The Winning Team: Performer, Coach, and Referee (Enhanced DVD) 3-part series

The Winning Team: Performer, Coach, and Referee (Enhanced DVD) 3-part series
"The Winning Team: Performer, Coach, and Referee" DVD is an in-depth look at the nature of athletics and the three primary actors in every sports game: the athlete, the coach, and the referee. This DVD makes a great gift to anyone who loves sports and wants to know more about the nature of its intricate interactions.
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Product Description:
Athletics are a great way for not only children, but adults, to learn more about positive interaction and to be better role-models for those around them. The human element of competitive sports can be broken down into three different elements: the performer, the coach, and the referee. Each of these elements has their own unique role to play in every sporting event.

In fact, you could say that these three elements create an intricate dance that is great to watch, as long as everyone respects the nature of the other element. This is often hard for many to do, unfortunately, which often leads to disrespect and even fights. Avoiding this common problem has become a major role for various sporting experts.

However, this great DVD series can help eliminate much of the confusion surrounding these three athletic elements. It is a three-part series that offers a variety of tips, including performance advice, coaching guidance, and a variety of referee strategies that help make those who participate in sports more fluid and skilled in their element.

Beyond these benefits is the way it shows how performers, coaches, and referees can respect each other and their individual roles. The relatively-short length of each segment of this series makes it one that is easy for a whole team to watch multiple times. A viewing of this whole series may be a great way to start the season as a primer for appropriate behavior.

The Winning Team: Performer, Coach, and Referee (Enhanced DVD) 3-part series
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-943-5
  • Run Time: 80 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2010

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