Teaching Numeracy (Enhanced DVD)

Teaching Numeracy (Enhanced DVD)
Children may feel challenged by math lessons but this video shows that fun, engaging activities can develop their numeracy skills.
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Product Description:
Math is fun! But there are many aspects to developing basic numeracy skills that many seem confusing and challenging at first for children. So, too, teachers may feel challenged when attempting to communicate and developing children’s understanding of these basic concepts that are the foundation of numeracy understanding. Through a series of fun activities, children are able to explore concepts, put them into action and fully grasp the concepts being taught. Also, by using a variety of activities, not only are children engaged, this teaching style addresses the different learning styles of a wide variety of children. Learning through play and exploration creates lifelong learners who enjoy the process of acquiring new information. Many children may feel that math is simply not their best subject. This perception can cause frustration and limit their ability to grasp the lesson. Children will use these basic math skills in every aspect of their entire lives. By combining whole class and small group activities, the video shows how this teaching style can encourage the students to develop their needed numeracy skills. The activities shown involve both open ended activities so that students must go through a trial and error process to arrive at solutions. This enhances their ability to absorb and retain the information that was gained through the lesson. Through engaging and stimulating activities, students can learn that, yes, math is fun! (16 minutes)

Teaching Numeracy (Enhanced DVD)
• ISBN: 978-0-81608-751-8
• Run Time: 16 Minutes
• Copyright Date: 2009
• CC
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