10 Powerful Networking Skills (Enhanced DVD)

10 Powerful Networking Skills (Enhanced DVD)
To help ensure business success learn how to take advantage of this popular form of communication called networking and yield business growth and success.
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Product Description:
10 Powerful Networking Skills (Enhanced DVD)>Teaches you to:

Be authentic
When you are yourself you can answer and mingle within conversations fairly easily.

Be trustworthy
If you make a promise make every effort to keep it.

Be connected
Aim to be someone others trust and rely on. This means people will look for you as someone to be connected with.

Actively listen when someone is talking to you.

Avoid being boring
This happens when you talk too much about yourself. Try to engage the person you are talking to by asking them specific questions about them

Make graceful exits
You do not want to lose the connection so learn how to graciously move on and keep their contact information for future reference if needed.

Be a regular
Reach out with an email and take about a minute of their time to let them know you respect and have interest in what they do.

Go easy online
Networking online is different from live. Go easy and seek to just make a connection and not ask for anything.

Know your audience
Take time to know more about the person you want to network with. This lets you make the conversation about them not you.

Talk Positive
Use great customer service with a positive tone that makes them want to interact with you.

Email professionally
Professional people do business through email. It is a great way to make instant contact. Keep your emails short and to the point. Make sure the email is about them not you.

10 Powerful Networking Skills (Enhanced DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-936-0
  • Run Time: 18 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2007
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