Stephen Quiller and Tom Lynch GIANT PORCELAIN Palettes

Stephen Quiller and Tom Lynch GIANT PORCELAIN Palettes - Click to enlarge
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Product Description:
Two Signature Palettes in Pure White Porcelain

"Tom and Steve approached me for a solution to one of their biggest studio problems: palettes that won't stay put! We're proud to say we've solved that problem!" - Jack Richeson

Two great painters, two great porcelain palettes!

The palettes both share the following features
  • Heavyweight for the studio; will not slide around during use.
  • Outer wells for color and one large mixing area.
  • Porcelain surface makes clean up a snap!
  • 7 lbs.
  • Your brush will glide across the slick surface of these porcelain palettes!

  • Round "Quiller Style"
  • Color mixing System that keeps your paintings fresh and clean!
  • 24 wells on the circle plus
    8 corner wells (2 per corner) - total of 32 wells for color - and one large mixing area
  • Includes instructions on how to organize your palette
    Overall Dimensions: 13" x 13"

  • Rectangular
  • 19 outer wells and one large mixing area
  • Corner holes to hold 8 brushes
  • Overall Dimensions: 12" x 16:

    With over 30 years of painting experience, Tom Lynch and Stephen Quiller realized they neede something more than the ubiqitous lightweight plastic palette. They wanted something sturdier with a bit more "heft" to prevent slipping and sliding. They Sought a surface that would not cause the watercolors to bead and separate. All this was accomplished with each artist's signature palette design.

    Now you can enjoy the luxury and convenience of either porcelain palette!

  • Porcelain surface prolongs moisture of paint and makes cleanup a snap
  • Large plastic cover for extra mixing area and better storage
  • Weighs: 7 lbs.
  • Porcelain surface will not stain
  • Great for acrylic and cassien paint-a-wet sponge and the cover will eep your paint from drying during short breaks.
  • Quiller palette includes instructions on how to organize your palette for mixing primary, secondary and intermediate colors

    Porcelain has another advantage that watercolors do not bead or break-down as they tend to do on plastic!

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    Front Royal, VA
    October 11, 2013

    Excellent product. Excellent Price. Excellent delivery. Thank you!
    Rockville, MD
    October 11, 2013

    Wonderful product and excellent price, service and prompt delivery. This was my first introduction to Madison Art Shop--a referral from another artist. Many thanks.
    Glen Carbon, IL
    May 21, 2013

    I purchased the Stephen Quiller circular palette. It is well made. I find the 7 pound palette heavy enough so that it will not move around my working surface under normal brush movements. I also like the system of pointers built into the palette reminding you of the primary, secondary, and intermediate color positions.

    The service and price from the Madison Art Shop were unbeatable. I would recommend this purchase and the Madison Art Shop to all watercolorists.
    North Andover, MA
    August 16, 2012

    I purchased the porcelain palette for my husband, he loves it!! It is big, heavy and well designed. The price was good and the service received from Madison art supplies was very professional and quick, thank you!
    Littleton, CO
    June 15, 2012

    I ordered this as a gift for my husband and he is very, very pleased with the quality and performance of this palette. Also, the price with Madison Art Shop was by far the best and the packaging / shipping really well done.