Angola: TV in Africa (Enhanced DVD)

Angola: TV in Africa (Enhanced DVD)
Television in Angola is still influenced by the history of war and fighting in the country with many topics discussed on television about how to rebuild the country from the devastation.
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“Meeting Point,” is a show that is unique to Angola. It attempts to reunite people and families that have lost contact with each other due to the warring that occurred there. Serious subjects such as these heavily influence television in Angola. "Ecos & Factos,” is sponsored by the National Oil Company and discussed by journalist João Van Dunem. The topics covered by "Ecos & Factos" are all about rebuilding Angola. Another show tries to present things in a more positive light. It is "Angola on the Move.”

Not every television program in Angola is serious. For comedy, and family sit-coms, there is a popular weekly show produced by two young females called "Papa Ngulo & Chico Caxico." For sit-coms, the number one show is "Conversations Between Neighbors," which uses professional actors mixed in with real people. Celebrity shows with dancing and singing are popular, especially around the time of the festival of carnival.

Because Angolans receive foreign television by satellite, two shows from Brazil are popular, especially among the younger people, which are "Thirst for Life" and "Jovemania." "Jovemania" means “crazy youth” in English.

The television programming presented in the native Angolan language is very rudimentary and mirrors the style of the soap opera shows coming from Brazil. Television movies are about topics concerning Angolan culture. These feature amateur performers and have low production budgets.

The reality television show called “113,” is extremely popular and has broken all the viewership records by receiving the highest television ratings. The subjects covered are crime, politics, and corruption. The Angolan Police Department pays for this show. It tackles the toughest subject without hesitation. In Angola, serious television programming is the most popular.

Angola: TV in Africa
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62102-955-7
  • Run Time: 26 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
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