Sparmax SP577 AIRBRUSH

Item Code: AR-SP577

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Product Description:
Sparmax SP577 Airbrush: 0.7 mm Bottom Feed airbrush with 2 oz glass feed bottle, plastic storage bottle.

Dual action, 0.7 mm bottom-feed airbrush with 2 oz glass fed bottle; plastic storage bottle included, colour flow valve

The SP577 has the largest nozzle of the airbrushes that we carry as it has a 0.7 mm nozzle. With the colour contral valve opened as widely as possible and a high output pressure on the compressor being used, a strong and wide spray would result.

SP577 Airbrush
Equipped with all the same features and accessories as the SP575, this high quality airbrush has a 0.7 mm needle/nozzle which is ideal for applying moderate to large amounts of paint to various-sized areas. The needle/nozzle on the SP575 and SP577 are interchangeable; needle/nozzle/cap conversion kits in both 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm are available for those operators who have a variety of colour flow requirements but do not wish to purchase multiple airbrushes.
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