Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky - Series 35 - Long Tapered Brush Red Sable

Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky - Series 35 - Long Tapered Brush Red Sable

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Da Vinci Maestro Maestro Red Sable Kolinsky - Series 35 - Long Tapered Round Brush (On back-order in all sizes.)

For Watercolor and Gouache

Series 35 has a long taper at the tip which is perfect for creating smooth, ongoing lines.

All brushes in the Maestro series are made from Kolinsky Red Sable. They are superior brushes for the serious artist.

The Da Vinci brushes are manufactured in a long line of family tradition. They are unsurpassed in quality in which every step of creating the brush is meticulously supervised. Each brush is individually inspected before leaving the factory. They are resistant to rust and are designed to last.

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Aptos, CA

Oh, I'm back again. The way Madison Art Shop prices their brushes is confusing to me and I don't think I'm a total dope.<br />
Aptos, CA

I am enjoying the brush, but it is a bit larger than I had imagined. I bought a DaVinci brush because my watercolor teacher uses and recommends them and because Charles Reid does likewise.

Ordered a 2nd brush and the delivery was much faster. Nice long tapered brush with excellent point...recommended.
Poughkeepsie, NY

This brush is recommended by Charles Reid. I would like to write a review, but as of today my brushes have not arrived. Madison is very SLOW in delivery.