Wikis in the Classroom (Enhanced DVD)

Wikis in the Classroom (Enhanced DVD)
This video shows that wikis can be used as an educational tool for students both at the school and college levels to enhance learning and retention.
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Product Description:
Creating and sharing online content can be used as valuable, experiential learning experiences. Web 2.0 technologies have allowed teachers to engage students using these tools with a large range of students both at the school and college levels. This video discusses what wikis are and they are useful as educational tools. By outlining the benefits of wikis, educators are able to develop an understanding of how they can be used as an educational resource or technique within all levels of academia. They video also provides numerous examples of student projects and their results. Also, educators will gain an understanding of classroom management and teacher-to-teacher resource sharing to expand the learning experience beyond the boundaries of the classroom. International cultural exchanges are also described in detail. Teachers will be able to broaden their students understanding and perceptions about a lesson topic by examining a range of perspectives. Wikis can give teachers an additional resource to turn to for their students. They can add to the entire classroom experience if they are utilized appropriately. This video examines and describes the “how” and “why” educators should consider using this modern educational technique to enrich the learning experience. A caution is given in the video that advises against the reliance on Wikipedia as a primary research source and why. (20 minutes)

Wikis in the Classroom (Enhanced DVD)
• ISBN: 978-1-62102-221-3
• Run Time: 22 Minutes
• Copyright Date: 2011
• CC
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