Richeson's Finest Pure Bristle "Signature" Brushes - Set of 5 (Round size 4, Flat sizes 2 & 4, Bright size 2 and Fan size 4)

Richeson's Finest Pure Bristle
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Bristle Brushes... Where Quality Truly Makes a Difference

These brushes are designed with an innovative "interlocking" system. The fibers are lined up to "interlock," to retain the brush's shape.

"For facility of brush work, Jack Richeson Signature Bristle brushes and Kolinsky Sables perform! You can really feel the difference in the balance, the spring of the bristles, and the way the paint flows from the brush. To my mind they're the very best brushes available to the professional." Kate Palmer, Award Winning Landscape Artist

Bristle brushes are where painting began.

The Old Masters used only rounds. Flats were'nt developed until the nineteenth centure. Sable and other forms of soft hair brushes were unheard of. The painter would use a new bristle tied at the head to form a round brush. He would use this until the bristle became soft, then he would remake the soft bristle into his detail brushes. It was the soft bristle that was always used for glazing.

Even back then, they understood what makes a quality brush.

The cold, undeveloped provinces of CHina and Russia produce the finest brislte in the world. Ferrules are important not only for structure, but also for cosmetics. Handles are equally important. The handles of high end brushes are designed to reduce fatigue while painting. The balance is carefully tested and the weight is always of great concern.

The other consideration, workmanship, is critical. For the highest quality, you should always insist on handmade brushes. These brushes feature carefully selected and graded materials that are skillfully assembled by conscientious crafts people. Each brush must meet stringent specifications.

The brushes sizes in this set have been pre-selected for you by one of our in-house top artist!

Round size 4, Flat sizes 2 & 4, Bright size 2 and Fan size 4.

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