Hockney on Photography (DVD)

Hockney on Photography  (DVD)
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Product Description:
The life course of David Hockney, who is one of the most renowned painters of Britain, not only highlights his immense talent with a camera, but it also proves his skill with a brush. David Hockney is quoted as saying, “Photography will never equal painting”. Many believe this to be a wrong argument since both are different medias and shouldn’t be compared. David Hockney, is undoubtedly one of the most popular and versatile painters and artists of our time, known far and wide.

In this program David wishes to give the audience a sneak peek into the entire journey of his photographic talent beginning from his earlier attempts and innovations in the 1970’s through the crucial point of his photo collage phase epitomized in Nude, featuring Theresa Russell. This is an enthralling video, a never before experience for all art lovers who get a unique experience, to witness the unmatched talent of the artist. Viewers get to know how fascinated David is by the newer ways of seeing, new perspectives and the many different approaches to his art. The documentaries help to portray Hockney, as an astute observer as well as passionate experimenter in the various phases of his creative geniuses. This documentary is an enthralling tour of his works, his passion for photography and his love for camera. The documentary works well to explain the many pioneering concepts that lie behind ‘joiner photography’

Another major success was Pear blossom Highway. The film delved deeply not only into the entire career of the legendary artist but also depicted his immensely personal photographic archive which had been a subject of critical debate. Hockey’s experiments with photography in related media such as drawing, painting and fax art is also portrayed immensely.

(Hockney on Photography, DVD, 52 minutes)
ISBN: 978-1-61616-691-5
Copy Right Date: 2009
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