Try this shredder aerosol oil and liquid lubricant on old shredders to bring them back to life. 
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Product Description:

This spray lubricant for shredders is essential for keeping your shredder working. The easy spray bottle helps you get maximum coverage, even in hard to reach areas. The combination of oil and liquid coat the blades for the shredders, which ensures lasting lubrication.

It’s recommended that you use the lubricant twice each month for normal shredding. Customers that shred more frequently, must oil their blades once a week to reduce damage.

For usage, spray the oil aerosol and liquid in a uniform line when you oil the shredder heads. Make sure you reverse the machine and spray to get complete coverage. Before shredding, remove excess oil by shredding a few pieces of paper.

Lubricating your machine with shredder oil is necessary to maintain your warranty. You can protect your shredder by placing this aerosol & liquid shredder in your cart today. It is essential for home and businesses.

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