The Day Pictures Were Born (DVD)

The Day Pictures Were Born  (DVD)
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When did humans first start creating images? When was the first time we understood the tangible meaning of images? A question often comes up, how we made this conceptual leap towards a more balanced visually oriented society and culture, which is our modern culture? Was it all so easy and fast or things were balanced and gradual.

This program investigates when, how and why humanity went through so many changes. Archaeologists often refer to this entire phase and process as a creative explosion which led to the invention of creative Pictorial art. It all started with the famous cave paintings in Spain, this documentary film addresses several questions on the related issues. Questions that are related to the emergence of the famous Paleolithic art – about the idea which involves recognition and creation of images is actually a learned human behavior, something which is not inherent.

This interesting program moves through the rock paintings of South Africa and then through the many stone monuments in Turkey, which is overall a very rich experience for the art lovers. The program talks about paintings are often linked to many rituals which successfully increased the chances of a successful hunt. In the recent times, archaeology has been able to show how animals were depicted and how they were not eaten by the people of that time. This documentary talks about the many paintings of that time, how they made an impact and also how difficult it was to reach some of the many paintings which existed in caves. A richly and aesthetically made documentary which is a must watch for everyone! This is a part of the series: How Art Made The World. (The Day Pictures Were Born, DVD, 47minutes)

ISBN: 978-1-61616-267-2
Copy Right Date: 2005
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