First Things First: Working Effectively in an Office (Enhanced DVD)

First Things First: Working Effectively in an Office (Enhanced DVD)
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Product Description:
In the business world of today, employees must focus on their priorities and manage their work requirements, but they must also learn new skills quickly. Technology rapidly evolves and employees must keep up with its evolution. The work environment at two busy technology companies is examined in this program, and it helps employees who are new to the office learn how they should approach their jobs.
Several topics are covered including how to organize a work schedule, how to successfully manage deadlines, how to be flexible, how to improve performance, how to become a self-starter, and learning technology skills, how to improve employability, and becoming aware of the policies of the office and procedures. Online resources are included. Filmed in Australia. (23 minutes)

Segments in this video include:
  • Effective Approach to Working Life: Overview (00:60) – You need to learn new skills to transition from student to working full time.
  • Organize a Work Schedule (05:31) – The organization sets the work schedule and the goals. Goals are measurable, relevant, and obtainable. Prioritizing requires resources.
  • Monitor Work Performance (05:05) – Work performance is monitored in two categories: impersonal and personal. Feedback on performance can come from both customers and co-workers.
  • Development of Personal & Employability Skills (04:15) – New skills can developed several ways including mentoring, training and self-study. Interpersonal skills can be built up through teamwork. Successful problem solving can add to confidence.
  • Policies & Procedures (06:00) – Company procedures and policies shape employee roles. Safety requirements are set by the law. The mission statement and values help dictate a new employee’s role.

    First Things First: Working Effectively in an Office
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61733-216-6
  • Run Time: 23 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2010
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