Philosophy for Children: Thinking Together (Enhanced DVD)

Philosophy for Children: Thinking Together (Enhanced DVD)
"Philosophy for Children: Thinking Together" is an intriguing DVD that focuses on a promising new teaching method that helps children develop stronger critical thinking skills by debating philosophy.
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Product Description:
Philosophy is often thought of as a subject that is too difficult for most children to handle. This is an understandable opinion, as many philosophical concepts are very obtuse. However, introducing children to philosophy at a young age could encourage them to think outside the box and expand the way they think about reality. That's why a school in East London is now integrating a new lesson entitled “philosophy-for-children.”

Learn all about this method and its benefits with this short DVD. This teaching method takes a simple concept (such as a story or an items in the newspaper) and encourages children to ask questions about the item that intrigue them. The nature of the questions don't matter, as long as they are serious and are actually probing into the item in a unique way. For example, a child could discuss the latest presidential election by asking “why did America vote for a guy with such weird hair?”

This might seem silly, but these are the questions that interest children. The school that utilized this teaching method found that encouraging children to talk about these questions in a serious way had a surprisingly positive impact on their emotional and social development, helping to encourage stronger intellectual independence. Leaders at the school claim it has changed the way the school teaches.

Learning more about this teaching method could be a powerful way to improve your teaching methods and reach a larger number of students. Encouraging creative and intellectual thought should always be a main goal of any teacher, no matter how young the student.

Philosophy for Children: Thinking Together (Enhanced DVD)
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-039-5
  • Run Time: 23 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2004

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