A Divided Land: German Art—Early History to the Baroque Period (Enhanced DVD)

A Divided Land: German Art—Early History to the Baroque Period  (Enhanced DVD)
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The Rhine Valley is considered to be the precious source of prehistoric old art. This program aims at giving us an insight into the threshold of German imagery. The leading proponent of Cologne’s late Gothic painters was Stefan Lochner, who infused drama and amusement into the popular biblical scenes.
Around the same time emerged Johannes Gutenberg who was the leading figure in the printing revolution which took place in the Rhine town of Mainz and is reckoned as one of the greatest discoveries in the arena of visual arts, the re-emergence and a new importance for woodcuts and inscriptions. The pioneers of this form of art were Israhel van Meckenem and Martin Schongauer. In the city of Munich, the artist gets a grip with earlier painting of Renaissance.
Their work is still talked about in contemporary times. The film then investigates the three major talents which emerged from this region Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach, Matthias Grünewald and inaugurates the great tradition of German landscape painting. He moves on to visit the towering Cathedral located at Cologne, which is a place that encapsulates the different and many times the contradictory nature of German Art.

(A Divided Land: German Art—Early History to the Baroque Period, Enhanced DVD, 50 minutes.)
ISBN: 978-1-62102-017-2
Copy Right Date: 2010
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