Warts 'n' All: Treasures of Ancient Rome (Enhanced DVD)

Warts 'n' All: Treasures of Ancient Rome (Enhanced DVD)
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Product Description:
The Greeks may be applauded for providing us with the idealized representations of the human shape, the Romans championed a warts n all outlook that provided a more truthful and sensible outlook towards the world. Alastair Sooke in this program investigates the splendidly designed portrait busts perfected with wrinkles and jowls, creative narrative reliefs along with frescoes and mosaics of primitive Roman artists.
The episode begins with Sooke focusing on two integral art works; the Capitoline Wolf and Capitoline Brutus at the Capitoline Museum in Rome. Apart from these, an expedition to numerous studios in Italy exposes the story behind the creation of such pieces. Noteworthy works researched extensively include the Capitoline Wolf, the Barbarini Targattus, the bust of Pompey the Great, the Tomb of Eurycases, the Villa of the Mysteries among other great pieces.

(Warts 'n' All: Treasures of Ancient Rome, Enhanced DVD, 60 minutes)
ISBN: 978-0-81608-963-5
Copy Right Date: 2012
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