How Art Made the World (5-part series DVD)

How Art Made the World (5-part series DVD)
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Product Description:
How Art Made The World is a 5 part BBC One Documentary series, presented by Nigel Spivey - celebrated Art historian and University of Cambridge lecturer. Every episode of the documentary film looks into the influence of art on the present day situation of our society. According to Nigel Spivey, the Show Host, the essential premise of the documentary is to define the essential characteristics of humanity as a particular species and none is more basic than an inclination to make art. It depicts that Great Apes will also smear paint on any canvas, provided they have brushes and they are shown how to paint. The documentary shows that humans are completely alone when it comes to developing the capacity for any symbolic imagery.

The documentary film talks about the forces which impelled our forefathers to invest sculpture and painting. How such a creative impulse transformed itself over the years and slowly changed itself and if it is still possible to detect what influenced the cave painter? This five part series makes a startling exploration to human capacity to produce and also appreciates the ability of humans to appreciate through expressions, narratives and artistic symbols. From this documentary, we learn how images dominate us and how they lead us to behave and feel. Images help to define ourselves and mould us in our way. It helps us to learn the powerful hold images have in our daily lives and the rich visual legacy they have left behind us.

The documentary series incorporates some of the best video footages and some of the best state of the art digital reconstructions, spanning more than 100,000 years and across 5 continents. Everything with the sole quest to understand humankindís greatest innovation!

(How Art Made the World, DVD, 47-52 minutes)
ISBN: 978-1-61616-263-4
Copy Right Date: 2005
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