Job-Seeking Skills for Young People (Enhanced DVD)

Job-Seeking Skills for Young People (Enhanced DVD)
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Product Description:
Job hunters in the millennial generation have a wide range of resources and tools available than most other recent groups. This program goes into detail about the tools that young job seekers have and how to make those tools work. Digital portfolios are outlined and an overview of how job seekers should investigate employers with the internet is included.
The program also explains how to find jobs that are not available elsewhere through networking, the benefits of attempting mock interviews, the STAR system, and the four main styles of resumes (skills-based, targeted, chronological, and generic). (27 minutes)

Segments in this video include:
  • Job Seeking: Personal Interests (01:46) – Young job seekers should take an assessment to find their interests.
  • Job Seeking: Job Analysis (01:29) – Job seekers should decide if they want a part or full time job.
  • Job Seeking Resources (01:19) – The internet provides excellent resources for job seekers.
  • Power of Networking (01:31) – Networking can open up many more opportunities for job seekers.
  • Job Research (01:09) – Contact with workers in the industry that job seekers are interested in can be beneficial.
  • Preparation for Work (01:39) – All young people have “soft” skills that are developed throughout life.
  • Resume Writing (01:08) – A good resume will make a job search much easier and is essential.
  • Types of Resumes (01:05) – The four types of resumes are discussed.
  • Contents of Resume (01:33) – Resumes should have certain information in spite of the type.
  • Resume: Professional Document (01:04) – A resume review is included in this segment.
  • Interview Preparation (00:60) – Use the internet to prepare for the interview.
  • Types of Interview (01:49) – The STAR system should be used to describe experiences.
  • Mock Interview (01:05) – A mock interview is helpful for preparing for the real thing.
  • Attitude for Interview (01:03) – A positive attitude is essential for the interview.
  • Self-Analysis for the Job Market (01:28) – Self-analysis can help young people determine which job is best.
  • Action Steps for Job Seeking (00:53) – Access the hidden job market through networking and use resources to find a job.
  • Resume and Interview Preparation (01:20) – Learn the four resume styles and how to prepare for an interview.
  • Persistence Pays Off for Job Seekers (01:51) – Persistence pays off with the job search.

    Job-Seeking Skills for Young People
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-588-8
  • Run Time: 27 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
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