Health, Safety, and Security in the Hospitality Industry (Enhanced DVD)

Health, Safety, and Security in the Hospitality Industry (Enhanced DVD)
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Product Description:
A career in hospitality can be rewarding, but it may also mean working in environments that pose safety hazards to patrons and staff. This program discusses some of the safety and security concerns that those who work in the hospitality industry can expect. It goes into detail on how to manage them and advice is offered on how to reduce the chance of any problems happening in the first place.
The program advises viewers on the accidents that they are likely to encounter in the hospitality industry, and it focuses on the importance of following the procedures of the workplace. Everyone at the job is responsible for ensuring that the workplace is as safe as possible, from the managers to the employees. A worksheet is included which can be viewed online. (17 minutes)

Segments in this video include:
  • Introduction to Safety in Hospitality Industry (01:23) – Supervisors must properly train workers in the workplace.
  • Safety and Security Concerns in Hospitality (02:35) – The hospitality industry has fast turnover, and managers sometimes feel that they don’t have the time to train new workers.
  • How to Follow Workplace Procedure (04:11) – Supervisors cannot assume that new hires already know what the risks are or that they have safety training.
  • What to do in Emergency Situations (02:52) – New employees need to know what to do in emergencies.
  • How to Contribute to Safety Practices (03:32) – Supervisors and staff must have open communication so that potential risk can be found. Employees must suggest ways to improve and report any incidents.
  • Film Summary (01:48) – Employees are all responsible for safety.

    Health, Safety, and Security in the Hospitality Industry
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62102-036-3
  • Run Time: 16 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2010
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