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Pochade Box

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 #PB-0910 Pochade Box - Medium
 #PB-1012 Pochade Box - Large - addl:(+$15.00)

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 Yes, include Sienna Tripod TRI-0158 - addl:(+$146.99)

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 Yes, include Sienna Supply Box SB-0101 - addl:(+$49.99)

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 Yes, include Sienna Plein Air Backpack BCK-1613 - addl:(+$49.99)

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 Yes, include PP-0810 Pastel Palette 8x10 storage compartment- addl:(+$8.99)
 Yes, include PP-0912 Pastel Palette 9x12 storage compartment - addl:(+$9.99)

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 Yes, include WP-0810 Water Color Palette 8x10 - addl:(+$8.99)
 Yes, include WP-0912 Water Color Palette 9x12 - addl:(+$9.99)

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 Yes, include GP-0910 Glass Palette 9x10 - addl:(+$8.99)
 Yes, include EXTRA GP-1012 Glass Palette 10x12 - addl:(+$10.99)

Product Description:
Pochade Box The Sienna Plein Air Pochade Box has an absolutely brilliant design that you will adore!
The features will amaze you and you will find this Pochade Box to be the best travel easel ever! It can also be used as a Studio Easel and even a Table Easel (Rubber Bumpers on the bottom).

Extemely Sturdy and Lightweight.

Made of Maple Wood. Very strong.
With a beautiful cherry-stain and lacquer-finish.

Ergonomic Star Knobs – easier to turn and tighten better than plain wing-nuts.

The medium pochade box includes a birch palette. The large pochade box includes a tempered glass palette.
A brush tray is attached to the pochade box with magnets and can be stored on the back of the lid, when the box is closed, or the right side of the box, when the box is in use.

Maximum Canvas height of the M box is 15 inches
Maximum Canvas height of the L box is 17 inches.

Dimensions PB-0910
closed size: 12-3/4in. (w) x 10 ½-in. (d) x 2 Ύ in. (h)
open size: 20 in. w) x 14 in. (d) x 12 in. (h)
Max canvas height: 15 in.
Palette size in the box bottom: 9 in. x 10 in.
Wt: 3.4 lbs.

Dimensions PB-1012
closed size: 14 3/4 x 11 1/4 x 2 3/4
Max canvas height: 17 in.
Palette size in the box bottom: 10 in. x 12 in.
Brush tray size: 10 5/8 x 7 7/8
Wt: 4.7 lbs.

Optional Supply Box Dimensions:
Closed: 14.5-in. (W) x 9-in. (D) x 2-in. (h)
Open: 14.5-in. (W) x 15-in. (D) x 2-in. (h)
Brush compartment: 1.5-in. x 13.5-in.
Paint compartment: 3.75-in. x 13.5-in.
Work surface: 5-in. x 13-in.
Weight: 2.2 lb

PB-0910, PB-1012

Tripod Mounting Plate (Included)
A critical piece of the pochade box is the mounting plate. A Ό” thick piece of aluminum 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” accomplishes this beautifully, with a standard Ό x 20 threaded hole as the fastening point. The plate is attached to the frame of the box with three stout screws. There is a large area for the ballhead quick release plate to grab onto and hold the box firmly in place on the tripod.

Optional: Plein Air Backpack BCK-1613 will hold a complete Pochade Box setup, including the Tripod.
Also has a mesh pouch for a water bottle.
And a thick-layer padded back for extra comfort & Waist strap
Size: 18-in. (h) x 13-in. (W) x 9-in. (d)
Weight: 2.2 lb

Optional: Pastel Palette PP-0810, PP-0912 2 sizes of pastel box are available to match the 2 sizes of Pochade Boxes.
PP-0810 pastel palette 8x10 storage compartment – two 4 Ό-in. x 6 Ύ-in. compartment
PP-0912 pastel palette 9x12 storage compartment – two 5 ½-in. x 7 Ύ-in. compartment. Larger size includes a pastel palette wood block.

Optional: Water color palette WP-0810, WP-0912
  • WP-0810, The M watercolor palette has two mixing areas that measure 3-in. x 6 Ύ-in.. The M palette has four 1-in. x 1-in. wells and one 1-in. x 2-in. well on each side of the palette
  • WP-0912 , The L watercolor palette has two mixing areas that measure 3 7/8-in. x 7 Ύ-in.. The L palette has six 1-in. x 1-in. wells on each side of the palette. Larger size includes a watercolor palette wood block.

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    Customer Reviews

    The Sienna Pochade Box is available in two sizes:
    •The M box has a palette area of 9” x 10” and a maximum canvas height of 15”
    •The L box has a palette area of 10” x 12” and a maximum canvas height of 17”
    The pochade box has a standard Ό” thread hole mounting plate which fits standard camera tripod. You would need a tripod which is rated to hold at least 12 pounds.
    Optional Sienna Plein Air Tripod
    • The Sienna plein air tripod is an exceptional piece of equipment. Sienna located one of the best tripod manufacturers in the world to find the perfect tripod for plein-air use.
    • The tripod support for your pochade box is the most important piece in a good painting system. It has to be strong, lightweight, rugged, and rated to support a decent amount of weight, the Sienna tripod excels in all these categories.
    Optional Sienna Plein Air Supply Box is designed to work in conjunction with the sienna pochade box and tripod.
    • The cover unfolds into an accessory shelf to hold a solvent can, brush holes for wet brushes and various other supplies.
    • The supply box also includes a paper towel holder.
    Optional Sienna Plein Air Backpack
    • The final touch to your plein air setup.
    • Designed to carry an entire pochade box setup, including a tripod.
    Optional Pastel Box Insert (2 sizes):
    • The Medium (M) pastel box has two storage compartments that each measure 4 Ό” x 6 Ύ”
    • The Large (L) pastel box has two storage compartments that measure each 5 Ό” x 7 Ύ”
    Optional: Water color palette (2 sizes):
    • The Medium (M) watercolor palette has two mixing areas that measure 3” x 6 Ύ”, eight 1” x 1” wells and two 1” x 2” wells
    • The Large (L) watercolor palette has two mixing areas that measure 3 7/8” x 7 Ύ” and twelve 1” x 1” wells