Markus Raetz: The Artist as Magician (Enhanced DVD)

Markus Raetz: The Artist as Magician  (Enhanced DVD)
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Markus Raetz is a famous sculptor and a popular conceptual artist who stays in Switzerland. His art is primarily about illusion and reality issues. Raetz has been involved in the creation of many works which include more than 30000 drawings. His works are generally focused on the many drawings and paintings in 1960’s and 1970’s and then continued with the sculptures in 80’s and 90’s. The primary topic of his work is about the nature of perception.

Visual Representations and Inversions such as distortion of “Yes” into a “No” gets an upper lift in Markus Raetz’s art-stunts that raises question about the viewer’s elementary notions regarding reality, movement and transformation. His works actually do not directly focus on what they need to portray, but are generally focused on how the works are perceived. His works need plenty of interaction by the viewer and have the unique characteristic of being understood when they are viewed in a motion or from different angles. In this specific work, if the word ‘YES’ is viewed from a different angle, it will read ‘NO’. This concept is quite appealing and can make a perfect addition in any office building or home space. This fun, motivating and ingenious concept was much appreciated and the artist decided to take it a step further with the thought of transforming ‘TODO’.

The famous Swiss artist in this program permits cameras into his studio to document his innovative and experimental working style. From basic, playful curved wires to diligently layered wood sculptures, the chronicled pieces merged with commentary Raetz’s circle of friends and close ones highlight his conceptual and technical skill. The program also features his striking exemplary sketchbooks and animated movies. He is the one who has brought the concept of the artist as a magician into the limelight.

(Markus Raetz: The Artist as Magician, Enhanced DVD, 74 minutes)
ISBN: 978-1-61616-854-4
Copy Right Date: 2008
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