The Lowdown on Lowbrow: West Coast Pop Art (DVD)

The Lowdown on Lowbrow: West Coast Pop Art  (DVD)
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Product Description:
The Lowdown on Lowbrow: West Coast Pop Art is a program wonderfully divided into a number of segments. It starts with gallery artists and curators explaining what Lowbrow means to them. The video explains how the term originated, how it was invented and later embraced. The video moves on with explanations and discussions from gallery curators and artists about pop culture and about consumer references in Lowbrow art.

The concept of Pop Surrealism is slowly emerging to be a major phenomenon making its presence felt in every arena be it comic books, B-movies, hot rods, rock ‘n’ roll, surfing and cold war imagery. This phenomenon which has been recognized as a Surrealistic phenomenon and called Pop Surrealism, by the Art Reviewers is also called as Lowbrow by the practitioners. This program annals the development of Lowbrow’s, its nihilism and its hostile connection to theoretical Expressionism along with the phenomenal emergence of the female artists in front of the entire world.

The exemplary artists who were interviewed include the major proponent of Lowbrow Robert Williams along with others like Isabel Samaras, Braineater; Shag; Anthony Ausgang, Nicole Steen, The Pizz, Lisa Petrucci; 12 Midnite and Vicki M among many others. The film has interviews from famous gallery curators like Doug Nason, Billy Shire, Gearhead magazine editor Mike LaVella , author Sherri Cullison, and also Annie Tucker who is the managing editor of Juxtapoz magazine. Viewers get to learn about Curator Billy Shire, who is created with the promotion of Lowbrow art movement with the opening of Shooting Gallery in San Francisco. The program shows some of the most interesting discussions with curators and artists, who are shown discussing the future and current monetary value of Lowbrow Art.

(The Lowdown on Lowbrow: West Coast Pop Art, DVD, 49 minutes)
ISBN: 978-1-61616-611-3
Copy Right Date: 2006
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