Heavy-duty Pine Super Stretcher Bars by Richeson
The Super Stretcher Bar is truly that - A Very Super Stretcher Bar. The Super Canvas Stretcher Bar is made of pine that has been finger spliced. Finger splicing is a method of bonding pieces of lumber together to form a very long straight bar. Since the "spliced" joints are actually stronger than the natural wood, we can now get longer, stronger and straighter Canvas Stretcher Bars than ever before. First designed for the construction industry, this high tech method is giving better bars than ever before. Recommended for canvases over 48".

Think of the time, energy and sheer talent that you invest in your painting, and decide if you want these strongest Stretcher Bars. Are they worth more than the reg.? The answer is: Is a Lexus worth more than a Volkswagon? - Yes, if you want a more comfortable ride!

2" x 1-1/2"

With each!!

We can custom cut the length of your Stetcher Bars (e.g. to 28-1/4".) An additional $9 per bar will be applied for the customized sizing. Just choose a bar 4" longer than your custom size, then write in the comment box at checkout the length that you need and the note the extra charge - $9 per custom-cut.

{Please note: Sizes 12 - 18" are sold in sets of 6. All others are sold as pieces of one.}

2" wide x 1-1/2" deep