Martin Yale Shredder Oil Liquid is one of the most important tools that you will use to keep your shredder in top operating order.
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Shredders are complex machines with many moving parts that let them do their jobs.  Fortunately, keeping them operating in top form is a matter of well timed maintenance.  And there probably isn't a maintenance tool that's more important to keep your shredder in good operating order than Martin Yale Shredder Oil Liquid for all your lubrication needs.  Just as is the case with any machinery, shredders need to be well maintained in order to keep them operating efficiently and to keep them working for their whole lifetime.  Not doing so can be an expensive mistake. Keep your shredder operating costs low by making sure it is well lubricated with Martin Yale Shredder Oil Liquid to maximize the effective life of your shredder. 

(I've used this stuff myself.  It's great.)

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