MARTIN YALE Shred Box 600/602

Use this shred box with your Intimus Shredder 600 or 602 for easy cleanup and a professional workspace!
Item Code: MY-MR79299

Mfg List: $86.90
Sale Price: $43.94
You Save: $42.96 (49%)

Product Description:

Why use a shred box? If you've ever operated your Intimus shredder without a box to collect the debris, you've noticed that the paper shreds can make a huge mess in your workspace. Keeping it tidy would create a safer, more productive, and more professional environment. That's how the box can help. It catches the waste paper from your shredder and contains it neatly so that you can dispose of it at your convenience!


  • This shred box is designed to pair with Intimus 600 and 602 shredders.
  • The shred box is easy to use.
  • When the box is full, simply empty it and use it over and over again.
  • If you no longer need this box, you can easily recycle it.

With this box at your side, your workspace will no longer suffer from the ills of a missing or mismatched shredder box. Your paper shredder will thank you!

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