Masterson Palette SEAL

Masterson Palette SEAL

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Product Description:

Masterson Sta-Wet Palette Seal

Paint storage containers. Conveniently stores your paints for days until you are ready to use them again! Sturdy plastic box closes air tight to keep oils, acrylics, and watercolor paints moist and workable while storing it neatly. Holds any palette or any disposable pallete pad up to 12"x16"

Masterson Palette SEAL 12" x 16"
Customer Reviews

Because acrylics dry quickly, especially in warmer climates, it's hard to prepare a lot of paint for your palette, as it will most likely dry out before you've finished painting. Moisture retaining palettes are a good choice for acrylic painters and well worth the small investment. They are made out of plastic with a base tray and tight-fitting lid. A wet sponge is placed in the base of the tray with a sheet of grease-proof paper on top. The paint is laid on top of the sheet. As the water in the paint evaporates, it's replaced by the water held in the sponge, so your paints stay moist longer, sometimes for days.