The Sage of Barefoot College: Bunker Roy (Enhanced DVD)

The Sage of Barefoot College: Bunker Roy (Enhanced DVD)
"The Sage Of Barefoot College: Bunker Roy" is an interview-based DVD that offers insights into the founding of the "Barefoot College" and how it will benefit the poor who cannot pay for their own education. Add it to your cart if this topic intrigues you.
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Product Description:
In the competitive world of the modern workplace, higher education has become more important than ever as a way to achieve success. However, university tuition and book prices continue to increase, putting education either at the finger-tips of the very rich or those who are willing to go into heavy debt.

However, Bunker Roy is hoping to change that with his "Barefoot College," a "for the poor" university in India that is heavily featured in this intriguing episode of the Green Interview.

In this award-winning series, people with bold and innovative ideas are interviewed as a way of exploring their ideas and learning more about how they are changing the world. In this episode, Bunker Roy discusses the Barefoot College and the way that is is "for the poor, built by the poor, managed by the poor and controlled by the poor.”

This college features students from over 20 Third World countries and is designed to give people who have received no formal education training in a variety of intriguing fields. While it offers a typical and traditional educational method focusing on history and language, it also includes new approaches to health, proper sanitation, sustainable energy, and even ecological conservation.

The idea behind the college, as Roy discusses in-depth, is to help create an "ecology of positive action." Teaching those with no formal education how to better live their lives and manage the difficulties of their environment will help them rise above poor conditions to become more sustainable and happy.

In this DVD, you'll also learn about Roy's contribution to the Global Rainwater Harvesting Collective, a method of providing clean water to villages and cities across Asia and Africa.

The Sage of Barefoot College: Bunker Roy (Enhanced DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-0-81609-131-7
  • Run Time: 32 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009

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