Basketball (Enhanced DVD)

Basketball (Enhanced DVD)
"Basketball" is a simple, but informative, DVD that covers many of the basics of the sports in a quick and educational manner. Perfect for teachers or coaches, it can be used in a variety of different situations. Preview it now to get a feel for what to expect from it.
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Product Description:
Basketball is one of the few sports that can be said to be almost an entirely American invention. While baseball was based off concepts of cricket and football off of rugby and similar ball-carrying games, basketball was a nearly unique concept driven by the creation of a game that required dexterity, stamina, and speed. It was also designed to be a high-energy way to have fun indoors during the cold winter months.

In this fun and engaging DVD, you will learn about the history of basketball and learn about the unique strategies that underline its simply, yet complex, game play. The concept of ball movement and the idea of setting up plays will be briefly touched upon, as well the various positions in the lineup including the shooting guard, small forward, center, and point guard.

Detailed explanations of international and NBA rules are offered to help you better understand the subtle complexities that drive the sport. Basics such as bouncing, passing, proper shooting form, offensive play formations, and defensive play concepts (such as zone and man-to-man defense) will be touched up on and briefly explained.

While not extensive or by any means exhaustive, this DVD offers a brief and interesting introduction to basketball and is a useful teaching tool for coaches and players alike. Especially helpful are the drills for each technique taught, which will make it easier to master these fundamental concepts.

Basketball (Enhanced DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-0-81608-861-4
  • Run Time: 26 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2012

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