MagneTack (pack of 4)

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Product Description:
Classic Magnetacks - 4-PACK SILVER The MagneTack. Tack It, Place It, MAGNET!

Fantastic Innovative New Product!
Instead of poking a hole in your artwork/paper when hanging it up with thumb-tacks, use this. The magnetized MagneTack thumb-tack goes itself in the wall, you then place your artwork/paper over it and place the MagneTack separate magnet over that. The artwork/paper is held securley in place in between the MagneTack thumb-tack head and the separate magnet! Ingenious! No holes in your work, and simple to remove etc... (Kind of amazing that no one thought of this before!)
Comes in packs of 2 and 4.

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How do Magnetacks work?
1. Just stick the tack in the wall or cork board, etc.
2. Put your item on top of the magnetic head
3. Put the other magnet on top of the item to hold it in place!

What Are They made Of?
Magnetacks are made using Neodymium Iron Boron rare-earth magnets. What does this mean? It means that they are super-strong but super light magnets. Here at Magnetack Room-D Products are only satisfied by using the most efficient products possible.

The Results?
NO puncture holes in the item!
NO sticky goo!
NO ripping from tape!

What Can Magnetacks Do?
They can hold up 25 business cards easily!
Did your favorite sports team just win a big game? Go get the newspaper laminated and hang it up with Magnetacks! Looks great!
Super Strong magnets!
They can hold up the weight of three quarters!
Magnetacks are so strong, it only takes TWO Magnetacks to hold up this giant 52” x 36” team flag! (image above)

Classic Magnetack
Pack of 4

Classic Magnetacks

Won’t damage the item
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