Not in My Class: Managing Classroom Bullying Behaviors (Enhanced DVD)

Not in My Class: Managing Classroom Bullying Behaviors (Enhanced DVD)
Promote a supportive educational environment by learning to recognize classroom bullying and how to stop the problem before it becomes an established behavior pattern.
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Product Description:
Classroom bullying often takes more subtle forms than playground bullying. Such behavior can be deceptive because it seems less harmful than more aggressive behaviors. Nonetheless, consistent abuse has adverse effects on students' self-esteem and academic outcomes.

Verbal put-downs, mimicry, and sarcastic remarks in classrooms frequently happen while teachers are present. Sometimes, bullies are unaware of the implications of their actions.

The video begins with an overview of classroom bullying and its insidious forms. Next, educators learn how bullying is defined. More than just undesirable behavior, bullying represents a power struggle.

The nature and effects of put-downs are also described. Put-downs, widely accepted in our culture to the point that even the classroom can become a battleground, often focus on areas of insecurity. In dealing with put-downs, teachers are encouraged to provide non-verbal responses to stop the behavior and address the perpetrator privately to avoid drawing more attention to the incident.

Instructors will be equipped with the knowledge to model appropriate classroom behavior. For example, they should not direct sarcasm toward students or blame them for being targeted by a bully.

Viewers are made aware that bullying hinders learning and discourages students from taking healthy risks.

In severe cases, consequences for misbehavior should be imposed. In many instances, punishment is not appropriate, as it only encourages retaliation. Instead, teachers are advised to promote empathy.

Topics are presented in short segments in a well-organized format.

Teachers can also access an online printable worksheet to go with the video.

Not in My Class: Managing Classroom Bullying Behaviors (Enhanced DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-533-8
  • Length: 25 minutes
  • Copyright Date: ©2005
  • Closed Captioned

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