Addressing Bullying in the Workplace (Enhanced DVD)

Addressing Bullying in the Workplace (Enhanced DVD)
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Product Description:
Bullying in the workplace needs to be managed in order to avoid a culture of fear from developing in the organization. This can quickly make the workplace toxic and difficult to exist in. This can be turned around by education staff, putting procedures in place so that intimidation is reported, and having managers who are empathetic to problems and work to resolve them as quickly as possible. The program goes into strategies about how to prevent workplace bullying and uses expert interviews and dramatized scenes for education. A worksheet is included and can be downloaded. (25 minutes)

Segments in this video include:
  • Bullying in the Workplace (03:09) – A man mocks a coworker for not having a girlfriend. Experts talk about the effects of bullying, and employers must have polices for anti-bullying in place.
  • Developing Bullying Policies (05:43) – Management needs to talk to everyone involved in the anti-bullying policy and ensure that the policy can be accessed easily. They must also have procedures in place for reporting bullying, as well as investigating and resolving it.
  • What Bullying Policy Should Contain (04:16) – The anti-bullying policy must have expectations defined as well as a process for reporting it, maintaining confidentiality, and for resolving bullying.
  • Surveys and Cultural Change (04:26) – Employees see bullying as normal, including sexism, when there is a culture of bullying at a company. A confidential survey should be conducted about experiences with bullying and the results should be shared.
  • Consultation and Cultural Change (02:50) – Procedures should be developed to get rid of all bullying in the workplace. The psychological effects of bullying need to be understood in order to change a company’s culture and environment.

    Addressing Bullying in the Workplace
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-532-1
  • Run Time: 25 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2006
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