The Art of Persuasion (DVD)

The Art of Persuasion  (DVD)
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The Art of Persuasion is a part of How Art Made The World and revolves around the basic question ‘when did art slowly mutate from the vehicle of imagination and transform itself into the form we get to see today?’

How did the transformation take place? The effectiveness and impact of visual advertising in almost every sector of life. Visual advertising was present in some form or the other but now it is certainly more professionalized and improved, but it is all about the power of images, used in different techniques and for different purposes which makes a huge difference. In the earlier days, everyone knew the leader of any community physically, but with time things soon changed which resulted in the creation of a political vocation for art.

In the vast course of history there are some individuals who consider themselves to be the main carrier of art’s potential to influence and exploit. As a result of this phenomenon images have taken the shape of the ghastly brutal weapons such as swords and guns relying completely on the power of the Military dictators. The main issue underlying this program raises one integral question- when art did transformed itself from a proponent of imagination into a major handy weapon in the hand of the ruler.
The program which had it its inception in Britain delves into the concept of the Amesbury Archer which is a skeleton concealed beneath the ground near Stonehenge about 5000 years ago.

This is one of the early illustrations of the ornamentation for strong political motives. Various campaigns which encouraged King Darius of Persia along with Alexander the Great and Roman emperor Augustus brilliantly exemplify the acquisitive employment of picture, sculpture and architecture.

(The Art of Persuasion, DVD, 50 minutes)
ISBN: 978-1-61616-269-6
Copy Right Date: 2005
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