Fredrix® Canvas Panels are primed, stretched and firmly glue-mounted to a panel board.
The sides are completely turned under, glued and will not fray, separate or dent.

Quality Artist Canvas Panels - Acrylic Primed for use with all mediums. STRETCHED. By Fredrix and others.
Made in the USA. Terrific prices.

Canvas boards have traditionally been used for sketching outdoors. Boards take up less room and are less easily damaged than stretched canvases. Finished paintings on boards can be easier and cheaper to frame than canvases.

Fredrix® Canvas Panels are great for students. The surface texture provides a very definite paint-gripping
“tooth” with minimum paint absorption, a perfect support for painting in all media. The sides are completely
turned under and glued to prevent fraying and separation. The entire area of canvas is firmly glued to the
board. The sizing is acid free.

Fredrix Canvas Panels are great for beginners due to their portability and extremely economical price. The canvases are primed, stretched and firmly glue-mounted to a heavy hard-board. Textured with a great "tooth" to it! Perfect for painting in all media. The sides are completely turned under and glued. Will not fray, separate or dent! Acid free. (These do not have traditional wooden stretcher bars, however, they can be framed for hanging.)
Fredrix, serving artists around the globe since 1868.

Fredrix Canvas Panels
What are canvas panels?
If you are looking for a canvas that is affordable and portable you may want to consider acrylic boards or panels. These panels are laminated canvas or imitation canvas. You can purchase these boards in a wide variety of textures and sizes. They are not bulky and they are very lightweight. This makes them ideal for a painter who travels.

Fredrix Canvas Panels

For ease of use, accessibility and affordability, many artists paint on acrylic boards or panels. They are made with either an imitation canvas surface texture or from canvas that has been laminated. These boards are available in a variety of standard sizes and texture. They are sometimes ideal for their portability because they are lightweight and less bulky. Fredrix is the most popular manufacturer of canvas panels.

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