Part 3: Time for School-Hope and Despair in the Fight for an Education (DVD)

Part 3: Time for School-Hope and Despair in the Fight for an Education (DVD)
"Time for School-Hope and Despair in the Fight for an Education" offers a compelling insight into the often sad and dangerous world of education around the world.
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Education might seem like the most basic right in the world, but millions of people across the country simply don't get access to the education they deserve. Countries across the nation either lack the funds or are forced to compromise by offering poor alternatives that are lacking many fundamental aspects. There are many groups trying to change that and this DVD takes a look at the fight to gain education in important nations across the globe.

For example, it takes a look at case studies in India, Afghanistan, Japan, Romania, Kenya, Brazil, and others to spotlight the difficulties many young teenagers have when moving into high school. Schools in many of these nations are under attack from either the government (due to fundamentalism and other dangerous beliefs) or by criminal elements. Millions of children around the world are in danger every time they go to school, which this DVD sadly points out.

Other problems that plague children include repeating a grade due to stress of family life and struggles getting enough food to eat. These cases are presented in unflinching detail and provide a shocking look into the state of education across the world. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angelique Kidjo provides a gentle counterpoint to this negativity by providing her own hopeful success story that can serve as a good example of somebody working for their success in awful situations.

This nearly two-hour DVD is a great watch for teachers who want to experience what their compatriots across the world are experiencing. It is also a great primer for students in history classes, giving them a look into a side of the world that few of them will ever see.

Part 3: Time for School-Hope and Despair in the Fight for an Education (DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-898-8
  • Run Time: 113 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009

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