Art of Russia: Smashing the Mold (Enhanced DVD)

Art of Russia: Smashing the Mold  (Enhanced DVD)
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It was the Russian Revolution when a movement was started, which put all arts to service of dictatorship of proletariat. Specific instrument for this was specially created, a few days before the start of October Revolution, which is known as Proletkult. Alexander Bogdanov was a very popular theorist of this movement. In spite of being Marxist in character, Proletkult gained much disfavor from many party leaders and by the year 1922 it had considerably declined.

In many spheres especially in the artistic ones, Russia emerges to be always on the verge of revolution. This program investigates the various stages of progression of the Russian visual art relying upon one’s notion in the 20th century. In this program Host Andrew Graham-Dixon discusses and shows the pictures of Stalin kept in the storerooms of museum and documents the conversion of the Moscow Metro into a public open art gallery and makes a journey to a brilliant formation of after the war Communist regime. He also examines the various examples of Russian art in contemporary times starting with sculptures in liquid oil and extending to the creation of the valiant sculptures of Vladimir Putin.

This documentary examines the complete political revolution from the earliest revolutionary days of optimism and enthusiasm, when the painting died. The poster was the king and machine made triumphed just over the handmade to dead hand of Socialist Realism.

( Art of Russia: Smashing the Mold, , Enhanced DVD, 50 minutes).

ISBN: 978-1-62102-077-6
Copy Right Date: 2009
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