Taekwondo (Enhanced DVD)

Taekwondo (Enhanced DVD)
Learn about the history, philosophy, and practice of Taekwondo in this enhanced DVD that describes the tenets of Taekwondo and shows demonstrations of this incredible art form of martial art style self defense.
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Product Description:
Historically a martial art originating from Korea, Taekwondo has become a popular form of self defense now found throughout 200 countries. From children learning the first steps of self discipline to Taekwondo as an Olympic event, come and learn the background of this form of martial art. From its philosophy to the clothing associated with it, each aspect and detail of this martial art is demonstrated, described, and explored. This includes the three disciplines of Taekwondo: sparring. poomsae, and breaking. Arm and leg maneuvers, acrobatics, and both attack and counter attack are demonstrated.

Did you know that in ancient Korea, hands were considered creative instruments of the body and therefore needed a certain amount of protection? This is why Taekwondo focuses more on leg motions for the basis of its self defense. See how many other aspects of Korean culture have infused Taekwondo with its perspective, eventually turning it into a commonly available and popular form of both self defense and exercise. The very word Taekwondo is a fusion of three Korean words: Tae, meaning foot; Kwon, meaning hand; and Do, meaning path. Over 50 million people enjoy Taekwondo and have elevated it from one country's martial art to an Olympic competition with national and international competitions around the globe. If you know someone who enjoys this, but you aren't sure what they actually do, this would be a great DVD to inform you. Makes a great gift for grandparents who like to keep up with their grandchildren's lives.

Taekwondo (Enhanced DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-0-81608-865-2
  • Run Time: 26 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2012
  • CC

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