The Referee (Enhanced DVD)

The Referee (Enhanced DVD)
If you or someone you love is a sporting official or interested in becoming one, "The Referee" can serve as a useful primer into what makes a successful sports official. Simple tips, guidance, and various real-world examples will help create a powerful example of referee strength.
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Product Description:
One of the great unsung heroes of the sporting world is the referee. Yes, we've all had moments when we've jeered them or been upset at what we perceived to be a bad call. However, being a sporting official is a tough job, as it requires watching multiple players, gauging their behavior, and trying to catch actions which may or may not be fouls. It also requires dealing with upset players who may react against them or angry spectators who may jeer or even assault the official if they feel the call was unfair.

However, a good sporting official can serve as a guiding example of the transformative power of sports and practicing good sportsmanship. If you are interested in becoming a sporting official, this DVD can help set you straight on what it requires. You will learn about the personality types that best fit this job, as well as the various challenges and difficulties that face officials on an everyday basis. Proper behavior and etiquette is discussed in various interviews with real professional officials, primarily from UK-based sports such as rugby and cricket.

Anyone who is interested in making a positive difference in the sporting world should check out this DVD. It is short, comprehensive, and easy to watch. If you enjoy this DVD and want to learn more about being a sports official, check out other DVDS in the "The Winning Team: Performer, Coach, and Referee" series.

The Referee (Enhanced DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-946-6
  • Run Time: 32 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2010

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