W&N Cotman Water Color PAPER 16 X 12 in PAD (140 lbs. 10 sheets)

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Product Description:
by Winsor & Newton. You will definitely get the best results on proper water colour paper, such as Winsor & Newton Cotman paper. It is thicker and heavier than ordinary paper and has a special surface with a 'grain' to it. Ordinary thin paper will wrinkle (this is called 'cockling') when it gets wet, and even when it has dried it will never be properly smooth and flat again. So water colour paper really is worth the small expense. 190gsm-90lb paper will be fine for most purposes but the thicker the paper the wetter you can make it without it cockling. Rest it on a table or on a wooden board which you can slope towards you, or use a water colour paper block.
12"x16" Pad, 10 Sheets.
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