Kopykake Airmaster Plus Compressor

Kopykake Airmaster Plus Compressor

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 Airmaster Plus Compressor #C3000BV Only
 Airmaster Plus Compressor #C3000BV with Airhose #AB065 - addl:(+$29.99)
 Airmaster Plus Compressor with Airbrush (ACD18) and AirHose #C3600BV - addl:(+139.99)

Product Description:
C3000BV AIRMASTER-PLUS BLACK A/V 110V w/Optional ACD18 Airbrush and/or AB065 AIRHOSE 10 FEET W/FITTINGS

Kopykake Airmaster Plus - Attractive, Quiet, Powerful Compressor

Airbrush Compressor System

Model C3000
*** This has both features, ON & OFF and VARIABLE.
Kopykake has faded out the other colors and are now offering this unit in Black Only.

Backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

This small, attractive, quiet and maintenance free compressor is used widely by airbrush make up artists, airbrush tanning spas and personal airbrush tanners. It is also popular among professional make up artists and used in Hollywood movies and TV series.

A special designed RULON© piston actually breathes while working, giving higher performance with zero maintenance while providing pressures up to 50 PSI, quietly. Delivers 0.5 CFM @ 20 PSI.

Auto On/Off Model C3000-A

The C3000-A is a unique compressor with a built-in pressure switch which means your compressor is only ON when you activate your airbrush. Release the airbrush lever and the compressor switches OFF.

Model C3000-V

The C3000-V is basically the same unique compressor, only that this model has a bleed regulator to adjust and control the desired air flow. Enjoy full 50 PSI in Auto On/Off mode or adjust airflow to your exact requirements with the variable control knob. This variable model is best suited for airbrush tanning or airbrush make up use.

Underneath its attractive ABS cabinet is a workhorse made to last for years.

Delivering a powerful 55psi yet so quiet and with minimal vibration too, you’ll hardly know you’ve switched the Airmaster Plus on.

Portable at only 7lbs and housed in an attractive cabinet, it looks good on any table top. Hook it up to any airbrush, or choose a professional Kopykake airbrush and air hose for the perfect airbrush system.

Available in 3 colors to suit and 2 specifications:

Automatic On/Off - Instant, consistent 55psi where you want it - at your finger tip.

Variable Control - The best choice! Enjoy the full 55psi in automatic On/Off mode or adjust airflow to your needs. Ideal for airbrush make-up, airbrush tanning, nail artists and graphic artists.

(Compressor Only)

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