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“The brush is a dream”
Chuck Davenport, 1st VP International Plastic Modelers’ Society.

All 3 Kopykake airbrushes are precision airbrushes that offer you the ability to control every project you’re working on precisely and with confidence. Use for arts & crafts applications, nail art, airbrush make-up or airbrush tanning.

Kopykake Airbrush Systems - The Right Choice for You

Kopykake quiet, attractive and affordable air compressors are popular among a wide variety of users from decorative artists, hobbyists, airbrush make-up and airbrush tanning professionals.

Our smallest compressor - the KromaJet - is especially good for personal make up and is widely used by professionals on movie & TV sets. Our Airmaster Plus is a little large but still quiet and powerful enough for salon and spa airbrush tanning services.

Durable and dependable Kopykake airbrush make up and airbrush tanning compressors are designed to make your life easier and last for years.

Being used to airbrush make-up on to Hollywood movie & TV stars, paint designs on motorcycle gas tanks, create fine art or temporarily tattoo or decorate the body our Airmaster Plus and KromaJet compressors are put to a variety of uses.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and look forward to helping make your creative life easier.

Air compressors have a 1yr warranty.
Projectors and compressors come with a User Manual which details the warranty.

Kopykake Poducts

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