getting Help (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95
Drug and alcohol addictions are not hopeless. This program focuses on the recovery process and the options available to those fighting addictions. Together with Shannon, Jay, Dave, and 15-year-old Erin, parents and addiction-related professionals discuss 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, medical and social-setting detox programs, the Minnesota model of rehabilitation, in-school education programs, the reasons for relapse, and the happiness and renewed self-esteem of recovering addicts. (25 minutes)

#9222 Eat, Drink, and Be Wary: Women and the Dangers of Alcohol (Run Time 13 min.) DVD $89.95
Alcohol consumption by the average woman-even in moderate amounts-has far more lasting effects than an equal amount imbibed by her male counterpart. Even if it is a single glass of wine, the effects on their respective physiology are very different: the female body absorbs alcohol faster and retains it up to twice as long as the male body, which has considerable implications both for social drinking and for driving while under the influence. This ABC News program illustrates these differences and discusses the potential hazards. (13 minutes)

#9241 Binge Drinking: The Right to Party? (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $89.95
Banning alcohol on college campuses to curb binge drinking-periodic episodes of excessive alcohol consumption-has sparked violence and debate around the country. This ABC News program visits trouble spots such as Michigan State University as anchor Forrest Sawyer talks with the President of the University of Iowa about community coalitions, alcohol education programs, alternative activities, and other initiatives as substitutes for bans. In addition, a senior at the University of Maryland and a junior at the University of California, Berkeley, present their own ideas about student rights and how best to deal with on-campus alcohol abuse and the associated issues of crime and unsafe sex. (22 minutes)

#9264 Getting Straight: New Hopes for Drug Treatment (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $89.95
Drugs destroy millions of lives, cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and are behind much of the crime committed in the U.S. today. In part one of this program, ABC News correspondent Dave Marash reports on a possible breakthrough in the treatment of America's millions of cocaine addicts: a new vaccine called a catalytic antibody, which renders cocaine harmless. In parts two and three, Mr. Marash observes the innovative approach of freelance drug counselor Rafael Flores, whose 28 years of one-on-one experience enable him to persuade addicts right off the street to consent to long-term treatment. Key to his success is an ability to spot those who manifest all of the signs that they are ripe for intervention. (58 minutes)

#9278 Smokeless Tobacco: A Wad of Trouble (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
Many teens begin using smokeless tobacco with the assumption that "dipping" or chewing is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. In reality, one can of smokeless tobacco may contain as much nicotine as three packs of cigarettes. This eye-opening program provides viewers with the facts concerning the social and medical ramifications of using smokeless tobacco and presents techniques for quitting this potentially deadly habit.Doctors and dentists look at how nicotine is readily absorbed through the lining in the mouth, while an interview with a woman who lost a brother to oral cancer provides viewers with a firsthand look at the devastating consequences of continued use. Also includes interviews with teenage users explaining how and why they began using smokeless tobacco, and victims' accounts of their medical problems. Graphic photos show various stages of cancerous lesions and users whose faces have been grossly disfigured from surgery to remove diseased areas. This hard-hitting program provides teens with the facts concerning the dangers of smokeless tobacco and the basis for hours of classroom discussion. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 25-minute video.

#9279 The Battle over How to Fight the War on Drugs (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $89.95
Should America shift its strategy in the war on drugs from prevention, interdiction, and prosecution to a policy of treatment, regulation, and control? In this program, ABC News anchor Forrest Sawyer moderates a heated debate between Charles Blanchard, Chief Counsel of the White House Drug Control Policy Office, and Ethan Nadelmann, Director of the Lindesmith Center. Together they analyze statistics to define criteria for success in the war on drugs and assess the implications of an approach that tempers the military and judicial elements, stressing instead the importance of public health and rehabilitation. (22 minutes)

#9286 Drugs: Uses and Abuses (Run Time min.) DVD $559.60
A veritable encyclopedia of pharmacological facts, this outstanding eight-part series thoroughly examines the therapeutic uses and dangerous abuses of drugs. Moving beyond the "Just Say No" mentality, each program gives a general overview of a particular class of drugs, then moves on to closely examine specific drugs in that group. These programs promote discussion, explore myths, and provide information delivered in accessible language by a wide range of concerned professionals and recovering users. Review questions are provided with each program to test viewers' knowledge, along with provocative discussion questions that address some of the sensitive issues concerning the use and abuse of drugs. A Cambridge Educational Production. 8-part series, 17-39 minutes each.

#9287 Sedatives (Run Time 32 min.) DVD $69.95
This video offers a summary of sedatives as a class of drugs, and then focuses on barbiturates, tranquilizers, and alcohol, while touching lightly on narcotics. A doctor of pharmacology, police officers, an addiction specialist, a historian, a pastor, recovering addicts, and others describe the history and biological effects of sedatives, employing case studies and personal experience to analyze the use, abuse, and hazards of this seductive group of drugs. A Cambridge Educational Production. (32 minutes)

#9288 Narcotics (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $69.95
This video presents a profile of narcotics as a class of drugs and then spotlights opium, codeine, morphine, and heroin. Expert commentary is provided by a pharmacist, a nurse, police officers, addiction counselors, a historian, recovering addicts, and others. Together, they discuss the history and biological effects of narcotics, scrutinizing their use, abuse, and hazards through case studies and personal experience. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)

#9289 Stimulants (Run Time 39 min.) DVD $69.95
Beginning with an overview of stimulants as a class of drugs, this video examines caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and cocaine-in both powder and crack form. A doctor of pharmacology, police officers, an addiction specialist, a historian, recovering addicts, and others profile the history and biological effects of stimulants, employing case studies and personal experience to analyze their use, abuse, and hazards-including their instantly addictive nature. A Cambridge Educational Production. (39 minutes)

#9290 Psychedelics and Hallucinogens (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $69.95
In this video, a pharmacist, an addiction counselor, a police officer, a historian, a pastor, and recovering users provide background on psychedelics and hallucinogens as a class of drugs, and study the history and biological effects of mescaline, psilocybin, LSD, and the designer drug MDMA. Utilizing case studies and personal experience, they explore the uses, abuses, and hazards of these drugs, which can include vivid flashbacks and critical serotonin depletion. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)

#9291 Inhalants (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $69.95
This video presents a summary of this class of drugs and then details its constituent parts: solvents and aerosols, nitrites, and nitrous oxide. A doctor of pharmacology, an addiction specialist, police officers, a historian, recovering addicts, and others delve into the history and biological effects of these drugs. Together, they share case studies and personal experiences to address the use, abuse, and hazards of inhalants, including brain, liver, and kidney damage, as well as sudden sniffing death syndrome. A Cambridge Educational Production. (20 minutes)

#9292 THC (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $69.95
This video examines THC and the cannabinoids marijuana, hashish, and hash oil. Expert commentary is presented by former NFL player Charles Hunt, a pharmacist, a police officer, addiction counselors, a historian, a pastor, recovering addicts, and others. Together, they explain the history and biological effects of THC, investigating its use, abuse, and hazards, and its reputation as a gateway drug. A Cambridge Educational Production. (30 minutes)

#9293 PCP and Ketamine (Run Time 17 min.) DVD $69.95
This video describes PCP and the veterinary anesthetic ketamine. A police officer, an addiction specialist, an addiction counselor, a veterinarian, and recovering users review the history and biological effects of PCP and ketamine, employing case studies and personal experience to assess their use, abuse, and hazards-including false feelings of invincibility, flashbacks, and even psychosis. A Cambridge Educational Production. (17 minutes)

#9294 Steroids (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $69.95
This video examines the use and abuse of anabolic steroids and GHB, a synthetic steroid-like substance and date-rape drug. Former NFL player Charles Hunt and a pharmacist, a police officer, an addiction counselor, a trainer, a swim coach, a recovering abuser, and others explore the history and biological effects of steroids, using case studies and personal experience to probe anabolic steroid abuse and the drug's many side effects. Some of these side effects include impotence, liver tumors, renal failure, and "roid rage," which can lead to violence and even suicide. A Cambridge Educational Production. The DVD version has on-demand English subtitles and can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive. One 24-minute video. (c) 1999.

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