The Coach (Enhanced DVD)

The Coach (Enhanced DVD)
If you or someone you love is a coach or thinking of becoming one, "The Coach" is an enhanced DVD that makes for a great gift. This DVD provides a variety of real-world examples of how to be an inspiring and worthwhile coach to student and even professional athletes.
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Product Description:
Whether you loved them or hated them as an athlete, you have to admit that your many sports coaches did a lot to mold you to the person you are today. If you are interested in becoming a good coach, you may be tempted to emulate their behavior. But were they really doing a good job or just doing the best job they could given the situation? The understanding of successful coaching has changed a lot over the last few decades, with many giving up on the old-school "scream and threaten" school of coaching.

While fear is one way you can mold your athletes, trust and respect are more important. In this informative DVD, you will receive a variety of suggestions and real-world examples of how to build these two traits in your athletes. You will learn how to examine the physical and mental aspects of a player's development and how to mold them in a constructive and positive way. While yelling may be part of what makes a coach work, it shouldn't be the only behavior they perform.

Aspects of this DVD include how to organize a great training session, setting parameters for a successful and innovative session, how to communicate your needs and desires to your students, creating an open dialogue based on mutual trust and respect, and the various safety protocols that you must follow as a coach. You'll see footage of various sporting events that not only showcases the lessons but acively supports them.

The Coach (Enhanced DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-945-9
  • Run Time: 22 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2010

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