The Day I Got the Sack: Nilam's Story (Enhanced DVD)

The Day I Got the Sack: Nilam's Story (Enhanced DVD)
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Product Description:
Nilam was involved in recruitment consulting and enjoyed her job until her all-male coworkers disillusioned her with their machismo and sexism. Her performance suffered until she felt the need to quit her job.
In this program, Sh Wasmund encourages Nilam to work with a male construction crew, introduces her to a female politician, teachers her how to deal with sexism in the workplace, and learns how to develop a thick skin and a positive attitude. The politician gets her an internship at a PR Firm in London, and she eventually networks into a position in the field.

  • Introduction: Helping Young People Make the Most of Their Lives (00:28) Nilam is introduced by expert Sh Wasmund.
  • Nilam's Discusses Experience with Sexism (02:53) Nilam felt that her male coworkers disrespected her, and her unhappiness affected her job performance.
  • Week One: Helping Nilam Find Direction (01:32) Nilam is advised by Sh to learn how to deal with the situation. She helps her identify her best employee strengths.
  • Networking (01:04) Nilam is taken by Sh to a young professionals networking lunch and her people skills are put to the test. She learns how to network and make connections in business.
  • Week Three: Public Relations Experience (01:36) Nilam visits London for a job in public relations. Her and Sh discuss the preparation needed for the new job.
  • Sh's Summary (00:24) Nilam is offered a job at the company she has been interning at. She learns that her self-belief, positive attitude and hard work make the difference.

    The Day I Got the Sack: Nilam's Story
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61733-629-4
  • Run Time: 24 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2006
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