Kopykake Airmaster Plus Compressor

Kopykake Airmaster Plus Compressor
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 Airmaster Plus Compressor #C3000BV Only
 Airmaster Plus Compressor #C3000BV with Airhose #AB065 - addl:(+$29.99)
 Airmaster Plus Compressor with Airbrush (ACD18) and AirHose #C3600BV - addl:(+139.99)

Product Description:

            Airbrushing is a great way to decorate but it is often difficult to find a great compressor that is not bulky and hard to use; the Kopykake Airmaster Plus Compressor is a fantastic option for those that do not have tons of room and just need a compact compressor. This compressor is designed to offer the most efficient and up to date compressor on the market. This machine is small, quiet, virtually maintenance free and even breathes while it is working. This compressor is in a league of its own and is perfect for small spaces.

            For all those that love to air brush but that may not have enough room for a larger compressor or even enough money for a larger compressor, this machine allows users to quickly and easily activate their air brush and compressor with little more than a switch of a lever. This compressor is small enough to be used by those that are fake tanning, those that are applying makeup and more. This compressor has 50 psi and an auto on/off mode. Users can also adjust air flow with an easy to use knob.

            This machine comes with a built in pressures switch which means that the compressor only turns on when the air brush is activated. This helps to offer far more control to the user and also helps to cut down on wear and tear from the compressor running constantly. This model also offers a one year warranty through the manufacturer to help insure your machine stays up and running.

            Incredibly portable, weighing only 7lbs, the compressor is also housed in a cabinet to make for easy and fast transport. The compressor comes in three different colors so that you can choose what you want. This compressor is great for those that need a small residential air brush system. The system has the power of a much larger compressor without the bulky size and ugly housing. This is a perfect overall compressor and is wonderful for at home airbrushing.

            Though you can use this machine for traditional air brushing, it is best used for spray tan and makeup application. Its smaller size does make it poorly suited for larger projects but for simple at home use this machine is exceptional. Finding the air compressor and air brush system that is right for you may seem next to impossible, but this compressor is wonderful for both experienced users and those that are just learning.

An easy to use Compressor.

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August 05, 2010

Great Service, Excellent Shipping, Good price

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