The Original Genuine Russian KOLINKSKY Fur Brushes -
KOLINSKY Short Handle Brushes 6228/6229 Series

Undeniable Quality - Unstoppable Appeal

The Journey from the mind of an Artist to the eye of the viewer is through fine tools as the 6228 & 6229 Series of Kolinsky brushes from Jack Richeson & Co.

Kolinsky Sable fur is the most desirable in the fur industry (as well as the most expensive) -- and the very best hair for artists' watercolor brushes.

Scanning a Kolinsky hair from root to end, its diameter becomes larger near the middle, and then tapers off to a fine point at the end. When many of these hairs are set together in a bundle to make an artist brush, the bulges add to form a distinctive "belly." An artist's extremely fine control of color is attributed to this belly. The other, equally important characteristic of a Kolinsky brush, is its ability to always snap back to a fine point. No brush compares with the Kolinsky for control and resilience; it is the ultimate in artist brushes!

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{Please note: Watercolor and Oil Brushes can mix. W/C brushes can be used for Oils...}

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The 6228-6229 series of Kolinsky Brushes are made from a blend of 60% Male and 40% Female hair.

Richeson Synthetic 9000 Round Series and 9010 Flat Series Brushes

The World Famous 9000 Watercolor Brushes!
The brush that makes the painter want to paint and makes the beginner a painter.

{Please note: Watercolor Brushes can be used for Oils...}

Back in 1987, The Jack Richeson Company introduced the market to the fabulous "9000" Brushes. They were a whole new way of making brushes. That brush has been the foundation of a whole new breed of brushes. The idea of mixing various thicknesses of synthetic fiber and doing it with consistency was sheer magic. This Series has been a tremendous success. The "9000" Series still remains the workhorse of the line. Its historic fine snappy point and its ability to carry great volumes of color have kept it an industry leader. This original version has 7 different types of pointed synthetic fibers blended to create a marvelous artist tool. It is the perfect tool for the "Professional" and the perfect price range for the student. The flat design is a must for the watercolor painter. Dry, the brush is full. Wet it comes to a razor edge and at the same time carries a tremendous amount of color. The brush has a silver seamless ferrule and a beautiful black handle with gold and yellow trim. The ferrules on the 9010 flat are a round base up to 1" and the larger sizes are a folded flat base

Synthetic 9010 Flat Series SYN BLEND SPALTER

Flats are becoming more important all the time for the serious watercolor painter. For years large flat brushes could not be made because the animals that provide the hair were small and did not produce hair that was long enough or strong enough. With the coming of synthetic fiber the whole brush industry changed. We can now manufacture a flat brush as wide as 4" with a hair length of more than 2". This allows us to design brushes to meet the needs of the artists rather than to design around the limitations of the raw material.

One of the beauties of the new fibers is that the brush can be made very full with the ability to carry a great deal of liquid, yet still not flood out all over your work. The new fibers allow us to make a brush that will come to a razor edge for fine lines or cut in work.

Synthetic 9000 Round Series
These short handled rounds will hold plenty of watercolor, gouache, casein or acrylic, and release paint, smoothly, giving the painter perfect control.

Kolinsky Sable Brushes
Kolinsky sable brushes are most often considered amongst the best brushes. Kolinsky brush hair is very soft and has a fine point to it. Its structure is such that the hairs cling closely together when wet, producing a fine point. Because of their strength, spring and absorbency, red sable brushes are often the brush of choice for watercolor artists because they hold liquid the longest and retain a fine point. Oil painters also use sable brushes for producing smooth, flat, precise strokes.

Kolinsky Brush Set
Sometimes creativity flows even when the artist does not have the best art supplies to put into his or her work. That's why one of the greatest gifts you can give the artist in your life is a Kolinsky brush set. Because painters know the value of these art brushes, you gift will not only be appreciated for years to come, but they will know just how much you care about their art. So support the arts with a Kolinsky brush set.

Kolinsky Sable Brushes
What is a kolinsky sable brush?
One of the best known paint brushes is the Kolinsky sable brush. This brush has a fine point and very soft hair. Kolinsky sable brushes are the choice of many who do watercolors because the brush is very springy and absorbent. Oil painters choose to use the Kolinsky sable brushes because it has the ability to make flat, smooth and precise strokes.

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The KOLINSKY Brushes series, manufactured by The Jack Richeson & Co., are made using the finest male Kolinski. The best Kolinski comes from Russia, so Jack Richeson & Co. sought out the oldest brush manufacturer in the country to work on this series of fine art brushes. When you want to create your best work, you need the best tools in the business. You will notice a difference in your paintings when you invest in a set of KOLINSKY Brushes. Available in all shapes and sizes, the brushes apply paint evenly. Made by hand, the manufacturer processes the Kolinsky hair right in the brush making factory. Many brush manufacturers use pre-treated hair, but Richeson brushes take the extra step and treat hair in factory. When you want the best brushes in the business, Richeson KOLINSKY Brushes are the choice.

Take your artwork to the next level with professional KOLINSKY Brushes made out of the finest materials.

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